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Previously on Game of Thrones: Cersei and Tyrion are forced into marriage with Loras and Sansa. Melisandre stole Gendry from the Brotherhood for her own reasons. Dany freed a slave army and killed everyone in the city. Robb made a terrible marriage decision for love and now everyone’s paying for it. Also he had some other terrible decisions. Jon Snow and the Wildlings made it over the wall. Jaime was being sent back home but he can’t take Brienne with him.

King’s Landing: Tyrion and Sansa separately are trying to cope with their forced betrothal. Tyrion doesn’t want to force the poor girl to marry him, and isn’t interested in someone that young, but he doesn’t have a choice. Plus Shae’s angry with him over it. Sansa talks to Margaery, who gently points out that Tyrion isn’t the worst Lannister and he might be very good to her after all. That’s nice. Margaery makes a veiled reference to the fact she’s marrying a bad Lannister, but she knows their son will be awesome. Like the rest of the Tyrells. Agreed! Tywin meets with his grandson, Joffrey, who tries to do a weird power play with him and backs down pretty quickly. He asks to be appraised of the Dany situation.

The Starks: Arya is angry they let Gendry get taken away so she runs off. The Hound takes her. He didn’t leave after all, he’s apparently been waiting and watching. Yikes. The Wildling guy Orenn tries to steal Ygritte’s affection away, but she admits to loving Jon Snow.  He tries to tell her they can go to his home together, and warns her that they won’t survive this attack. She seems to get that they’re in trouble, but she doesn’t care.  Bran and Rickon are … doing stuff. Headed toward the wall to see Jon. That’ll go well. Robb and Talisa are naked a lot and she tells him she’s pregnant. Book fans look confused.

Elsewhere: Gendry is told by Melisandre that he is Robert’s bastard son and his blood has power. That’s not good for him. Dany’s being awesome and a slave leader tries to make peace with her and give a lot of gold, but she basically goes lol I will kill you all. She’s pretty ruthless. Queen of the dragons! In the bestest part of the whole episode (says Dee), Brienne and Jaime part, but he finds out they’re going to hurt her. So he turns around, saves her from a bear, and insists on taking her with him or else. It works. 😀 HE IS THE WIND BENEATH HER WINGS. Also Theon is being castrated. Yuck.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: This was … a weird one. George R. R. Martin wrote this episode, so I expected more, and I think that threw me. It also threw me that he wrote an episode where several things happen that are not in the book at all. I mean I support the idea the show has to have its own entity. Most of the scenes were decent, but I found my attention trailing a few times. I don’t really care about the Bran and Rickon stuff, and to be honest I didn’t in the book either so that’s nothing new. I was surprised that Gendry found out about Robert, since in the books this is still not public, so I went waaaaaaaaaaat. Also not in the books, Robb’s wife being pregnant, so again, a real waaaaaaaaaaaaat moment. I’m not sure what to make of this Talisa storyline. I’ve disliked it from the beginning because I preferred the book version, and I don’t like her character very much. I think I’ll have more to say about this after the end of the season. So some of it was great, and the rest of it was ehhh. Plus seriously stop with Theon. Just. No. Please. ::cries in corner::

Jachelle: I agree with Dee, this was kind of an odd episode. In the past two seasons, the episodes written by GRRM seem to be big and action packed. So knowing that he had written this episode, I think I went in with much higher expectations than I should have. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed everything for the most part. It just wasn’t what I was expecting exactly. So I’m conflicted? I haven’t made it this far into the book series yet, so I was less distracted by things happening outside the book’s plotlines. But I kept waiting for something big to happen, and nothing did. So I felt all discombobulated and out of sorts.

Favorite Scene

Dee: If you didn’t cheer when Jaime jumped into the bear pit to save Brienne, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. UGH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. OTP FOREVER. Ahem. Sorry. WAIT NOT  SORRY. They’re the best. I loved their farewell when she called him Ser Jaime and the look on his face. And then of course him going back for her and insisting she get out, the teamwork they did to get out of the pit, the fact they should be married and live happily ever after far away from everyone else. Shut up. I have a lot of feelings about these two, and I’m shameless.  But for crying out loud look how much amazing character development has happened from the very first episode, or hell even the past few. They’ve come so far.

Jachelle: lol. So, I’m tempted to pick any other scene than the Jaime/Brienne bear scene, just to annoy Dee. But I can’t. It really was an amazing moment. And as I mentioned above, throughout the entire episode I kept waiting for something big to happen and this was a pretty intense moment. So definitely my favorite. It sort of made up for some of the other lackluster/weird moments in the rest of the episode.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: Yup I’m keeping with the Theon stuff. Listen, this did happen in the book. Eventually. But I guess on the page they can get away with a few things being more subtle. Or the true horror in the way GRRM wrote it was that only a few details were given but we never saw any of it happen. I think we got the point that Ramsay’s taken off his limbs and now castrated him. Just. Stop. ldjfskldfj stop.

Jachelle: OH GOD WILL IT NEVER END? No more torture scenes! There is nothing more to be said. So here is a gif to accurately convey my feelings on the matter.

Favorite Character

Dee: Listen you can just assume most weeks I’m going to say Jaime and Brienne. Sorry. I’m aware of my problem. I mentioned above it has a lot to do with how much of their development has gone by. The respect they have for each other now. I want them to have adventures forever. I think it’s the most natural and organic relationship in the books, and it’s lovely to see how perfectly they managed to take that chemistry on the screen. Love love love.

Jachelle: If I’m not picking Oleanna for my favorite character, I’m picking Margaery. I just love the Tyrells so much, you guys. Margaery has been such a strong friend to my darling Sansa this season. And she continues to be there for her and provide her with strength and gentle encouragement even in the face of what Sansa sees as a huge tragedy. She is so fierce. She’s intelligent and she is so good at seeing the bigger picture. And an honorable mention goes to Dany for being a GRADE A BADASS.

Character Who Should DIAF

Dee: We’re back to Ramsay. For the obvious reason. Ugh show. You’re making me sick.

Jachelle: Ramsay. Ramsay Ramsay Ramsay. ::cries:: Please make him go away.


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