Dee Discuses: The X-Files 2.8

Posted: June 3, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, X-Files
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Yessssssssssssssssss my Scully is back. I’m dancing around. Scully Scully! Of course she’s not exactly in this episode, since she spends most of it in a coma. I don’t even mind the cliche her being in some kind of in between world where she sees her father and Mulder brings her back through the power of loooove. Or something like that. I did hear in the past that the show eventually does show a few religious roots, and they’ve touched on it a bit in the past with Scully’s faith in God. I actually like the idea of bringing both science and religious theory in, although I prefer the former to the latter. It’s okay if the show has a few layers, even if I don’t personally adhere to one of those layers. It’s interesting all the same. I was pleased that they found a way to work with Gillian Anderson’s pregnancy, and I expect this is hardly the last of what we’ll see about this kidnapping. Surely something else happened? I mean she didn’t just get randomly captured and nothing happened to her, right? So maybe we’ll get more of that later on in the show.

To the episode itself! Scully is found but she’s comatose. Her mother tells Mulder a story first about how Dana killed a snake with her brothers when she was younger and regretted it afterward. She understood then how death worked and how it was impossible to fix. I thought this was an appropriate start to the episode. No one knows how Scully got to the hospital or what happened to her. Mulder’s freaking out of course, and he’s furious, wanting to find out who to blame for this. He meets her sister Melissa as well. Scully’s living will said to take her off life support, so that means there’s a ticking tock here. They have to find a way to wake her up before they decide to take her off. Again this is an old cliche, but whatever, it’s Scully, I’m okay with it. They get out Scully’s chart, the Lone Gunmen, and they think there’s some weird branch DNA in her blood. Omg is she part alien now? Were they experimenting on her? Eeeee. Anyway it’s now killing her.

This weird nurse keeps talking to Scully. I guess maybe she’s trying to get her to come out of the coma? Hmmm. Someone tries to steal a blood sample from her and Mulder chases the guy, leading him to see his new Deep Throat guy X. X tells Mulder to stop searching already and murders the guy. Mulder denies having been there when Skinner asks him, but he insists that the Smoking Guy is who is responsible. Mulder gets a mysterious bit of information through a cigarette machine and the location of the Smoking Guy. He holds him at gunpoint, but decides not to kill him. Later on he figures out Skinner gave him the location. He cares about Scully too. Awww. Mulder tries to quit the FBI, but Skinner won’t let him. Melissa talks to Mulder about how it’s just as important for him to be there physically and emotionally for his partner. Seeking vengeance isn’t going to bring her back. X told Mulder if he stayed in his apartment he could murder the men responsible for Scully when they came in, but he chooses to be at her bedside instead.

Mulder speaks to Scully and then grieves at home. Except she’s woken up! Yeah yeah we know she came back and somehow spiritually she knew what Mulder said to her. It’s all ridiculous but I cheer anyway because Scully makes me happy. She doesn’t remember what happened to her, and Mulder gives her the cross necklace back. Whoever the nurse was that spoke to Scully in her coma is no where to be found. Hmmm! I hope this comes back too. So I liked this episode a lot, I liked that Mulder had his moments of fury and revenge, but he realized that wasn’t the right path for him. And that Skinner is becoming a character in his own right, which is lovely development. They better bring this back later on! Scully being injected with something, where they brought her, why. Maybe the nurse again? My money is on alien experimentation, that would make sense considering what this show is about. Much better episode than last time, show!



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