Dee Discusses: The Vampire Diaries 4.21

Posted: May 3, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, The Vampire Diaries
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And we’re back to our people. I don’t think I could stand to see any more of that Original show. I skipped writing about it entirely because it would just be me keysmashing. Angrily. I do that anyway. I’ve never been so relieved to see the rest of the characters. I’ll admit this episode did work in one spot for me, and I’ll get to that below. I’m okay with how this ended up and that Elena’s back now. I’m interested in the Silas story only because I want to see when the veil is going to open and my guess is we’ll see some of our old friends back again. Definitely Lexi? Yes please. I’ll always support her coming back. There’s only two more episodes of this season left, and I’m glad we’re at the end of it. I don’t know if I’ll watch it next season or not  yet. If the ending is good enough to keep me intrigued for more, I’ll have to suck it up and continue. But if I end up feeling ‘meh’ like I did most of this season, I’ll cut it off my list for good. Either way I hope the Originals show does well so Klaus never comes back.

So it’s back to the Salvatores trying to decide how they can make Elena turn her humanity back on. I’m not a fan of the idea of torturing her into doing it. I will say the way Damon figures out how to do it is actual genius, I’ll give him that. Of course since he made her turn it off in the first place, this is what he needed to do either way. Anyway they first start out starving her, and Damon tries to get into her head/dreams to tempt her back. Of course that does nothing. Caroline shows up to try and appeal to her feelings too, but Elena just rips her apart verbally until she decides torturing her is a-okay. I can’t say I disagree completely with Elena. Not when it comes to graduation, I mean seriously Caroline, you’re going to live for centuries. You’re like one of those people who twenty years later still see high school as the time of their lives. Matt and Rebekah have a storyline in this where she continues to try and get in his good graces. He admits that he’s failing out of school and won’t be graduating. I absolutely love Matt’s stuff this season. He’s a great character and I love how much focus he’s gotten lately. His admitting that he’s stuck there and doesn’t want to get left behind, ugh, Matty let me hug you.

They decide to bring in the big guns by letting Katherine torture Elena, since she knows the Salvatores won’t really hurt her. Outside of some sun burning, yeowch. Katherine’s fine with that and they have a pretty fun conversation about who is more pathetic. I love Katherine. I think Nina does such a great job with that character. Katherine lets Elena go free, which they really should’ve freaking seen coming, because she wants to see her destroy people instead. She’s also meeting with Bonnie who wants to get her help to stop Silas, using the tombstone she still has, and in exchange Bonnie will give her eternal life or something. Bonnie’s kept Silas out of her head and she’s making plans, but Silas starts going after other people to get to her. He appears as Klaus to Caroline and tortures her a little with emotional confusion, but then stakes her in the chest. When she gets up he still messes with her head and she flees to protect her mother. He does briefly kill her mother and confronts Bonnie, who agrees to talk to him and continue the spell if he’d just chill already. We don’t know Bonnie’s end game here; can’t she just open the veil, kill Silas (like he wants!), and then close it again? Hm. Caroline manages to bring her mother back by stabbing her with vampire blood. Umm, if her mother was technically dead there, wouldn’t that turn her into a vampire?

It all comes to a head when Elena escapes and Matt appeals to her humanity. She drinks from him, but she doesn’t kill him. So they know there’s something left over. While Stefan holds Elena, Damon threatens Elena he’ll murder Matt right in front of her if she doesn’t turn it on. She acts like she doesn’t care, but then he does. He snaps Matt’s neck! I’ll admit at the time I gasped. On this show anyone could die, and Damon could go that far to get her back. Luckily he had the ring on. Maaaaaaatt. It does bring Elena back as she cries and holds Matt’s body. It all comes flooding back and she panics. Damon can’t get through to her, but Stefan does (STELENA HA), telling her to focus on only one emotion and hold onto that until the others pass by. It turns out Elena chooses her hate for Katherine to focus on. Katherine turned the Salvatores, brought Klaus to Elena, and killed her brother. She’s going to kill her. I love Katherine but I admit I smiled at that, what, it’s true. By the way, if Klaus isn’t there anymore, can’t Tyler come back? I’ll hand it to this episode, it did get me with the Matt thing, and I think Nina’s performance as always gets to me no matter how much Elena can be annoying. I’m looking forward to seeing what Bonnie does.


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