Dee Discusses: Doctor Who 7.11

Posted: May 20, 2013 by Dee in Dee, Doctor Who, Recaps, Television
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Technically I could skip these past few episodes and just focus on the most recent one, but I’m a little too OCD for that. I’ll be honest, this season has not wow’ed me in the least. And while I want to like Clara, I kind of end up feeling ‘ehhhhhhhhhhh’ about her most of the time. I’ve never been a huge fan of Eleven or of Moffat’s run so far, but I’ve at least found it interesting in the past. Confusing but interesting. So it’s weird to look back at an episode like this which had the makings of being interesting, and I barely remember what happened. Well let’s get to it anyway. This is Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS. I think they’ve been trying to get back the energy that Neil Gaiman’s “The Doctor’s Wife” had by making the TARDIS more of an active character. I’m fine with that. I love that idea. So this is about the Doctor and Clara getting stuck within the innerworkings of the TARDIS itself. The Doctor has noticed that the TARDIS is not a huge fan of Clara and giving her attitude, so he’s trying to teach her how to use it. He puts it into basic mode, and unfortunately that means it has no defense when a tractor beam from a ship salvage place pulls them in. Clara sees this weird egg thing drop and touches it, and she’s burned by it. There’s some mention of a Big Friendly Button to just fix it, which the Doctor says there isn’t one.

So they’re pulled in by these brothers, two brothers Gregor and Bram and this android named Tricky. I’ll be honest I don’t feel like beating around the bush here, it’s irritating, so let’s just go out and say Tricky is one of their brothers too. He was supposed to be the captain and his brother took it away when he got amnesia and made him believe he was an android. The fact that this is barely concluded by the end of the episode annoys me, as is the fact that Tricky doesn’t really get a satisfying arc. Whatever, they’re one episode characters, right? Meh. That’s a pretty messed up story. Anyway the Doctor tricks them by saying the TARDIS will self-destruct unless he gets Clara back, since she’s lost, and they can’t touch his ship. They go looking for Clara and explore the TARDIS, but these strange monsters show up to chase them around. Clara too. She’s elsewhere and happens to read the History of the Time War and learns the Doctor’s name. Well that is immensely irritating. This is where I knew they were going to get a deus ex machina by the end of the episode, because no way would she keep this information.

Anyway long story made short, the monsters tracking them are in fact them in the future. They eventually get turned into that due to the TARDIS’ time leak, and the Doctor is trying to keep that from happening. The radiation seems pretty heavy duty. Tricky finds out the truth about himself and he is pisssssed, as he should be, but he sort of almost reconciles with his brother I don’t know and then they’re turned into monsters. The Doctor tells Clara everything about her impossible stuff, and they try to figure out what to do. The object that Clara picked up was the device needed to keep the magnetic pull, so he goes back in time and warns his former self. The Big Friendly Button is a reference to that, I guess, I don’t know, I honestly don’t care much either. ANYWAY. They don’t remember anything. Back to point one. There’s like one minor thing where Gregor starts to treat Tricky a little nicely. And by a little I mean he’s not treating him like dirt, but a little more than dirt. Aw, that’s so sweet. *sarcasm* I really hate episodes where they go ha ha none of this actually happened, especially when they take this time to make tons of character information and development happen. And then turns back the clock. Blah. I’m pretty indifferent to the show at this point, although the Clara stuff is still interesting me enough to continue on.


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