Dee Discusses: Sleepy Hollow 1×4

Posted: October 14, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Sleepy Hollow, Television
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Now that’s what I’m talking about! Yes! Yesssssssssssss. All of my skepticism was turned around by this episode, and I’m so glad. It had great action that furthered the plot, it turned around the tropes I thought they were playing up with Jenny, and threw in at least one twist that surprised me. Sleepy Hollow, you deserve the title of the best new show of the season. And I’m happy to note that it has already been renewed for a second season. They plan to do only thirteen episodes now, and to be honest, I hope they keep that going for next year too. I much prefer 13 episodes to 22. I feel it cuts out a lot of the filler. Anyway previously on Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane was sent to the future by his witch wife to try and stop the Apocalypse. He runs into Lieutenant Abbie Mills, who lost her partner to the Headless Horseman, newly revived after getting “killed” by Ichabod. Together they have to stop the forces of darkness from overtaking the town. Recently Abbie came to terms with the fact she sold her sister out, since they saw a demon when they were younger and Abbie said it didn’t happen. Jenny did, and was put into an insane asylum because of it. At the end of last episode, Jenny escaped the asylum.

We get more about Jenny here, and I’ll admit I actually thought she was in the asylum her whole life. Apparently she went into foster care and then traveled the world first, before voluntarily coming back and getting put in one. Which is great because I kept wondering how she was so badass with being stuck there. She’s on the run and the two of them are trying to catch her. Abbie goes to Jenny’s former foster mother, who is gaming the system, and finds a secluded cabin Jenny used to hide at. The thing is, Abbie’s partner Corbin used to go there too. He secretly was training and working with Jenny all this time. I was so excited about this because I was convinced she’d end up being the evil sister, which is common in tropes. Instead she’s a fighter for good and justice, and she’s very competent at it. Thumbs up to this turn. Ichabod figures out that a sextant will lead them to this special book that raises a certain amount of demons from Hell to unleash them and start the Apocalypse.

Hessians suddenly attack the cabin and manage to steal the sextant. The horseman himself is a Hessian, and they get some answers from the German soldier before he kills himself with a poison tablet. I wonder why it is that he told them everything, unless it’s part of the big bad’s plan to clue them in. He gives them a name for the demon they saw: Moloch. I remember Moloch from Paradise Lost so I flailed a little, great reference there. He believed in child sacrifice and leading demons into heaven, which fits in well with the girls seeing him and the plans now.  The Hessian also says there are more sleeper agents all throughout the town. Which is guaranteed that at least one person they know will end up evil. Maybe Abbie’s ex-boyfriend? That’d be a pretty obvious one. Anyway the sextant is gone but Ichabod remembers the map, and they go looking for it, but the bad guys already got there first and they opened the portal. The demons start coming out of it, and the three of them fight the Hessians. Abbie manages to stop their plan by tossing the sacred text that opened the portal right back into the portal, closing it. Huzzah, the day is won!

The sisters are not exactly reconciled completely, there’s a lot of anger and resentment still there, but they agree to get along at least. And Abbie offers a way to get Jenny out of the asylum, by vouching for her and letting her stay under Abbie’s supervision. Does that mean she’s coming back and/or will be a regular on this show? I HOPE SO. That would be great. A few things: first, Orlando Jones live tweets and tumblrs about the show, and it’s AMAZING. He is so freaking funny. It’s definitely worth a follow. Also, please please please please Sleepy Hollow do not have a love triangle. I already have a nervous feeling that they’ll have an Abbie/Ichabod/Katrina triangle, and I’m not a huge fan, at least not to start with. But throw Jenny in that mix and I’ll stab something. Keep away from that trope, I beg of you. You’re too good for it. Although Sleepy Hollow does have a few cliches and tropes still going, I’m constantly pleased with the character growth and the excellent chemistry between all of the actors. I can’t wait for the new episode!


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