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Posted: November 20, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Movies, New Movies, Reviews
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Anyone who knows me knows I am a hardcore geek. I love everything geek related, and Marvel Comics is definitely one of my favorites. I’ve been reading comics since I was young. Before I went to Avengers, I reviewed all of the movies leading up to it. My original review of Thor is right here. I mentioned it wasn’t my favorite. I liked it okay, but I thought it was on the ehhhhh side. I can’t say that Thor: The Dark World was one of my favorites either, although I do think it was a marked improvement except for one thing. I’ll get into that later. I did like this one more; it’s easier when the world is one we’re familiar with and all the characters are too. It was a continued story from the Avengers, and that worked for me, I like how much they acknowledge the larger world. Plus I enjoy how everything that happens has consequences; although that is done more in Agents of SHIELD, but more on that another day. I know that Natalie Portman wanted out of her contract, but I am very glad she wasn’t fridged. There’s ways to get Jane written out of the series without having to kill her, so full marks on that. Of course the fact that I have to be excited that the main woman isn’t killed for manpain is depressing. Anyway, Thor 2, let’s do it.

We get a lot of exposition to start off with to explain who the bad guy is going to be. Mistake #1. Isn’t there a more more comfortable way to handle this in character? No? Okay. More on this later. So Odin’s father Bor fought Dark Elf Malekith because Malekith wanted to destroy the world using a weapon named Aether. Aether seems to be magical and extremely powerful, not unlike the Tesseract. More on that later too. They managed to defeat Malekith and he abandoned his warriors to run off in this big ship that can mask itself from everyone. Considering the damage this can do to Asgard along with all his major weapons, it’s strange he didn’t just go to Asgard and destroy it right then. It jumps to current time where Thor is helping bring peace to the many worlds Asgard is supposed to protect. Peace by smashing his hammer into people, of course. He’s joined by Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, and meanwhile Loki came back as a prisoner, and he’s put in jail. He will not be able to see his mother again, although since she’s an illusionist like him, they can find ways around it to connect.

It’s been two years since Thor first fell to earth, and his lady love Jane Foster is in England moping. She’s trying to go on a first date with a very nice man, but she’s nervous and still misses Thor. For some reason, the work she was doing with SHIELD is no longer happening. I’m disappointed about that, it was a nice touch in Avengers, and they know now that she was right about the other world. Why would such an important astrophysicist be ignored like this? Darcy shows up and tells herĀ  their equipment is going crazy, there might be something alien happening. She leaves her date to find out. We find out that Erik Selvig has become unstable after being possessed and controlled by Loki/the Tesseract. He still knows something is happening to the earth that he has to figure out. Darcy and Jane follow a lead to an abandoned warehouse where street kids are living. They show there’s some kind of interesting portal happening there, where you drop things within it and they disappear, only to reappear later. While investigating, Jane is suddenly sucked in, and finds herself on the Dark World. That’s the Dark Elf planet, I guess. The Aether decides to possess her, once again seeming connected to the Tesseract that way, although it’s not controlling her.

Afraid because she’s dropped off from where portal keeper Heimdall could see her, Thor returns to Earth. Their happy reunion is stopped by her showing new powers, and he decides to bring her to Asgard. Odin is not happy in the least about this, because she’s a human and not good for his son, or so he thinks. Still, they figure out she has the Aether, and now Malekith has woken up since his weapon has. He descends on Asgard with his invisible ship, somehow bypassing Heimdall’s defenses entirely. Again I wonder why he didn’t just do this years ago when Asgard was still hurting from the war. His people make very short work of the Asgardian warriors. Loki sees Malekith’s special soldier in the prison cells, and he advises him of where to go, because he’s a spiteful little jackass. He’ll regret this later, since their mother Frigga protects Jane from Malekith and dies in the process. Loki does seem to understand he played some part in it and grieves, but he never learns, so I can’t feel bad for him. Shut up, Loki. Everyone grieves and Thor comes up with a plan to bring Jane to the Dark World and Malekith will come there to her. How he possibly thinks he stands any chance against this guy is beyond me. How he thinks this is even remotely a good idea is also beyond me. Odin’s similarly like facepalm, son, but Thor does what Thor wants.

His friends help him distract the guards because he has to break Loki out of prison. Only Loki knows how to escape the realm, and he agrees in order to get revenge for their mother. The brothers fight and awkwardly bond, and they take on Malekith. Loki shows one moment of self sacrifice when he saves Jane, who has the Aether sucked out of her. He also goes to save Thor, and gets stabbed in the process. He “dies.” Most people watching this know that Loki never dies. Never ever dies. No matter how much you wish he would. More on that later (I’m a broken record). Now Malekith has the Aether and he’s off to Earth to destroy everything since the planets are being aligned. Earth I guess is a focal point for it, somehow. Just roll with it. Jane uses her scientific genius to contain Malekith and Thor tries to keep him busy during the alignment. Obviously they do manage to win, and Thor goes to see his father. He says he doesn’t want to be king and wants to go back to Earth. Odin says okay … but he’s really Loki because of course he is. Thor returns to Jane and Loki is what he’s always wanted to be, King of Asgard. This will probably be part of the third movie.

There are two extra credit scenes: a set up for Guardians of the Galaxy where Sif gives a man named The Collector the Aether. She says it’s an infinity stone, and they already have the Tesseract. He ominously says one down, meaning he wants all of them eventually. The second one is just a funny little ender.

So what’d I think about it? It was okay! Great in some parts, ehhh in a few others. I think I expressed a little of my frustration about the villain above, but he was weak and uninteresting. We don’t really know much about his motives. Why does he want to destroy the world? Why did he go into hiding when he was clearly pretty damn powerful? He gets no real screen time so he’s interchangeable with any other faceless villain. I think the last battle with him in London, with the dimension shifting, that was fantastic. I really like Jane Foster, although she’s unpopular in the fanbase for unjust reasons I think. I like that she’s brilliant and forceful, I mean she’s dying of Aether and still sitting there in Asgard asking questions about the healing they’re using on her. I wish I had a little more of her being fascinated with Asgard, this is the world she always wanted to see. Her intelligence is what saved them in the end, scientifically trapping Malekith and giving them a chance. I know people don’t like the fast romance between them, and that she waited two years, but whatever. Haters be hating. I don’t think long term they make much sense, but they’re a sweet couple for the time being. I’m not sure if she’s coming back after this, due to Portman leaving. Darcy and Erik had some fun stuff in this too. It’s a little bit of a shame the Warriors Three and Sif don’t get much at all, outside of a few lines. Frigga is amazing, but again we only got a scene or two with her. Unfortunately the movie does have a whole bunch of characters and you can’t balance all of them. It’s a shame because they are all very good characters. It’d be great if they had more screen time and Loki had less.

Yes, I am sick of Loki. I liked him in the first movie. He was a good villain in Avengers. But is he going to be in every freaking one as a semi-villain? Too much of a good thing is a problem. Everyone was saying he stole the movie, and yes he had some great lines, and he is an interesting character. But I like Thor and I don’t like people seem to forget the movie is named Thor and not Loki. If he gets his own movie, I’m going to be very annoyed. He’s a villain, he’s done terrible things, I don’t need more of his manpain or angst in my life. I think we get a break from him until Thor 3, so hopefully by then I’ll ease up and be like oh yay Loki I’ve missed you. Which is totally possible! I think the beginning was a little slow, but by about halfway through it got a lot better, and I truly enjoyed the ending. I think it’s a good solid movie overall, but the weakness of the bad guy was a problem, and it was a little scattered. It’s much better than the first one, since it was a great continuation of the story and all the characters are well established by now. I think there’s a lot of Thor to like. The setting is beautiful, the different worlds were interesting (I’d like more honestly, they seem so cool!), and the characters are likable. I enjoyed watching it, but I’m much more excited to see Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America 2, so there is that. Sorry, big guy! You’ve still got a mean swing.


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