Deechelle Discusses: Once Upon a Time 2.21

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Flashback: Baelfire falls through the portal but he ends up in Victorian England. This is pretty cool since a lot of fans wondered why he was in modern time if it was so many years ago. Now we have an answer of sorts! He tries to survive on the streets, but he is caught trying to get food in a house by Wendy Darling. Fans also speculated that Baelfire was Peter Pan or had dealings with him, and this goes a ways to explaining some of that. He is taken in by the Darlings and Wendy followed Peter Pan’s shadow to Neverland one night. Bae warns her about magic, and when she comes back she admits it was beautiful but also scary. The shadow was holding the children there when they wanted to go home. They try to board up the home, but Bae offers himself up when the shadow goes for Wendy’s brother. As he is taken away, he fights with it and ends up on the Jolly Roger, aka Captain Hook’s ship!

Storybrooke: Neal’s getting a little suspicious of Tamara, and he also sees his father being a general jerkface now that Lacey’s supporting his dark side. He tells him to stay away from him and Henry. Emma’s convinced that Tamara might be behind taking the magic beans, but everyone assumes she’s just jealous. Seriously guys, even if she is, she’s not going to make up fanciful stories because of it. While her “super power” doesn’t always work, she has a pretty good bullshit meter. She confronts Neal about what happened ten years ago and he gives a weak argument about feeling guilty. Yeah you should, buddy. Also Owen and Tamara are torturing a powerless Regina to get Owen’s father back, and also because they want to stop all magic. They say it’s evil and it has to be destroyed. Which would technically be about right, but since they’re torturing and killing people, they’re probably not the best judges of that. Regina tells Owen under duress she killed her father and buried him somewhere. I do think she did something to his father, but not necessarily something like that, she prefers taking out their hearts after all. And sometimes using them as puppets. But he does found the burial spot at least. Anyway that sends him off, and they start to think Owen is the bad guy, not Tamara.

Which is when she decides to reveal herself as evil and that she wants to destroy all magic. Again, still not sure why, hopefully an answer will happen. She shoots Neal and opens a portal to send the two of them through, but only Neal goes so he can save Emma. She says she loves him before he goes. Regina is saved by Snow, but lord knows that probably won’t last long in gratitude. Especially since she won’t admit by Owen is after her when she gets to the others, but she does warn them about her failsafe. It’s in a diamond that Owen and Tamara now have. If it is set off, it’ll kill anyone within Storybrooke, except for the people born/existing in this world. Such  as Henry, Emma, and Owen and Tamara of course.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: I came away from it feeling good about the flashbacks, but slightly meh about the rest of the story. I’ve made no secret of the fact I’m really sick of Regina, so I couldn’t feel much sympathy for her while Tamara and Owen tortured her for information. I am really interested in finding out more about Owen and Tamara, since I feel like there’s at least more to Tamara than it seems at first sight. She’s clearly bad, but I’m interested in why. How did she find out about magic? How did she and Owen meet? I don’t think a lot of fans are that interested in the two of them, but I am! I loved the flashbacks. I’m not a huge fan of what happened to Neal for reasons I’ll get into below. I guess in the end this episode didn’t stand out to me much, but it did set up a few things I’m okay with so it wasn’t a total wash. Also Regina, way to go with that evil crystal thing. As if you couldn’t destroy enough lives to begin with.

Jachelle: Oh man. Okay. I really enjoyed this episode. Like Dee, the Storybrooke plotline was so-so for me, but I was totally into the flashbacks with Baelfire. I’ve been a huge Peter Pan fan for a long time. Aside from Robin Hood, he was the other character I’d really been waiting for on the show. Obviously I’ve already raged about that pathetic excuse for an episode with Robin Hood a few weeks ago. But I was really digging the way they twisted the Peter Pan story around here. Previous to this episode, I’d been pretty convinced that Bae was going to be Peter, but this is SO MUCH BETTER. The twist with the Darling family adopting him and him sacrificing himself to protect them from Peter’s sinister shadow? Very cool. It’s that sort of twist on things that reminded me why I really started to love this show in the first place.

Favorite Scene

Dee: I really liked all of the scenes with the Darlings and Baelfire, and the twist on the Peter Pan mythos so far. The fact that Neverland was bad for Wendy and they tried to protect against the shadow was interesting. I think Once Upon a Time is at its best when it takes fairy tales we know and throw a twist on it. This was pretty exciting to see. This might’ve been my favorite flashback of the show this season.

Jachelle: I have to agree on this one. The flashbacks with Bae and the Darlings were absolutely my favorite part. In particular, the scene where they arm themselves/the nursery in an attempt to keep the Shadow away. Jacks on the windowsill, a helmet on the dog, swords and shields made out of regular household objects- it’s such a childlike way to protect themselves. I mean, seriously. That’s just the sort of thing that kids would do, and I loved it. I thought Bae’s sacrifice to save his new family was extremely touching. I really hope we get more info on what happened to him once he was taken aboard the Jolly Roger.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: Definitely Emma’s love confession to Neal before he goes through the portal. I know, I know, this is a show about TRUE LOVE and you have to accept that sometimes they make ridiculous leaps with characters. But she just saw him again after ten years apart and the last time she did see him was not good. I’m sorry but people change in such a drastic time, especially with all the bad stuff between them. I personally don’t think Neal has come close to making it up to Emma too. He barely seems sorry for what happened to her, or even that interested in what she went through the last ten years. I can buy there still being feelings and affection there, that type of thing doesn’t go away easily, but her saying she loves him? Come on. That’s a lot. Also while I do think Neal had some feelings/affection for her too, he seemed dedicated to Tamara until she turned evil. But that isn’t easy to shuck off, so I’m sorry, I just don’t see this love connection right now. Maybe later on, but for now, it just seemed too cliche for me.

Jachelle: I’m going to go with the scene with Gold/Lacey/Neal/Dr Whale toward the beginning of the episode. And the other Gold/Lacey scenes by association. I was intrigued by Lacey at first, but now I just really want Belle back, guys. 😦 Also it felt like too much. We’ve got the Neverland flashbacks, we’ve got Regina being tortured, we’ve got the Charmings trying to help Regina, and then we have the Emma/Neal jealousy-love whatever that was. I’m sure the Gold and Lacey stuff is going to come into play at some point in the finale, but there was too much other stuff going on in this episode, and I was getting irritated with it. With all the nonsense that they’ve been giving us lately, I feel like they could have slipped in Lacey learning about Gold’s magic sooner and we could have away with that storyline in this episode all together.

Favorite Character

Dee: I’m going with Baelfire, and Neal to an extent. Yes I see them as two different people at the moment, because he did change drastically and I think that has to do with whatever happened to him in Neverland. I still like his character, and I love his actor, but I liked him a lot more as a child. Maybe it’s that the young actor is great, but I find myself rooting for him whenever he shows up. I do want to see how he changed, how Neverland changes him. I’d say of all the characters currently I’m most interested in Baelfire’s story. Of course I don’t think it’s over, since I don’t think he’s dead at all.

Jachelle: Yeah, definitely Baelfire this week. I still really do love Neal, and no way to I believe he’s actually dead, but the actor they have playing Baelfire just killed it. You could see his earnestness, and I just really felt for him. This poor kid has had his family/life ruined by magic twice now. And now he’s stuck on a ship with the dude his mother abandoned him for. I want to know moooore.

Renewed request for characters we’d love to see in the show!

Dee: I think we have enough main characters, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a few people again. We saw Lancelot, I’d love some more flashbacks of him, but I’d also love to see Guinevere and Arthur too. We got so little of Robin Hood, that would be great to revisit. I’m liking what they’re showing of Neverland so far, so more of that is great. I’m still waiting for the Little Mermaid! Apparently they say she might show up next season.

Jachelle: DEFINITELY want to see Lancelot again. And along those same lines, I think Merlin could be pretty awesome to see. Wizard’s Duel with Regina? Anyone? COME ON. A decent episode with Robin and Marian would be nice. I need more of Peter Pan and Neverland. If they’re going with this whole evil twist, then I cannot wait to see evil Tinkerbell. That would be amazing. Oh! And I’d still like to see more of Prince Phillip!


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