Dee Discusses: Sleepy Hollow 1×5

Posted: October 28, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Sleepy Hollow, Television
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Sleepy Hollow is a huge hit. It’s a big enough hit it got a second season renewal before most shows got a full season pick up. Why? There are a lot of reasons why, to be honest. It reminds me of LOST in the way that it surprised people, no one knew what to expect, or their expectations were low. In Sleepy Hollow’s case, it’s a fun show. It’s smart. It has a great cast. It’s well written and they seem more than happy to accept their genre and make a little fun of it along the way. They give enough of the general plot to keep you going, while trying to throw in something creative each week. It can be a hit or a miss, at least for me, but I do enjoy it and I appreciate their ambition in general. It’s popcorn television that doesn’t feel dumb and simplistic. Whatever formula they’re using for this show, it’s working. Keep going, Sleepy Hollow! High five. Anyway let’s talk about the last episode.

Roanoke is an old favorite story of mine, I’ve read about it a few times, and about all the mystery and theories surrounding it. The lost town, gone without a trace. When I saw them throw it in here, I was psyched. Conquest is apparently Pestilence, and I’m glad they talked about that, because I kept going hey where’s my plague at? Oh ye of little faith, Dee. So the idea is this: randomly a little boy shows up, lost out of time and place much like Ichabod, but he’s only speaking Middle English and he seems to be very ill. Over the course of the episode they realize he’s from the lost group at Roanoke, and he may have accidentally brought an incurable plague to the real world. This was a plan from Conquest, as a way for the horseman to bring itself here and start the Apocalypse. Or its part of it at least. Ichabod and Abbie have to figure out what happened to the little boy and how to get the plague out of control before everyone dies.

It was pretty easy to summarize this episode, but I’ll get into a few details here. I’m impressed by their costuming, a little note here, the clothes they were all in at the town were great. For a kid to have to learn Middle English, that was damn fun, I love that little touch. It was cool to see Ichabod and Abbie walk across the water that way and to find themselves in this lost city. The reveal that Katrina is caught between death and life was a painful one, and I think it was acted beautifully on both parts. She was shocked when Ichabod got the disease and started to die, and it explains how they can only talk in his dreams. This means Katrina is stuck there permanently, so the question is can she ever be laid to rest, or will he try to find a way to bring her back? My guess is she’ll never really come back and he’ll have to eventually let her go, although not any time soon since she’s the one giving them info a lot of the time. It does make sense she has all this information, since she’s in this hazy half-state, she can probably sense more than they can. I still wonder how exactly she saved her husband, was this part of the price?

The last scene with Abbie and Ichabod rushing to get the kid back in time was great. I knew it was going to happen, but the suspense was well done all the same. I like this addition of a new horseman and the more tricksy way it tried to get around everyone. Now Roanoke is closed again, and the plague with them. So the regular horseman is Death. The trailer for the next episode seems to indicate Death is back, but where did he even go? Should I call the horsemen he or it, I’m going with he. Now I wonder if there’s a horsewoman in there, I’m just saying, it’d be interesting. That means we still have a few to see, and I hope they have their unique styles too. I wish they’d keep a 13 order season from now on, I prefer shows with only 13 episodes. It makes it a lot easier to cut out the filler fat and stick to the story only. We’ll see if Sleepy Hollow continues its excellent story telling. I think it will. Abbie and Ichabod’s friendship continues to be a huge selling point. I really want more Jenny though, when does she get out?


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