Dee Discusses: Agents of SHIELD 1×5

Posted: December 2, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, SHIELD, Television
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Okay so here’s the deal, I barely remember this episode. And that’s not a good sign, although to be fair it might be because it’s a Skye episode. It felt like they handled her way too fast, but who knows, maybe there’s more left. I’m getting ahead of myself. The episode opens in Hong Kong a street performer takes a wide eyed fan back to his place, and we find out he has some kind of fire manipulation abilities. She tells him that he can become a superhero and she wants to help him, and gives him an Extremis/Centipede dose. Yup, we’re back to that. I like when there’s call backs to earlier episodes, so I was okay with this. Of course this doesn’t mean anything good for him. Not everyone can be J. August Richards. Can I just comment here that most of the episodes have had POC as villains? Out of five episodes, I think four of the villains have been POC. Hmmmmm. Just mentioning a pattern here, because it stands out to me.

They go looking for this fella, his name is Yin, and they knew about his powers but not that he was recruited. Apparently the Rising Tide did it, dum dum duuuum, and Skye is suspected. For good reason, since her name did come up as behind it, but Coulson and the others trust her enough to let her clear her name. It turns out she didn’t do it … but she knows who did. Her former mentor (and lover) Miles Lydon. This is who she was communicating with when she got into SHIELD. They are working together to subvert the system. This does not mean good things for Skye, as the team realizes her reasons for joining are not exactly kosher. But c’mon, didn’t they already suspect that? Just a little? It’s not like she joined the team going RAH RAH I BELIEVE IN SHIELD to start with. Okay okay whatever I’ll continue. Skye and Lydon are both arrested for working against SHIELD, and she does reveal she’s starting to believe in the cause, and he’s like traitorrrr. Only her team is also going traitorrrr so not a good week to be her.

Lydon wasn’t the eco-friendly damn the man hacker he pretended to be, he was actually paid to leak where Yin was to the bad guys. They realize the Centipede people have him, and they go in to try and save him. Skye is required to help them out, since they can’t do it alone, natch, and she earns back their trust. Unfortunately Yin cannot be saved the way J. August was, and he dies. Aw. The redhead scientist from Centipede dies with him, although that first woman Raina gets away safely, the one who recruited Yin in the first place. Lydon is … let go? I don’t remember. He’s not allowed to use computers for awhile and he’s probably locked up somewhere, one would hope. Skye admits she was working against them because she doesn’t know anything about her parents, and the only information on them was part of a SHIELD-level document.

Really. Her parents? Ugh that is such a basic plot device. Facepalm. Plus you’re an adult, seriously don’t you have better things to worry about than that? Whatever, I’m clearly too jaded by TV at this point. Coulson agrees to help her find information on her parents. I’m not exactly sure why, she’s already proven to not be trustworthy. Of course if all she wants is info on her parents, she probably won’t turn on them, but what if she has to turn on them later on in order to get the information? Bah. I wish there were more consequences for her, because a few glares from the team isn’t quite enough for me. I think that’s what is consistently annoying about this show. I like everyone okay, it’s decent, but it’s not great. The plots are basic, nothing’s really caught my interest, I don’t feel emotionally attached to anything. I’m not even watching it live anymore at this point. 😦 Come back to me, enthusiasm!


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