Dee Discusses: The Vampire Diaries 4.23

Posted: May 20, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, The Vampire Diaries
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Smile like horrible things aren’t happening all the time, girls!

This is most likely the last summary I’ll do of The Vampire Diaries. I’d like to believe I will stand firm on this, honestly, because I successfully quit Glee and I’m endlessly glad I did. I have various reasons for it, which I’m sure I’ll get into, but I feel free. FREE AT LAST. Previously, Jeremy died horribly and Damon used his sire bond to make Elena turn off her humanity. This led her to obviously be emotionless and kill people and not care about it. She seemed to like it that way too, so she was like Salvatores stop trying to change me! Stefan said if Elena did want Damon, he’d leave for good and let them try it out. Unfortunately that pesky sire thing got out of the way. Apparently it’s no longer a thing though, because shutting her humanity off and then on again cured it. I’m calling bullshit. If her emotional tie to Damon is what caused the sire bond, it should still be present when her emotions are back. Whatever, show, lol. I skipped last week so uhhhh something in there she tried to kill Katherine and blamed all her hate on her but that didn’t work out. Also Bonnie dropped the veil and all our favorite people came back, and not-so-favorite too. Despite the fact I’m like guys this veil thing is getting annoying … it’s just always so lovely to see Lexi, Alaric, and now Jeremy again. Also Bonnie’s dead. So there’s that.

Stefan is getting drunk with Lexi and they’re dancing in the house. This made me laugh because I missed them. Damon tries to throw around some attitude. Whatever. I am never going to miss you, Damon. DIAF. Stefan knows that he loves Elena and if she wants him he’d come back, but she makes it official she loves Damon and that’s that. Which is about the time where I went “I AM DONE.” Seeing the two of them actually makes my stomach churn. He gets hit by the Hunter guy who infects him with werewolf venom. Kol is back making trouble and those witches Bonnie killed. So of course this is the time where everyone goes to graduation. Because Caroline says it’s the most important day in their life. SERIOUSLY THIS WILL NEVER STOP ANNOYING ME. Caroline. Grow up. You are going to live a long time. Graduation and prom aren’t that big of a deal. You make me want to throw something at you, and I typically like you. Oh also she’s all excited they made it to prom, ignoring the fact Tyler isn’t there, so WHATEVER. Anyway the others graduate. uhhh earlier in the episode Matt is being held hostage by Rebekah’s ex. He’s standing on a bomb. She switches places with him, gets him to leave, and blows up.

Nothing says romance like “I won’t kill your boyfriend.”

There’s all this crazy shit going on and Ric and Tyler and Lexi are only here briefly, but sure, let’s waste that time going to graduation instead. IDEK guys. Klaus shows up in time to take care of the otherwise dead witches, cures Damon, and tells Caroline that Tyler can come back. He says he plans on being her last love. Oh whatever you’re going on your own show. You’ll probably fall in love and give paintings to someone new before long. Bonnie plans on bringing back the veil and Kol threatens everyone beforehand, so she pretends to agree with him since she’s dead. But come on. We all know what’s going to happen. Jeremy stays with her until the end, but he comes back to life because of the last spell she did for him. So Bonnie’s dead but Jeremy’s alive again. I want to be happy about that, but after how poorly she’s been treated for years and this is irritating, I can’t find much satisfaction. Stefan decides to leave for good, thank god, and tells Damon he’s not happy but he also appreciates on some level that his brother has someone who loves him finally. Lexi and Ric go away. I’m sad forever. They have a cute scene first where they talk about why they’re still stuck there. I love those characters.

Elena gets the shit knocked out of her by Katherine. It turns out she gave Stefan the cure, but he gave it back to her, and now she turns Katherine human. Interesting. In the books Damon was turned human. I would’ve preferred that end. But whatever. Matt goes off for a roadtrip with Rebekah, which is sort of nice. I guess Tyler can come back. Stefan is leaving and wants to throw Silas away but Silas is free. And I guess Stefan is his doppelganger. He says the earth made like a human form for him to die in. So like Elena is a doppelganger of the Petrova, Stefan is a doppelganger of Silas. I don’t know. It’s dumb. So he tosses Stefan into the water in that vault thing, and I guess now he’s Stefan? I don’t actually care. Because I’m done with this show. Vampire Diaries, your first two seasons were great, I really enjoyed you. But too much time with the Originals and your characters acting dumb as posts and/or evil but “sympathetic” wore out its welcome. You almost won me back by sending the Originals to their own show, but I doubt they’ll stay there if it doesn’t do well, and Delena turns my stomach. Plus I just don’t care anymore. So. Goodbye. I get back that coveted 8 PM slot on Thursdays!

You deserved better, bb.


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