Dee Discusses: Friends Season 4

Posted: August 28, 2014 by Dee in Dee, Friends, General Media, Television
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Season four is when I feel like Friends really hit the best period of the show. Seasons four through six are my favorite, maybe even through seven, and they hit their stride. They knew the characters well, they were developing all their storylines well, and they were popular enough to take risks and know the fanbase would support them. So at the end of season three, Phoebe found out her real mother was another woman named Phoebe who gave the twins up to her childhood friend. She also met her half-brother Frank and his alarmingly older girlfriend Alice. Rachel and Ross broke up, but they considered a reconciliation, which is where season four really starts. Ross tells Rachel he wants to try again, and she gives him an extremely long letter talking about her feelings about their relationship and how it ended. He said he’d read it, but instead he falls asleep, and pretends like he did. The two reconcile after he says he agreed with everything she said, but later on he reads it and they fight again. Their break up is firmer this time, but it’s far from over, oh no. That would be too kind.

Monica has a very strange incident where she finds herself attracted to Richard’s son, who is her own age, but that is as weird as it sounds and they both walk away. She struggles with finding a job and starts a catering company with Phoebe, but then she’s offered a chef spot at a fancy place¬†Alessandro’s. Unfortunately her staff doesn’t like her and they’re very mean to her, so she ‘hires’ Joey only to fire him in front of everyone. That way they might not respect her, but they do fear her. Joey and Chandler have a drama of their own this season, because Joey starts dating a beautiful woman named Kathy who Chandler falls in love with. They fight about it, but in the end Joey agrees to deal with it so Chandler can be happy. The relationship doesn’t work out after she cheats on Chandler too. Should’ve seen that coming, buddy. It does lead to the memorable scene of Chandler being stuck in a box for all of Thanksgiving.

Phoebe agrees to be a surrogate for Frank and Alice after they get married, and they get pregnant with triplets. She spends the season being pregnant, mostly because Lisa Kudrow herself was, but it does serve to always have the fun “I gave birth to my brother’s babies” punchline. Rachel struggles with her job after her boss unexpectedly dies, and she becomes a personal shopper, where she meets the handsome Joshua. They start dating, and she introduces Ross to a woman named Emily. Ross and Emily hit it off and get close very quickly, leading to an equally quick engagement and subsequent wedding. Wowza. Oh Ross, you and your many weddings. Rachel struggles with the news and it doesn’t work out with Joshua after she pushes him too fast for a serious commitment. She decides not to go to the wedding, which takes place in London, and she stays behind with the very pregnant Phoebe. Except Phoebe reminds Rachel of her feelings for Ross, leading her to get on a plane and fly there. She plans on telling Ross she loves him and to not go through with the wedding.

Instead upon getting there she congratulates him. However, when he makes it to the alter, he says “I take thee Rachel” instead of Emily, humiliating Emily in front of everyone there. Ouch! We get another shock which includes seeing that Monica and Chandler slept together, with no explanation YET as to how or why. And I am so excited to get to that part of the series. Now that I’m older, I find a lot more about this show interesting to watch, and that’s more of the adult storylines like career struggles. But season five is my favorite season of Friends, so I’m excited to get to it. It’s interesting that when I saw it the first time, I was usually hearing too much about Ross and Rachel, but they were doing a lot of other storylines. All of the friends got good material, so it’s nice to watch again and appreciate the stories that went a little under the radar.


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