Dee Discusses: Friends Season 8

Posted: January 3, 2015 by Dee in Dee, Friends, General Media, Television
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Who else has been living off of Netflix these days? It’s funny because I just did a full rewatch with my DVDs, but now I can just pick my favorite episodes and watch them while having breakfast. It’s always a credit to a show that I still enjoy episodes no matter how many times I’ve seen them. Previously on Friends, Chandler and Monica get married, although it had a brief hiccup when Chandler panicked and almost ran. He came back because he thought Monica was pregnant, but Rachel is the one who is pregnant. They didn’t take long at least to say Ross was the father. We all saw that one coming a mile away. As usual I eye rolled about it. So so so so sick of them, but there’s several more seasons of this, so I have to buckle up and deal.

Ross and Rachel attempt to figure out how to be co-parents, or prepare to be co-parents, while not wanting to get back together. As usual Ross is a possessive toddler, annoyed when she flirted or tried to date anyone else. He relaxed once he got his own girlfriend, Mona, but that didn’t last long as his focus was on Rachel and the baby. Which, to be fair, was the right focus, since he wanted to be a good father. Rachel had her possessive moments too, but that’s because they were in an emotionally charged situation. I didn’t mind them navigating their new relationship too much, since on the whole it made a lot of sense. The episode when they figure out that Rachel came onto Ross first is one of the funniest in the series. Phoebe has a strange storyline where she falls for her sister’s fiance, played by Sean Penn, but it’s a little too weird to work out. Another big celebrity guest star is Brad Pitt, who was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time. Boy is that awkward now. He hated Rachel in high school for being shallow and mean.


This season also introduced the storyline where Joey falls in love with Rachel. They’d been living for awhile, and he wanted her to stay with him with the baby. This led to him realizing he had feelings for her. While I wasn’t always crazy about the pairing, I did genuinely enjoy seeing Joey get some quality storylines. He was so often the butt of jokes with being too stupid, and this gave LeBlanc a chance to stretch his drama abilities. I did like that Rachel turned him down, saying she just didn’t feel that way about him. It didn’t end there, of course, but it was nice at the time to show that not all feelings were requited right away. They weren’t Chandler and Monica, after all. Later on he encourages Ross and Rachel to move in together, so Ross can be around for the baby more. The season ends with Rachel giving birth, and their daughter Emma joins the Friends world. Monica gifts her with the name, despite the fact she wanted to name her own daughter that. She and Chandler were attempting to have a baby now, a storyline that would become important later on. At the last scene, Ross was given an engagement ring as the right thing to do, but dropped it. Joey picked it up, and Rachel thought he was proposing, and said “okay.” Awkward.

This season wasn’t terribly eventful. Phoebe got the short end of the stick like usual. LeBlanc got a little more at least, and proved he could pull it off. The Joey situation was handled well here. The last scene was very gimmick-y, with Rachel impulsively saying yes to Joey’s “proposal.” Of course this led to comical misunderstandings in the next episode, or so they were trying. While I hate the Ross and Rachel drama, it wasn’t that bad this season, since they decided to go the co-parent route instead of anything else. There are a few memorable episodes, mostly the few I mentioned above with the guest stars. At first I was annoyed at the baby storyline, but they played it out well. I still wish the father had been anyone but Ross. It makes sense they’d prefer it to be a major cast member since the guest stars couldn’t always be around. But it would have been less predictable. Not a bad season, but not much of a stand out season either.


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