Dee Discusses: Agents of SHIELD 1×3

Posted: October 14, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, SHIELD, Television
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I’ve heard some mixed stuff about SHIELD, and I think I’ll talk about it here because why not, I can do what I want. I agree in general with the criticism that it’s a little too family friendly right now and that the characters are taking time to grow on the audience. Ward and Skye in particular, I think. I’m not a fan of either of them too, so I get that. And yes I do wish that it would be a harder hitting and more dark. There are dark things in it, no doubt about it, but the cheesy moments sort of throw it off. It’s a good show, but not a great show, and I think everyone wanted great. So did I. And I’m confident it’ll get there. Most of Buffy season 1 I didn’t like very much! Angel took some time to grow on me. Dollhouse, that took a LOT of time to grow on me. But each one of them turned out to steal my heart eventually. Personally, I’m willing to give the show some time to world build and set everything up, I have faith that they’ll get there eventually. I do understand the criticism though, and the disappointment from people who had high expectations. I hope they’ll continue to give it a chance.

So episode 1 they assembled the team, episode 2 the team learned they had to work together. This is their first actual mission. An attack on a SHIELD truck means that Dr. Franklin Hall is captured by the slimy Ian Quinn, and he’s taken to a foreign location where SHIELD can’t actively try to retrieve him from. Without international entanglements and problems. That’s sort of why you’re spies though, right? So you don’t have to care about the red tape? Anyway the point is that they have to do a covert operation in order to get in, otherwise their hands are tied, and if they’re caught SHIELD will pretend they don’t exist. Harsh. Ian Quinn says that he has what Hall’s entire study has been about, and if he works for him, his life’s work will be realized. Gravitonium, man this is like Unobtainium in Avatar, is capable of distorting gravity fields. It can cause explosions that change gravity and it is very dangerous. Hall’s like oo shiny and gets to work.

They try to figure out how to get in, they need an inside man, and Skye offers to do it on her own. She’s only just started training with Ward, so she’s very green, but she can get a pass due to her connection with Rising Tide. Quinn is happy to have her there, and at some point she breaks her cover and tells him that SHIELD is listening. She destroys her ear bud and everyone panics. We’re supposed to temporarily think she’s tempted by Quinn’s offer and betray them, because we already know she is betraying them-ish, but obviously that’s not the case here. I kind of wish there was a moment when she legit was tempted and then pretended later it was all part of her plan. That would’ve been interesting. In any case she helps them get in, and Quinn is taken care of, but the problem is that Hall got himself caught on purpose. He knew what Quinn was doing and decided it was too dangerous to have Gravitonium in one place like that. He intentionally sets it off, planning to take down the island they’re on, but for “the greater good.” There’s some pretty cool gravity-less fighting and people flying everywhere, and Coulson has to shoot him into the machine to stop it. He’s pretty sorry about that, but it does the trick.

Everyone’s glad that Skye’s still with them and she bonds more with Ward. Or they try to tell us they are and there is ZERO CHEMISTRY between them. Their scenes are like nails on a chalkboard. I’d rather see them both interacting with new people, to be honest. Anyway, May decides to come out of retirement because she could only watch this, and she knows they need her. Good! I want to see more of her that way. Have her and Ward hang out, maybe he’ll be more interesting then. Coulson says he’s “rusty” which is ha ha considering we all think he’s a robot. Maybe he isn’t after all. Maybe the joke is they’re making everyone think that just to go ha ha kidding. Nah, they’re probably sticking with it, and think we’ll look back on this with amusement. Instead of annoyance because it’s obvious. Buuuut only to those of us who know comics. It’s a good show, I enjoy watching it. I wish they’d get rid of Ward and Skye or at least play them off the others more. Skye has cute chemistry when she chats with Fitz and Simmons, let’s do that! At the end of the episode we see Hall apparently within the Gravitonium. For comic fans this is a wink to him being the supervillain Graviton and he may very well come back as a villain for them down the road. I like that! Can J. August Richards come back too? PS – Skye’s dress was gorgeous.


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