Dee Discusses: The X-Files 2.6

Posted: May 23, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, X-Files
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Previously on The X-Files, Mulder and Scully met the former FBI agent Duane Barry who was abducted by aliens. This led him to be in a mental ward, and he took people prisoner. At the end of the last episode, he kidnapped Scully and she left a frantic message to Mulder on the phone begging for help. This episode takes place directly afterward. A two parter, how exciting!

Mulder goes to Scully’s house to look for any clues, and he sees her mother Margaret. We haven’t seen her since Scully’s father died. She says she dreamed her daughter was taken. You know I wonder if part of the reason Scully and Mulder are attracted to their jobs is because they both have a little element of the supernatural to them. Mulder seems positively psychic at times, and Scully heard her father’s ghost for some time after his death. Skinner tells Mulder he can’t work the case because he’s too emotionally compromised. Personally I’d agree, but the rest of the FBI won’t believe Barry and they might not be as invested. And sloppier. And he’s the lead character, so he has to find her. Mulder is assigned a temporary partner, fellow FBI agent Alex Krycek. I was suspicious of this guy from the moment he came on. Mostly because I was positive he’s a spy, and he seemed too perfect and fresh faced.

Scully and Barry are pulled over by a cop, but before he can rescue her in the trunk, he’s killed. Mulder sees her on a recording and he is relived to see she’s at least alive for now. Berry is going to his original abduction site and I guess he’s trying to trade Scully for himself. Like the aliens won’t go after him if he offers someone else as tribute. Too bad Katniss Everdeen isn’t around to help you with that, dude. Krycek is some sort of spy since he tells the Smoking Guy about Mulder’s suspicions. Mulder insists on going on this creepy slightly broken down tramway and heading up to the mountain after Barry. He obviously tries to sabotage the tram, but it doesn’t work, thankfully. When Mulder gets up there he sees a black helicopter flying away, and Barry happily says she’s been taken in his place. Mulder asks Barry some questions but gets majorly pissed off and tries to attack him. Go Mulder go!

Krycek talks to Barry when Mulder leaves and he mysteriously dies. See, knew that guy was trouble. Mulder asks the doctor questions about the autopsy but she won’t give him info. Krycek suggests to the Smoking Guy he should kill Mulder. Yup, don’t like this guy, on the other hand I agree with his reasoning. Mulder is a problem for them. He says nope because people would probably take up the cause. I don’t know about that. Mulder wants to talk to his only supporter, but his new Deep Throat guy is like noooope. He tries to call Krycek out on everything, but he’s disappeared, so Skinner’s like fine for fuck’s sake X-Files are open again. OH FINE. RIGHT WHEN SCULLY IS GONE.  I know Gillian had a kid so that’s part of why she won’t be around the next few episodes. But I am sad about it. She’s my hero. Hopefully it won’t be forever until she gets back. Overall this was a good episode and it kept up the suspense and tension. Plus the addition of this new bad guy, Krycek.


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