Dee Discusses: The Musketeers 2×01

Posted: January 3, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Musketeers, Recaps, Television
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I talked about my love for this show in the season 1 review, so naturally I was extremely excited for the premiere. It has spirit, charm, and great characters. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, while juggling some dramatic and romantic storylines as well as comic and action-adventure. Due to Peter Capaldi becoming the Twelfth Doctor, they needed to remove the Cardinal. At the time I thought maybe he could just be off-screen and give him a chance to come back, but I see now how silly that would have been. They needed him dead to move the story on, so season two is nine months later and the Cardinal has died. Cue the sound of no one weeping. Power has shifted in France, and King Louis is uncertain of who to lean on. He’s happy too, since Queen Anne has finally given birth to a royal son. Obviously he has no idea that the baby is actually Aramis’ from that one night he had with Anne. I side eye the show a little on that still. Maybe it’s the historical nerd in me. Louis reaches out to Captain Treville, hoping he’d take the Cardinal’s place as an advisor, but he refuses, much to the King’s displeasure. He insists that his place is better served as the leader of the Musketeers.

The episode starts out with Athos, Aramis, Porthos, and D’Artagnan meeting our new antagonist, the Count de Rochefort. Fans of the book will recognize the name immediately, as he is D’Artagnan’s legendary rival in it. It seems he’ll be an adversary for all the Musketeers here. He is one of the Cardinal’s men who was held hostage by the Spanish, and they meet him when he’s nearly hung for killing an innkeeper. He has information about General de Foix in Spanish custody; he has all the military information for the French and his knowledge is a threat. He is accepted back to court and they put together a rescue mission. He insists on the main characters being in the squad, because he plans on betraying their position to the Spanish, who he is currently working for. He exchanged his freedom for his loyalty, although it’s fairly clear that his only real loyalty is to however he lives another day. Or so it seems right now, it’s pretty early on.

The boys are back in town.

On the mission, D’Artagnan is separated from the others so he can sneak in and try to get to the General. He meets the General’s sister Lucie, who is naked for really no conceivable reason when we first see her. Outside of it being a strange meet-cute for her and D’Artagnan. I rolled my eyes at this, because I knew the episode was going to end with her kissing him for whatever reason, because we’ve seen this trope a billion times. Especially on this show. It’s getting a little boring, people. His orders are to kill the General if he thinks he’s going to get caught, so his secrets die with him. The others get there in time and they manage to save everyone, using a zip line to escape. It’s absurd. Rochefort saves Athos’ life twice, both times because he believes that it’s safer for him to still pretend to be allied with them. Like I said before, it’s too early to tell where his real alliances are. Meanwhile Constance is brought into Anne’s company and I want them to be best friends. The show wants them to be best friends too. She has the safety of the queen, and she’s still aching after her decision to cut D’Artagnan out of her life. He is a complete jerk to her, ignoring the fact that she’s talking frankly about a woman’s position in this culture. If she left her husband she wouldn’t be given a divorce and everyone would treat her poorly. If D’Artagnan died, she would have nothing, and she’s not willing to put herself at risk like that. He calls her a coward, just like the privileged sot that he is. If only he could get sucker punched.

Treville and the General talk about Porthos’ father Belgard and it’s all very mysterious. He never knew him, I guess, and that’s going to be a major plot point for them. Plus it’s something Treville is very guilty about, and that would make sense that he would go out of his way to get Porthos a place in the Musketeers. If that’s what he did. Finally, the Cardinal manages to be awful from the grave: he lets Aramis know that he killed his love Adele from the first episode. They’d been sitting on that for a long time, and it was pretty awful for him to emotionally destroy Aramis one more time. Even after death! Harsh. Aramis decides he’s bad for everyone and resolves to stay away from his son and Anne. Athos’ earlier optimism is thoroughly squashed now that the court seems unsettled and Rochefort is around making trouble. I’m not sure what I think about him yet. He’s going to be the new captain of the Red Coats, but I can’t see how he would have the same kind of power and influence as the Cardinal. The Cardinal was barely a match for the whole team. The only thing Rochefort has differently is he likes getting his hands dirty, but that makes him more sloppy too, considering he’ll kill anyone who bothers him. If they do bring Lucie back, I hope she gets a storyline outside of D’Artagnan’s new love interest. Seriously, show. I would adore it if you give the ladies storylines outside of their love connections. Anne and Constance being friends is a step in the right direction, and I really enjoy that the show so directly deals with Constance’s terrible position in this. I hope D’Artagnan comes around to understand it later on.

I’m excited to have the show back! I grooved on the couch to the opening theme son. I’m ready for season two!


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