Dee Discusses: Gilmore Girls Season 3

Posted: December 23, 2014 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Gilmore Girls, Television
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Man, there was a lot that happened in season 3. I think the seasons all blended together to me, or the plot lines did, so when I look at each one I realize how contained each year was. I mentioned in the last one that I dislike Jess, and I do, I really do. I had to grit my teeth and put up with him for this entire season. The question I always have about Jess is what the intention was for the show. Were we supposed to root for him? I think maybe we were supposed to root for him to be better and not disappoint Rory and Luke. But I feel like the town is usually a Greek chorus of sorts, when they talk it reflects the writers. And the town hated that kid. I think Jess was meant to provide a foil to Rory and bring her out of her comfort zone. At the same time, it was critical of his behavior toward Rory. She didn’t like sitting around being the girlfriend who always waited for him to pay attention, or that he’d push her sexually, or a number of things he did wrong. Like abandoning her out of no where. That was pretty bad. Anyway, I find myself contemplating what they wanted us to think of Jess. In the fandom it’s very polarizing: you hate him or you love him. I hated him. But I will say that isn’t where my feelings ended with him. More on that in another season.

Now that I’ve rambled, this season featured the start of a major plotline: The Independence Inn burns down, and Lorelai and Sookie decide to buy the Dragonfly Inn. They want to start their own place, and now they have the chance. Rory finally gets into colleges, and while she’s always wanted to go to Harvard, after visiting Yale she starts thinking about her other options. Of course she yelled at Richard after that, because he manipulated them into visiting the school and interviewing with the Dean. Poor Rory; I can’t imagine walking accidentally into a college interview like that! At the end of the day, we all knew Rory was going to end up at Yale, because she had to stay in Connecticut. Meanwhile Paris has a meltdown, blaming her not getting into Harvard on her losing her virginity to her boyfriend Jamie. I still remember that scene vividly even years later. Oh Paris. My favorite. Lorelai and Luke finally made up, they were still fighting because of Jess leaving. It was always terrible when they fought.


She was still nursing a broken heart after Christopher abandoned them to be with Sherry and his new baby. This gets incredibly awkward when Lorelai is forced to go to the baby shower (jeeeeeeeeeez), but it makes her reconnect with her mother, which was nice. She has to be there for the baby being born too, that is so uncomfortable. Freaking Christopher. And obviously Rory finally gets with Jess and breaks up with Dean. Or I should say Dean breaks up with her. I was sort of with him on this one. Doing it that publicly wasn’t exactly kind, but she was being incredibly inappropriate in pubic with Jess too. Not to mention she never told Dean about her kiss with Jess. She does finally apologize to Dean for hurting him, and they attempt to be friendly again, but she gets weird when he has a girlfriend. And then gets engaged. Weiiiiiird. Maybe weird to us, that happens sometimes in small towns!

Meanwhile Lane gets her first boyfriend, Dave, but she hides their relationship due to her mother saying he’s not Korean. She joins a rock band with Dave, and while drunk at a party, calls her mother and confesses everything. Awkward. The season ends with Jess disappearing because his good-for-nothing father showed up, but it was originally supposed to be a spin-off. It didn’t do well, and I see why, because that backdoor pilot episode was horrific. Luke was heartbroken that Jess failed out of school, working instead, so he got kicked out of the house. Rory lets him go and decides to move on, ready to go on her European trip with her mother, and start Yale. Luke goes on a cruise with Nicole, although he fantasizes about Lorelai telling him not to get married. Hmmmm.

This is a really full season, I didn’t realize it at the time. All of the plots work. As much as I dislike Jess, the storyline fit in with Rory’s growth, and it was nice to see her not have something easy for once. The show did a great job with continuing everyone’s storylines, and allowing them all to grow and change in understandable ways. Plus I was psyched for Lorelai to get her own Inn, her dream! Season four was meant to be a big change, what with Rory in college, and Lorelai with her new job. That meant brand new set pieces for everyone. I was excited to see where it would go from here. Season four here I come.

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