Dee Discusses: Friends Season 7

Posted: December 18, 2014 by Dee in Dee, Friends, General Media, Television
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The Friends marathon/recap continues. I’d like to reiterate that I really appreciate this show more as an adult. Especially this season since there’s an entire episode about turning thirty, and I turned thirty this year. I am for real the same age as these characters now, wow! Previously on Friends, Ross and Rachel annoy me, and this season was delightfully devoid of them. If only it stayed that way. Monica and Chandler got engaged and it was wonderful. Rachel moved in with Joey, where she would stay for some time. Joey got the lead in a really terrible show. Phoebe didn’t get a lot of storylines, which was a shame.

The episode starts out with a little touch of Rachel and Ross kissing, yuck, and Monica accuses her of trying to steal the engagement thunder. I love the Monica choosing a maid of honor aspect, that never fails to make me laugh, with Phoebe and Rachel fighting but then the realization for Phoebe Monica would be planning her eventual wedding. This paid off later on. Phoebe got a few extra storylines this season, like that one, and her learning how to ride a bike because she never got a real childhood. Also Rachel preferring to live with Joey instead of with Phoebe. She had a good one in the thirty episode, where she realized she was thirty-one and lost a year of her life. Joey got his role on Days of Our Lives back again and got nominated for an award he didn’t win. So the two characters who got the least amount of attention had a little more this season. Yay! I also like when the show didn’t always rely heavily on romance alone, but focused on the careers and friend dynamics of the group.


Meanwhile Rachel dates her assistant Tag for awhile, but then realizes he’s not the long haul guy. Chandler freaks out on his wedding and disappears, but he comes back after finding out Monica may be pregnant. And also realizing what a bonehead he is for being terrified. But Monica was not pregnant, it’s Rachel instead. I knew at this point it was obvious the father would be Ross. Sigh. I still wish it wasn’t, because I would find it interesting to see a storyline where she’s a legit single mom because the boyfriend didn’t work out. Ah well. There was that incredibly creepy storyline where Ross makes a move on his cousin, thinking she’s giving him “signals.” Creeeeepy. I do laugh at the¬†uncircumcised story with Joey, where he tries to get a job but they’ll only hire him if he’s not¬†circumcised. And Monica makes a fake foreskin. HA. I will always love Chandler’s mom being Kathleen Turner. Looking back on it, that was actually a progressive storyline.

Overall I really enjoyed this season. I think it furthered the story of all the characters in a realistic way. By now they were really settled into the groove. Like I said above, it’s especially strange for me now that I’m thirty myself. It’s fun to look back on it and see how the show was in general a very cohesive storyline. Yes they had some wacky plots, but you can easily see the overall arcs. Some of the episodes were a little filler, but it’s Friends. It doesn’t need every episode to be important. Just funny.


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