Dee Discusses: Sleepy Hollow 1×3

Posted: October 4, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Sleepy Hollow, Television
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Another episode of Sleepy Hollow, yay! I admit I still have my qualms about the show being somewhat basic in premise, but I had a lot of affection for this episode because it centered around a personal story of Abbie’s. They are dealing with a lot of supernatural stuff here, and it gets into how Abbie’s eyes are opened and what that means for her past. It wasn’t a plot that seems important in the grand scheme of things, but as a character study it was good to get some background with her. Previously on Sleepy Hollow, Abbie and Ichabod Crane are trying to stop the Apocalypse from happening. To make the plot continue longer than one season, the four horsemen are sending their goons to try and mess with people first rather than coming out to wreck havoc. They’ve fought the horseman Death, who started all of this, and a witch so far. Abbie’s former father figure and fellow Sheriff knew all about this mystical stuff and left her notes about it. Ichabod’s wife Katrina talks to him from beyond the grave.

This episode is all about Abbie, and it starts out in a nightmare of hers. She’s watching Ichabod interrogate her younger self, and she’s standing next to this unknown woman. It gets freaky pretty fast, with white eyes and sand everywhere. The woman turns out to be the doctor assigned to her sister Jenny in the insane asylum. She admits she knew Jenny was telling the truth about the demons she saw and covered it up. Her eyes are creepy white and then she jumps to her death. When they check out the eyes, they turn into sand. Seriously them trying to act like the town can’t know about this is frustrating. How cool would it be if everyone in Sleepy Hollow was ready for the supernatural? I’m just saying, it’d be fun. And less annoying than ‘we have to keep this a secret all the time!’ Abbie is pretty freaked out, especially as the second death comes in the form of the man who found them in the woods. He knew that the demon was real too, and will only talk to Abbie. He says she’s next.

Honestly this is going to be a quick recap because it’s a pretty basic story. The villain is the sandman, or a demon that gets people through their dreams, and the local Mohawk shaman makes them a potion. For real. In this case it’s played a little funny, since the guy is like wtf you talking about at first, and then he helps them. Ichabod is sad there are no more pow-wows. It is pretty presumptuous that the first Native American they’d find in town had spells, but it’s Sleepy Hollow, so there’s probably a bunch of magic users. Again why they should just have the whole town in on this. Anyway Abbie and Ichabod are trying to stay awake, but they take this potion that’ll bring them both into the dream world. They can control themselves there. Ichabod is getting his ass turned into sand when Abbie steps up and admitted she was wrong. She lied and said she didn’t see a demon in order to protect herself, and she let her sister take the fall and go to the insane asylum. Since she took responsibility, the demon couldn’t kill her.

Earlier in the episode Ichabod approached her sister and tried to convince her to help. It was interesting how calm Jenny seemed about it, and knowledgeable too, which I like. I’m interested to see where this character goes. She’s gone by the time Abbie gets there at the end of the episode to make amends. My guess is she’s for the wrong side, but it’d be cool if she’s neutral. Or independent in some way. Since this show does have a tendency to lean toward cliche, though, my guess would be is she goes to the bad side and hates her sister for awhile. And probably gets redeemed before dying or something to that degree. I like this show a lot, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been pretty by-the-book in terms of story and tropes. Plus for a fantasy horror show … it is not really scary. In general I still enjoy it. The chemistry between the leads is so good. They had this adorable moment when he just giggles about being too tired to lie, and I love them. And I really appreciate getting some decent backstory right up front with Abbie. So far, I’m happy!


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