Jach Discusses: The Walking Dead 2.02

Posted: July 2, 2013 by Jachelle in General Media, Jach, Recaps, Television, The Walking Dead
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It’s time for episode two, “Bloodletting,” and I really not going to like what’s coming next, am I?

Previously on TWD: A LOT OF STUFF HAPPENED. The group packed up and hit the road after the CDC explosion, but they were forced to stop in the middle of a highway when the RV broke down amid a group of abandoned cars. The group was searching for supplies when a herd of Walkers crept up on them. T-Dog sliced his arm open and was saved by Daryl piling corpses on top of him, Andrea nearly got eaten in the Winnebago’s bathroom, and Sophia bolted off into the woods with two walkers chasing after her. Rick followed after and helped Sophia hide while he lured the walkers off and killed them. When he returned, she’d gone missing. The entire group did what they could to search for her in the woods, but she was still missing. Shane told Lori that he’s leaving the group, and an eavesdropping Andrea wants to go with him. She’s furious at Dale for forcing her to leave the CDC before the explosion. Lori, Andrea, Carol, Glenn, and Daryl head back toward the highway while Shane, Rick, and Carl search in a different direction. The guys run across a buck in the woods and an unseen hunter shoots it. Unfortunately the bullet also hits Carl.

We open with another pre-apocalypse flashback. Lori is waiting for Carl to get out of school and chatting with a friend. She confesses that Rick frustrates her all the time and she’s not sure if she’s still in love with him or not. In the Universe’s (or the writers) attempt to make Lori feel like the WORST PERSON EVER, it’s at that moment that Shane pulls up to the school and the look of panic on Lori’s face is like a punch to the stomach. He explains what happened to Rick and she then has to tell Carl that his father has been shot.

Back in the present, Rick is running with an unconscious Carl in his arms. Shane is dragging  along the hunter who accidentally shot Carl, and they’re all heading toward Hershel Greene’s farmhouse. The reach the house where Hershel’s daughter Maggie sounds the alarm and her dad runs out to help. The look on Rick’s face just about leaves me in tears. MY HEART. After handing over his son, Rick is still covered in blood and in a really genuine and sweet moment, Shane tries to help clean him up.

Back in the woods, the rest of the group heard the single gunshot and Lori is worried. Daryl gets all sassy and I’m really kind of loving him right now. And in the Left-Behind club at the Highway, Dale realizes that T-Dog’s arm is badly infected and he’s probably risking blood poisoning. The two start rooting around through the cars to try and find some antibiotics.

Seeing as how it’s the end of the world and all, Hershel doesn’t exactly have the equipment to put Carl under and has to start digging the bullet fragments out of his stomach while he’s awake. Carl’s thrashing and screaming, and nearly sends Rick off the deep end before he finally passes out from the pain. Hershel informs the group that he’s going to need a lot of medical supplies he doesn’t have in order to save Carl, so Shane and Otis (the hunter) volunteer to go over to the local high school to collect everything they need. Rick keeps trying to leave because he wants to do something, but his blood transfusions are the only thing keeping Carl going, so everyone tells him to sit his ass down. He’s freaking out that Lori doesn’t know about Carl, and Maggie takes off to go find her.

Back in the woods the group has given up on their Sophia search for the day when a Walker comes out of nowhere and attacks Andrea. She looks like she’s toast before Maggie rides up on horseback like a Grade A Badass and takes the walker out. She tells Lori what happened, and despite the rest of the group’s apprehension, Lori rides off to the farmhouse along with Maggie. When they arrive, Lori’s reaction guts me again, and I say yet again, Sarah Wayne Callies, you are a WONDERFUL actress.

Lori is obviously distraught about Carl and questions Hershel about his ability to perform surgery on her son. It comes out that Hershel isn’t exactly a doctor. Turns out he’s actually a veterinarian.  Ooh boy. But he’s already kept Carl alive so far, so they really have no choice but to trust him. In an additional note that isn’t long enough to get it’s own paragraph, Daryl and the others get back to the highway and Daryl produces a bag filled with Merle’s drug stash, complete with antibiotics. Because “occasionally Merle got the clap.” LOL.

Off at the high school, Shane and Otis approach slowly and see that the building they need to get into is completely swarmed with Walkers. They find some emergency road flares and manage to distract the zombies with the pretty lights. While the Walkers head off in the other direction, the guys sneak inside and grab everything they need. But when they leave, they realize they took too long and the Walkers are right back outside again.

While trying to sneak away, the Walkers spot them and IT IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. The guys (and all their medical supplies) have to flee, but god damn those things are FAST. AAAH. They barely manage to make it inside the main building of the high school and chain the door shut, but now they’re stuck. GREAT.

Opinion of the Episode:

This has nothing to do with the episode, but my cat has the hiccups, and it’s the cutest freaking thing I’ve ever seen.

Cat interlude over, back to your regularly scheduled zombies. After so much happened in the premiere, I was grateful that this episode was a little more focused. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first episode, but there was a crazy amount of stuff packed into it. I think I needed this episode to sort of refocus and catch back up with everything. Really, when I look back on it, not a whole lot happened. It was basically “everyone waits while they try and save Carl.” So it gave the characters a chance to stop and process things too. We get some truly fantastic acting from Sarah, Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal. I love this show for taking the time to really make this an emotional and well acted series, versus just going for the scare, which is usually where the horror genre tends to go.

So I got my breather after that intense premiere, and I’m ready to see what’s going to happen next! I’m really digging Hershel right now. He seems like a pretty solid guy, and I definitely want to see more of Maggie too. I know she becomes a main character this season, so it looks like I’m going to get my wish. Aaaand as one last note, I know what’s coming and I’m so not going to like it. I mentioned in my very first review that one of the only things I knew about this series was that at some point, Shane was going to shoot someone and leave them to the Walkers while he escapes. It took me about 14 hours after watching this episode to realize OH CRAP, IT’S OTIS, ISN’T IT? SON OF A BITCH, SHANE.

But let’s end things on a happy note this time, eh? It’s good to know that in these dark times, that Canada is dedicated to to developing an international zombie strategy. Happy Canada Day!


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