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For episode three, “Tell It To The Frogs,” I made a bold move and actually watched the show after dark. Thankfully this episode was heavy on the humans with only a dash of disgusting flesh eating zombies, so I won’t have to sleep with my lights on.



Previously on TWD: Deputy Rick Grimes woke up from a coma to find himself in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. After getting a little help from a father and son, he heads to Atlanta in search of his wife and son. He doesn’t find them. Instead he finds a horrific hoard of zombies that nearly kill him before he’s rescued by Glenn and joins up with a small group of survivors who had come into the city for supplies. But the walkers track them down, and Rick and co only barely manage to escape, unfortunately leaving one of their number behind- handcuffed on the roof of a department store.

We pick up with Merle again, and he is not looking good. He’s sunburned and dehydrated and rambling to himself when the Walkers discover him on the roof. They try to get through, but thankfully the chain T-Dog but on the door seems to be holding for now. Not that it’s much comfort to Merle, who starts desperately trying to reach a discarded saw.

Back at the camp, things are a little more mellow as Shane jokes around with Lori and Carl and promises to take Carl frog catching. They’re interrupted by Glenn speeding up, alarm still blaring, in his shiny red sports car. Shane chastises him for making noise that might give their location away, but that’s the least of everyone’s concern once Rick gets out of the truck and has a heartfelt reunion with his wife and son.

I have to admit, this scene got to me. It was a wonderful moment, and the emotion on everyone’s faces just punched me right in the feels. I mean, I’m fairly certain this isn’t going to last, otherwise they never would have set up the love triangle with Shane in the first place, but for the moment it’s sweet and I’m enjoying the first real moment of HAPPINESS that the show has delivered. I have a feeling they’ll be few and far between, so I’m savoring.

That night around the campfire, Rick tells the others about his experiences, and the group discusses how to tell Daryl Dixon that his older brother had been abandoned in Atlanta. And later on in their tent, Rick and Lori finally get a few moments alone and I am absolutely applauding Sarah Wayne Callies for knocking that scene out of the park. She plays this wonderful mix of disbelief, guilt, love, and wonder. It’s very satisfying to watch.

The following morning Rick wakes up and immediately puts his White Hat back on. He wants to go back into the city to rescue Merle, and I’m just like ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I get that he is our moral hero, but aksjdfha you almost died there multiple times less than 24 hours ago and now you want to GO BACK? Rick’s personal feelings aside, that would be devastating to Lori and Carl who only just got him back. Which Lori rightfully points out. But his conversation with her is put on hold when the kids’ screaming sends everyone running. Out in the woods they discover a walker munching on a deer carcass. GROSS. The menfolk proceed to beat the crap out of it, and everyone realizes that as food in the city becomes more scarce, that the Walkers are venturing further and further away. Not. Good.

Enter Katniss  Daryl Dixon, Merle’s younger brother and crossbow badass. He seems to be a bit hot-headed and crass like his brother, but much more willing to consider the well being of the camp. After lamenting the loss of his deer, he heads back to camp calling to Merle. Awkward. Shane breaks the news with some entirely unhelpful remarks from Rick, and understandably Daryl looses it. In true Dixon fashion though, he takes things too far, and goes after Rick with a hunting knife. It takes both Rick and Shane working together to subdue him again. Despite all that, though. I really do feel for the guy. That’s pretty much the worst situation ever. He has to deal with his grief about his brother literally in front of the entire camp. And I know he freaked, but Rick kind of annoyed me in this scene when he was telling him to be calm. Excuse you, Rick. He just found out everyone left his only family to die. I’d be loosing my cool too. How about a little compassion instead of condescension?  Moving on. T-Dog fesses up to his part in what happened, and Daryl decides to go back for Merle. Lori already knows that Rick is going to go with him, and she’s not happy about it.

My irritation with Rick continues as he volunteers Glenn to take them back into the city. Come on, man. You’re calling him out in front of the entire group like that? Not cool. Also, does he even have a plan? Or is he just planning to stroll back into town again? Ugh. He adds that he also needs to go back for the bag he dropped earlier with all of his guns, ammo, and radios. T-Dog volunteers to go with, and despite everyone thinking this is the worst idea ever, the four guys leave to try and rescue Merle.

After they leave, camp life seems to fall back into it’s natural rhythm. Shane takes Carl frog catching down at the quarry, while Andrea, Amy, Carol and  Jacqui wash clothes together and Creepy Ed watches them. Lori tells Shane off and basically tells him to stay away from her and her family. It comes out that Shane’s the one who told her that Rick was dead. Oh snap. The girls enjoy a few laughs together until Creepy Ed comes over to put them in their place and riles up Andrea. Then it turns out that Creepy Ed is actually Abusive Ed who likes to beat Carol up. After an argument escalates, he smacks Carol and Shane jumps in to get rid of his aggression by beating the crap out of him. He tells Abusive Ed that if he ever lays a hand on Carol or anyone in the camp again, he’ll kill him. A sobbing Carol rushes over to help him while she apologizes repeatedly.

And back in Atlanta, the guys make it into the city and back into the department store with little to no incident. The place seems deserted, save for one lonely zombie wandering around in women’s apparel.  They get up to the roof to save Merle and find that he’s already gone. It looks like he escaped before the Walkers could get to him…but he did it by sawing off his own hand. Ew.

Opinion of the Episode:

I’m going to go ahead and say that this has been my favorite episode so far of the season. Maybe it has a little something to do with the fact that it only showed four zombies as opposed to four hundred chasing after everyone. While I still had to turn away during some of the gorier moments, I am proud to say that there was no screaming or near heart attacks this time around. But all that aside, I’m a sucker for interesting characters, and I really enjoyed the chance to get to know these characters outside the complete and utter terror of trying to keep themselves alive. I’m definitely hoping to get to see more of that as the series continues. I loved getting to see all the girls together. Before that scene lapsed into awfulness, their joking around was really nice to watch. And I also enjoyed the way Andrea and the other girls stood up to Ed on behalf of Carol. And I’m definitely intrigued by Daryl. I have a feeling he’s probably going to become one of the show’s stars. I’m waiting for Merle to find his way back again so I can see how those two interact together. I imagine they’ll have an interesting dynamic. All in all, very good episode! Now that Rick has reunited with Lori and Carl, I’m not sure what the over-arcing plot for the rest of the season is going to be, but I imagine it’ll come up soon. We’ll see! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check for the undead hiding behind my shower curtain or under my bed.


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