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We know what happened to Rick, Carl, and Michonne after the fall of the prison, but what about the others? This week we find out what exactly happened to the rest of the surviving gang, including some faces that I really wasn’t expecting. Also, was it just me, or was there a lot of zombie head-bashing going on in this episode? Let’s check out episode 4.10, “Inmates.”

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Greetings my precious little dead-heads. Remember all those months ago when I swore that I was going to pick these weekly reviews back up for season 4? Well then I decided that quitting my job, packing up my entire life, and moving to a different state would be an even better idea. It may have put a slight kink in my grand TV-watching plans. Particularly the two months without cable. (Oh the horror.) But now I’m settled in and ready to tackle the back half of the season, so let’s do this! We can try to handle the feels together. Of course, the operative word here being try. We all know that I’m never really prepared for this show. Here’s episode 4.09, “After.”

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