Jach Discusses: The Walking Dead 1.02

Posted: May 9, 2013 by Jachelle in General Media, Jach, Recaps, Television, The Walking Dead
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So the pilot hooked me enough into coming back for another episode. Let’s see how things went down in episode two- “Guts.”

When we last left off, our hero Rick Grimes had awoken from a coma to find the world had gone to hell. He got some basic knowledge about the Walkers, and made his way into the city to try and find his wife and son, who he believed to be at a refugee camp. Instead he found a mob of zombies who nearly killed him before he sealed himself inside a tank. He was still trapped inside when he heard a voice talking to him through the vehicle’s radio system.

The episode opens back at Camp Shane where Lori goes off into the forest alone to meet Shane for some dirty dirty sex. Well all right then. They’re just diving right into things, aren’t they? Shane still rubs me the wrong way. Okay, so I understand that they’ve all survived this terrifying ordeal together, and sometimes you just need some physical comfort. But he still just seems…icky to me. Maybe I still just really dislike him after his sleazeball speech about women in the opening of the last episode. I kind of wouldn’t put it past him to be the kind of guy who had a thing for his buddy’s wife and jumped at the first chance he could get. I don’t know. The moment where he paused after looking at Lori’s wedding ring on her necklace was nice. Though, I thought Lori’s reaction of pulling it off and setting it aside was much more poignant. I’m curious if we ever get to see more of what her grieving processes for Rick was. I’m really not a fan of love triangles in general, but it can be done well on occasion. We’ll see where this lands.

Back in the city, the still trapped Rick has a brief conversation over the radio with his mysterious helper. First of all, I haven’t even seen this kid yet, and I already love him. So he tells Rick that he can see him, and that his best chance is to make a run for it while the Walkers are distracted with the horse carcass. 😦 Rick does just that, once again, firing off enough shots to capture the attention of a whole mess of zombies. He finds his new companion and the two scuttle up a ladder and inside a department store. We find out the kid’s name is Glenn Rhee, and he may just be the most adorable person on the planet. I can already tell he’s going to be my favorite character. I seriously already have a crush on him. Side note: I was prepared for the look of the zombies this time around, so while still disgusting, it wasn’t quite as bad. What really messed with me this time was the SOUND. I don’t know if I just missed it last time because I was so freaked, or if it got worse, but WHY DO THEY SOUND SO GROSS? With the yelling and the groaning ew. I literally just gave myself the shivers remembering it.

Glenn and Rick make it inside the store, and I’m already freaking out because I have a reoccurring nightmare where I get trapped inside a mall during the zombie apocalypse. Inside we’re met with the rest of Glenn’s small group; Andrea, T-Dog, Morales, Jacqui, and Merle Dixon. Andrea shoves a gun in Rick’s face and yells at him for leading the Walkers straight to them. Then there’s a brief kerfuffle on the roof when the ever-charming Merle makes some super racist comments to T-Dog (and seriously? I can’t even with that name. T-Dog? Really, guys?) and proceeds to beat the ever-loving crap out of him. He then declares himself the leader and threatens to shoot anyone who doesn’t agree. Swell guy, that Merle. So Rick clocks him across the head with his shotgun and handcuffs him to a water pipe to cool down.

The Walkers are grouped outside the store and are starting to break through the first of two sets of glass doors. Our group has got to figure a way out, and Rick suggests the sewers. Which actually seems like a pretty solid plan. I am on board with this. So Glenn and Morales head down to check things out, only to find that some thick bars are blocking their way into the sewers. Which frankly is okay by me because EW GROSS SEWER ZOMBIE. I wonder if that’s listed on someone’s resume somewhere? “Sewer Zombie.” ANYWAY. The sewer is a no-go, so Rick comes up with a plan to hack a zombie corpse to pieces and cover themselves with guts so the Walkers won’t notice that they smell alive. Before he can hack up zombie Wayne though, Rick has to go through his wallet and give a really cheesy speech about who the guy was. And I am the worst person ever for laughing like a lunatic when Glenn adds “He was an organ donor.” But all my laughter was gone during the most disgusting scene ever where the group hacks the corpse to pieces and cover Rick and Glenn with blood and guts. Glenn actually has intestines hanging around his neck. He hurls. I want to hurl. Ugh.

oh my god, why did someone make this gif? you’re disgusting, internet.

Now covered in zombie goo, Rick and Glenn sneak out and do their best zombie impressions. IT’S WORKING. The Walkers give them a few wayward glances, but mostly leave them alone as they make their way toward a construction site and some abandoned trucks. But then I immediately have a meltdown again because I see rainclouds and OH GOD, SHIT IS ABOUT TO GET REAL. T-Dog gets through to someone over the radio and we find out the group has come from Camp Shane. The camp thinks the group is trapped for good, and Shane insists they’re as good as dead. Andrea’s little sister, Amy, freaks out and runs off. Back in the city, the rain finally started to dump and washed the dead zombie smell away, leaving Rick and Glenn to flee the zombies and me to scream into my pillow again. They make it to the construction site and form a new plan. We know the Walkers are attracted to sound, so Glenn goes careening off in a red sports car with the alarm blaring to catch their attention. He uses his radio to let the others know Rick is going to be pulling up in a delivery truck to save them.

T-Dog is left to decide if he wants to uncuff the racist, misogynist, redneck, druggie Merle. Which, okay, why is this his choice to make? Because Merle beat him up? I don’t like Merle at all, but that in no way justifies giving T-Dog the right to decide if he lives or dies. Whatever. That whole thing was weird. But anyway, T-Dog goes back to free Merle, but trips and the key conveniently falls down a tiny pipe opening. T is freaked, so he apologizes and books it, leaving Merle to die. But first he chains the door shut, in what I can assume is meant to be a measure to stop the Walkers from getting to Merle on the roof? Speaking of the Walkers, they’ve now broken through the second set of doors and everyone is officially out of time. Rick manages to get them in the truck through the loading dock and they speed off. T is left to make his excuses about what happened to Merle and Glenn is still being the most adorable ever as he speeds down the deserted highway in his sports car.

Opinion of the Episode:

This was actually a pretty decent follow up to the pilot. A lot of shows will take a few episodes to really get their feet under them, but I feel like TWD is solid on this front. I’m still really enjoying the way these episodes are shot. They feel genuinely frightening and not hokey. My only real issues were with the weird T-Dog/Merle “It’s my decision to uncuff you” thing, and Rick’s over the top “memorial” before chopping up the zombie. Earlier in the episode he threatened to shoot Merle for getting in his way to his wife and daughter and now he’s wasting time they need by lamenting over some dude he’s never met. It didn’t sync up for me.

Aside from those moments, though, I really enjoyed myself again. I’m looking forward to Rick hooking back up with Camp Shane and exploring some of the other characters/relationships we’ll get there. Definitely more Glenn please!

  1. Glenn is my favorite too!


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