Dee Discusses: Sleepy Hollow 1×2

Posted: October 4, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Sleepy Hollow, Television
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I can see a flaw in the design of the show, but I’ll get into that in a bit. And in the recap for the next episode, since I had to quickly catch up on it. Still! Previously on Sleepy Hollow, we were introduced to the main characters and the plot of the show. Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane are going to band together to fight the coming apocalypse. Two hundred and fifty years ago (ish) George Washington assigned Ichabod to defeat a mysterious horseman. He cut off his head, and then woke up later because his witch wife managed to … freeze him? Something like that. He’s teamed up with Abbie because he believes they’re these two people in the prophecy about the Apocalypse, and the horseman is Death. Death is trying to come back and get his head, and there are minions in the current world who will help him, like John Cho. We saw John Cho “die” in the first episode, and that jumps in here too. Also when she was a little girl, Abbie and her sister saw a demon, but Abbie’s sister Jenny is the one in the insane asylum and not her. More on that later.

This one jumps off right where the last episode ended. It turns out John Cho appeared to kill himself and not by whatever monster was hiding in the mirror. I don’t know what that means yet. Anyway if they really think running into a mirror can cause his head to flip back like that, they’re preeeeeeetty dumb. So Abbie’s back to people doubting her, because the police officers recanted seeing the headless horseman. Oh this is going to get annoying fast. I was excited about the prospect of the town being in on it. Ichabod dreams of his wife who explains the four horsemen a bit: Conquest, Death, Famine, and War. Isn’t War the same thing as Conquest? I mean really now. I guess Pestilence isn’t as big a deal now, but that’s a weird decision to make. Anyway she says they have to send their own people into the world to cause a little mayhem before they can come take over. Because that’s convenient. Yes, it’ll end up being a monster of the week show with an overall plot. Ehhh. I’m okay with it, because I appreciate they’re at least trying to tie it into the big plot, but it’s a little basic for me. So be it. Sigh.

The monster of the week is a witch who John Cho comes back from the grave to resurrect. There’s a pretty creepy scene where you see his neck all stretched out and yuck. I don’t know why he’s agreeing to help them after killing him, buuut whatever. He has to bring the witch to these certain people and she burns them and takes their organs. There’s this misdirect where you think she’s going after a kid, but nah, just his father’s ashes. My friends watched this with me and burst out laughing when I said I hoped the kid died. I am not a kid killer, people, I’d just like for things to be unexpected once and awhile. It’s not the kid in particular I had a grudge against. The show is cute and I like the two main characters, but so far it’s been pretty obvious and cliche. I wanted a little bit of a darker tone. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK? Before this we do see the Sheriff’s funeral, and Abbie gives a little backstory. The Sheriff caught her when she was doing some petty crime, and he told her she had a choice to get her life together. So she became a police officer instead. It was actually a very sweet scene, and it gave a bittersweet edge to their first scene together in the same diner. Oh and we’re introduced to Abbie’s ex. He’s completely unmemorable, so I won’t say anything more than that.

So the witch is Cerilda who was burned as a witch, and the people she needs dead to resurrect are descended from the people who killed her. Got it. They’re trying to get around her resurrection to stop it, but they’re too late. They find these tunnels around the town because Ichabod knew they were there, and so there’s the obligatory running around creepy tunnels looking for bad guys. We don’t see John Cho’s ending here, he just sort of disappeared, so it’s possible he’ll come back. Ichabod does not realize that you can shoot someone more than once now, because he’s used to muskets, and that was kind of a funny little touch. They manage to blow something up around the witch and burn her alive again. Well that was a lot easier than I expected. Another evil person stopped for now. Why hasn’t the headless horseman come back for his head? Do they still have the head? Where are they hiding it? This seems sort of important. Just a few days ago he was like la la la la killing people. Okay. Also we see her sister Jenny at the end of the show in the insane asylum and she seems to know the evil guys. Maybe. She might be evil. Can’t tell. She’s played by the actress from Nikita, and I really like her, so there was that.

Overall I enjoyed the episode. I find the actors charming and I like their chemistry. It’s a light show. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Grimm, and if I keep thinking of it as that kind of show, I’m going to keep liking it. I do wish they’d take more chances and not rely on recycled plots. I think Sleepy Hollow could be more than your typical fantasy-horror show if it wanted to be, but I guess I can live with it if it’s not. It still has the best duo I’ve seen in awhile. Abbie and Ichabod are hilarious and I love every second they’re on screen.  Look at their cuteness below.


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