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I did an article about My Top 10 Favorite Animated Guys, and of course that led naturally to this. I really love these characters, and believe me, this was a hard list to figure out because there were plenty of others I wanted on here. These are characters from movies and TV, and for whatever reason I just really dig them. Interested? Click and find out who made the grade.

10. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

I love this movie. We wrote about it before, and it is my favorite Disney movie of all time. I know every single word to the songs, to most of the script, and I have a signed picture from Tim Burton framed on my wall. I should have put Jack on my top guys list, I have no idea how I missed him. I think I was going with classical animation, but fuck it, stop motion works. And now you can imagine that I had him somewhere on my list. Sally may be the most passive character on here, in the sense that she’s a very gentle and kind person. She’s softspoken and empathic, but that doesn’t stop her from being strong willed. She is the heart and moral compass of the movie, and I was so happy for her in the end. She is intelligent and free spirited, but sweet and understanding too. Really love this character and everything they did with her. I also am a big fan of her song and will find myself randomly humming it, because it’s subtle but really lovely.

9. Helen Parr from The Incredibles

Helen is based off of a few comic characters, but I think the most obvious one is Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman. The Parr family in general takes a lot from the Fantastic Four, so that isn’t surprising, even if her daughter as the invisibility powers. I always loved Sue too. I think it takes an enormous strength of will to be someone like Helen. We get so wrapped up in the story of her husband and his mid-life crisis, and he never for a second thinks about how much Helen gave up too. She was a strong and sassy superheroine. She loved saving people. She works hard to keep the family together and to be this strong support system. I also think she had some fantastically funny lines in the movie, and they used her powers so creatively. I was rooting much more for Helen than her husband. Whatever. She’s awesome. Look up at the gif if you don’t believe me.

8. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Like a lot of girls my age, Belle was one of the first big Disney heroines I really fell  in love with. I was never that fond of Ariel, outside of liking her voice and thinking mermaids were cool. But Belle was like me. I was bookish, people thought I was odd, and her line “I want so much more than what they’ve got planned” still resonates with me today. Yeah there are a few things about this tale that make me side eye the plot more now that I’m older, but I think Belle herself is a great character. She’s intelligent, she’s feisty, she’s open minded, she’s creative, and she stands up for herself. She’s brave. I love her! When I was a little girl I wanted to be Belle and I wanted adventure the same way she did.

7. Mulan from Mulan

Buuuuut yeah Mulan is the fiercest Disney female, let’s be honest. I love this movie. Mulan’s another great example of some awkward misfit. I think she’s the most accomplished character too. I mean she is freaking tough, she doesn’t just become a  good warrior, she’s better than all of the rest. To overcome the adversity she does and to be shamed like that in the middle, only to be like fuck this I’m doing what’s right, ugh, love you Mulan. I really enjoy the fact the love story is like a sidenote in this film too. It is 85% about Mulan and her story and how she saved her people. Then there’s Shang. So that part makes me smile. I am a little annoyed she gives up the position of adviser, because screw that Mulan, girl power, but overall? She’s my favorite Disney gal. Also damn right they sent daughters when you asked for sons, and she saved all of you, so there.

Go hip go hip!

6. Chel from The Road to El Dorado

So I just talked about Belle and Mulan, two of the best females in Disney, so why is Chel higher than them on the list? Man, I just love this chick. She is hilarious. I feel like it helps that her voice actress is a comedian because her delivery is magic. That movie is brilliant from beginning to end, and Chel is a major part of why. She is crafty and sly and smarter than both of the guys put together. She’s sexy and sassy and yeah I sort of want to be her. I appreciate though that she is the character who actively has something she wants. They want gold and adventure, yes, but Chel wants freedom. She doesn’t like her place in her world and wants to move on to bigger and better things. I admire that about her. But end of the day, it’s probably that she makes me laugh so much. I loved her from the second she said “save it for the High Priest, honey, you’re gonna need it.”

Best mom ever?

5.  Mrs. Brisby from The Secret of NIMH

This list is so tough because I swear any of these ten make me happy to talk about. Mrs. Brisby was my hero growing up. The Secret of NIMH is one of my all time favorite movies to this day. I think I like it more the older I get. It is a lot darker than I realized as a kid. It’s creative and builds this amazing world. But Mrs. Brisby, wow. She’s this tiny mouse and she is a gentle soul. Her entire motivation is to save the life of her son and protect her family. There is nothing more noble than that. And the lengths she is able to go to for this purpose is admirable. I think I like that no matter who shows up in this movie, Mrs. Brisby is the lead. How rare was it in 1982 for a female character to be in the lead of any movie? Rare! And I like that she isn’t some badass warrior. She is kind and brave and determined. What a great character.

4. Demona from Gargoyles

Oh wow okay this is going in a completely different direction than everyone else, because Demona is a villian. Yup. She’s one of the major antagonists in Gargoyles. She starts out as Goliath’s love/mate, but the mistreatment by the humans has turned her heart black and she thinks they deserve to be attacked. This unfortunately leads to their clan being killed and Goliath’s group turning into stone for a thousand years. Demona herself lives on though. Through a series of magical mishaps and fantastic story, she ends up soul bonding with Macbeth (YUP) and they have an epic hatred/weird affection through the entire show. Demona’s a fascinating character. You can see where the bitterness got to her and where she went wrong.  She’s even easy to identify at points in the series. I don’t agree with her, but boy do I find her interesting to watch, and she was extremely complex by the end of the show. She’s menacing in a way not even Xanatos could pull off. She’s like the Magneto of Gargoyles, and I love her for it.

3. Toph Beifong from Avatar: The Last Airbender

For anyone who hasn’t seen this show, you probably should, because I didn’t for a long time and I regret I waited now. Toph is the Earth bender, the youngest of the group, and also the absolute best character in the series. She’s so fantastic that her daughter Lin would go on to be the best character in Legend of Korra too. Toph is blind, but she’s gone far past her handicap and uses the earth to be her eyes. She’s probably the character who has the most control over her powers right from the start, because she had to use it all those years to protect herself. She understands Earth and she is wise in her own way when it comes to the others. She’s also stubborn and frustrating and immature. I loved how much friction there was between Toph and Katara in the beginning. Her crass bluntness went against Katara’s calm empathy. Toph makes me laugh too. She’s a powerful force of nature. Literally!

2. Ahiru from Princess Tutu

This is the character who pretty much no one will know but me. I accept that, and this is my damn list so I could be making up characters and it’d still be my choice. Anyway, I connect to a lot of characters because there’s something I admire about them that I want to be like too. I’ve put a lot of badass and strong women on this list, but Ahiru is the symbol of hope. She has so much innate goodness. It’s difficult to explain unless you’ve watched it, but I normally don’t get very mushy about things. I normally roll my eyes at sickeningly sweet things. And it would be easy for Ahiru to be that, but she seems so genuine at the same time. She’s awkward and silly too, and she has some weird ideas of love, but if you don’t feel something at her dance in the last big battle, there’s something wrong with you. It’s a powerful thing, to have that much faith in people, to believe in doing the right thing for unselfish reasons, and to never give up. I’ll admit even my jaded heart has to admire Ahiru.

1. Daria Morgendorffer from Daria

And then we come to the obvious #1. If you saw my #1 on the boys, this seems obvious. I think it’s funny that Daria and Ahiru are 1 and 2 for me, because they could not be more different. Daria is cynical and bitter and blunt, while Ahiru is gentle and optimistic. I think this is a case where I admire some characters, but I am Daria. I went to a Halloween dance as Daria, and I basically wore clothes I already owned. I look like her, or I did when I had glasses still. I can’t do her monotone, but it’s no secret to my family and friends I related to her a lot. It was great to have this character on TV and she was going through things at the same time I did. I think if you asked me my top ten favorite characters in general, not just animated, she’d be #1. Daria is smart, funny, sarcastic, world weary, but she’s also vulnerable, judgmental, and immature in certain aspects. For a show that’s mostly just a reflection/parody/commentary on the decade it was in and high school in general, it had a lot of depth. Daria grew over her show, and in a believable way. Of course her friendship with Jane is the highlight of the show, but I like her family and her interaction with the other characters. I think her flaws are what I like the most, because the show didn’t shy away from letting their main character make mistakes. I could write pages more about her, but I think I’ll just put a video below here, and let that speak for itself.

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