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We know what happened to Rick, Carl, and Michonne after the fall of the prison, but what about the others? This week we find out what exactly happened to the rest of the surviving gang, including some faces that I really wasn’t expecting. Also, was it just me, or was there a lot of zombie head-bashing going on in this episode? Let’s check out episode 4.10, “Inmates.”

tumblr_n167qx3Pna1t14r4ao1_500Previously on TWD: During the super-flu epidemic, Carol killed two of the infected and burned their bodies to try and stop the disease from spreading. When Rick discovered what she’d done, he took Carol out on a supply run and forced her to leave on her own. This left Lizzie and Mika without a mother figure, as Carol had been looking after them at the prison. And during the prison attack, Glenn and Maggie were separated while Rick and Carl found Judith’s carrier empty and soaked in blood.

As the episode opens, we watch Beth and Daryl frantically battle Walkers after fleeing the prison. The entire sequence is accompanied by a voiceover from Beth. Words she’d written in her diary a year earlier, after the group had first moved into the prison. She talks about her fears, of the running, and how she’d been too afraid to let herself hope that the prison could be a permanent place for her family to live the rest of their lives.

Sitting around the campfire that night with Daryl, Beth clings to the hope that they aren’t the only survivors. She pleads with him to help track the others, but his only response is a blank stare. Unwilling to accept that, Beth storms off to find them herself and Daryl eventually gets up to follow behind her. Out in the woods, the two search for any signs of life. Daryl continues to play the realist, while Beth wants to keep her faith and believe the best. That faith is shattered, however, when they run across a small group of Walkers feasting on human remains near the side of the road. Beth breaks down into tears as she’s forced to confront the reality that she’s back out in this horrifying world again without her father, without her sister, and without the prison’s walls to protect her. Later that night, she rips pages from her diary to feed the fire and we listen to another voiceover about her faith that everyone will be safe.

I love Beth. She’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters. Which, of course, means more heartache and ugly crying will soon be had because this show never lets me have nice things. TWD strayed from the norm last week with Michonne’s dream sequence, and they’ve done it again this week with Beth’s voiceover. I think the creators took a risk with both, but they both played out incredibly well on screen. We’re clearly entering a new arc where the characters are going to be forced to confront their belief. It’s a lot easier to hang onto faith from behind the secure walls of the prison. Now that those have come down, I think it’s going to be really interesting to see who continues to have hope, and who doesn’t. It wasn’t easy to watch Beth’s breakdown of faith overlaid with the hopeful words from her diary, but I thought it was lovely nonetheless. And while I can recognize that there were more important stories being told with the others, I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t get more from Beth and Daryl. They’re such an odd couple pairing, and I can’t wait to see more of the two of them together.

We rewind things again to directly after the attacks to see what happened to little Lizzie and Mika. They escaped the prison along with Tyreese and are making their way together through the woods. Lizzie calls out to ask where they’re going, and suddenly rainbows burst out of my heart because he turns around to reveal Baby Judith in his arms. I can’t get over my relief and excitement that Lil Asskicker is still okay. And in fact, I’m going to ask the unfeasibly lovely Kristen Bell to assist in replicating my reaction to that moment.

The Walking Dead:






Needless to say…there were a lot of feels. And not just from me. Tensions are running high as Judith’s constant crying continues to put the group in danger from Walkers. When a scream is heard nearby, Tyreese leaves the baby in Lizzie’s arms and instructs the girls to wait and watch for Walkers while he goes to help. After he takes off, Judith starts crying again, and Lizzie can’t get her to quiet down . So naturally the next step in this process is TO SMOTHER THE BABY. OH MY GOD LIZZIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING AKSDJFHALKSDJHFA


That was just…I can’t. I cannot. There is going to be some serious repercussions with Lizzie later on down the line. The show has been dropping little hints about Lizzie for a while now, starting way back when she was naming the Walkers outside the prison, but things are getting dark fast. We watch as she kills some bunnies FOR NO APPARENT REASON. It wasn’t for food, it wasn’t for their fur. She literally just slaughtered them for the hell of it. And then to follow that up with nearly suffocating the baby…well, someone needs to take a closer look at that kid. Because I’m already terrified.

But leaving that for the moment, Tyreese fails to help the two survivors whose screams had drawn his attention from the girls. But after finishing off the Walkers he turns to see Lizzie, Mika, and Judy….with Carol.


Oh yes. That’s right. Carol is back, bitches. It seems she’d made her way back to the prison in time to see everything go to hell. She spotted Tyreese and the girls running away and followed after them until she managed to catch up. Tyreese is overjoyed to see her, and the rest of us cringe awkwardly as he has no idea he’s hugging the woman who burned and killed Karen. That’s not going to stay a secret for long though, I’m sure. Oh man. But until then, one of the dying men informs them to follow the train tracks as they’ll lead them somewhere safe to take the children. The group does just that until they find a sign for “Terminus.” Sanctuary for all, community for all. Those who arrive, survive. Let’s just say that after Woodbury, I’m going to remain skeptical. The prison was just destroyed, and while I know that the survivors needs something to strive toward, I feel like sending them all right back into another safe haven is just a little too easy. Something fishy is going on here.


While all that is happening, we backtrack once again to see what’s happening with Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. Other than a small wound in Bob’s shoulder, the three seem no worse for wear. Well, except for Maggie’s crazy eyes. She’s bound and determined to go after the bus to make sure that Glenn is okay, and I have to smile a little bit at the Greene sisters’ symmetry. Both Beth and Maggie are insistent that they go after their loved ones, with or without help from the others. Luckily Bob seems to be on Maggie’s side in all this and he and Sasha go with her in search of Glenn. It doesn’t take long before they find the bus stalled in the middle of the road and completely filled with Walkers. But Maggie won’t leave without knowing if Glenn is among them, so she, Sasha, and Bob begin letting the Walkers free one at a time. The plan doesn’t quite work the way they’d hoped and soon zombies are pouring out of the bus.  Maggie goes a little nuts on them before she climbs into the bus and is attacked by a Glenn look-alike zombie. Of course it wasn’t actually him, and Maggie (along with shippers all across the internet) heaved a sigh of relief.

So, where is Glenn then? As it turns out, he’s right back where everything started; the prison. The place is crawling with Walkers at this point, and it’s going to be no easy feat for him to make it out on his own. But this is Glenn we’re talking about here, so he doesn’t let a a groaning sea of Walkers stand in his way. Especially not when they’re between him and Maggie. He heads back inside and gets his riot suit out of their room. He also grabs the pocketwatch Hershel gave him, some supplies, and his weapons before he heads out into the yard for a little badassery.


He barrels through the Walkers and seems to have a straight shot at escaping when he spots a catatonic looking Tara locked in the cage. After a pause, he goes back to her and the two form a team to help one another escape. Once free of the prison, Tara inadvertently informs Glenn that his father-in-law is dead and questions why Glenn would want anything to do with her. She’s part of the reason they’re all in this mess, after all. Glenn very simply tells her that it’s because he needs her. He has to find Maggie and believe that she’s still okay. While Hershel’s legacy of belief seems to have died out in Beth, it’s uplifting to see it still going strong with Glenn. My OTP will find each other again, okay? I BELIEVE. But not before Walkers attack, Glenn passes out, and Tara is confronted by Sargent Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, and Dr. Eugene Porter. Oh snap. What’s going to happen next? I have no idea, but it’s going to be good.




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