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Flashback: More on Belle and Rumpelstiltskin when she was his prisoner. This delves into the time between their courtship when she was still scared of him and didn’t think him capable of kindness. A mysterious man named Robin Hood shows up to steal a wand, and Rumpelstiltskin is angry. He plans to flay the man alive to show what happens to people when they do that, but Belle saves Robin. He takes the wand and the two of them go after him. Belle swears she believes he must have left for good reasons. She’s proven right after they talk to the drunk Sheriff and see that Robin was trying to save his pregnant wife Marian. Rumpelstiltskin decides to spare him after Belle pleads, and that leads to her believing there’s someone in him worth saving.

Storybrooke: Rumpelstiltskin dreams of killing Henry, so that’s creepy. Regina finds out that Baelfire is Henry’s father, which she is not a fan of, because there’s one more parent he likes more than her. She makes Belle’s alter ego come out more, or creates it, and that is Lacey a barfly. She’s boozy and sexy and completely indifferent to Rumpelstiltskin. He asks Charming for help since Charming managed to feel his connection to Snow even with his memories wiped. Lacey agrees to go out on a date with Rumpelstiltskin but finds him boring, until he tortures the Sheriff who was making out with her during their date. She seems to find that sexy, so now we have a Belle who supports his dark side instead of fights against it. That will be good, right? Snow and Charming tell Emma they want to all go home, and she has to think about what to do. Tamara and Owen bring Hook in and offer him the chance to fight with them. Yeah, he’ll be a lot of help guys, lol.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: I didn’t like it. Which is hard to say because I like Rumpbelle a lot as a ship.  I was happy to see more of the process it took for him between being evil and turning slowly good. But there are only a few freaking episodes left this season. This episode added nothing to the overall plot. This is not the time for doing filler episodes! Not to mention they promo’ed this episode for weeks making a big deal about Robin Hood, and he gets almost no screen time. Like three lines. What! You come back after a long break with this weaksauce? I was disappointed. I like the idea of Lacey preferring his evil side, sure, but a whole episode was not required for that. We have crap to do, show. Get it together. Also Tamara, Hook is a pointless person on your side. Someone will just drop a bookcase on him.

Jachelle: I’m torn. On the one hand, I love me some Rumbelle, and I do love getting a bit more of their back-story together. But on the other hand, I’ve spent the last three weeks getting excited about FREAKING ROBIN HOOD, MAN. I have been wanting Robin and Marian to show up forever. See? Proof. Way back at the beginning of the season, I was still crossing my fingers for them.  And they finally turn up and this sorry excuse for an appearance is all we get? WTF, MAN. The dude does not abide. So I was very let down on that front. I think the Lacey stuff is definitely interesting and could provide some cool character development, but the way this show has been with maintaining development this season leaves me wary about it. And yeah, I laughed at the Hook reveal at the end. lol. Seriously guys, the worst pirate ever is not the big guns. I’m thinking this time he’ll be completely overpowered and beaten by Henry. Maybe Pinocchio. Ooh, is Pongo still around? I’ll bet he could kick Hook’s ass.

Favorite Scene

Dee: Maybe the actual awkward date at Granny’s. I did laugh a little at how awkward and weird it was. And omg Belle’s awful dress. Granny asking if she was taking clothing from Ruby. It seemed obvious when she went to wash it off she was going to bail, so I found that situation amusing for sure.

Jachelle: The scene with Belle and Robin in the dungeon, after she frees him and then tells him why she can’t escape along with him. We all know Belle is a brave woman, but that scene was a lovely reminder of all the best parts about her. We watch as she refuses to stand by and let a man be tortured, all the while knowing that she’ll be left to face the wrath of a man who is all to happy to skin someone alive. (yick.) To see that kind, courageous character in contrast with Lacey’s darker, hedonistic ways was bittersweet to watch.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: Pretty much everything else. Okay, okay, I’m being too hard. It wasn’t that terrible.  I’m just frustrated. I think end of the day it’s that Robin Hood was used so randomly. I mean the Sheriff had more screen time than him. Between fairytale land and making out with Belle, he seriously had more time than Robin Hood. Way to not make use of a good character you introduce. I hope he comes back, I really do, because I’d love to see more with him and Marian.

Jachelle: This even surprised me a little bit, because no one knows better than me how much I love sappy sweetness. But I really disliked the scene where Rumple let Robin go. Not because he spared Robin, obviously. I’m all for that. But Belle’s reaction to it. I get that Belle sees goodness in him and was pleased when he showed that part of himself. But seriously? Like three seconds ago he was forcing you watch him murder someone, and now you’re hugging him and acting all cutesy? No. I love Belle, and I love that she believes in him, but I thought that was a bit of a ridiculous leap to make. It made me roll my eyes, to be perfectly honest. I feel like it would have played better if she’d appreciated the gesture he made without going so over the top at first. Then later on after he shows her the library, she could have warmed up to him a little more. I feel like that would have been a less drastic placement that still gets us where we needed to be at the end of the episode.

Favorite Character

Dee: NGL I’m amused by Lacey. Charming talked more about how his other self was almost like him but not quite. So I wonder if this is just the bad girl part of Belle that’s always existed. I like that concept. There has to be a piece of her that is attracted to darkness, otherwise she wouldn’t be in love with Rumpelstiltskin. It’s not Belle, and I know Regina manufactured a lot of it, but if Charming’s right she’s still in there … and this is part of her. I’m okay with that. In fact I think it adds an extra layer. But I doubt they’ll keep it when Belle gets back to herself, so that sucks.

Jachelle: LOL okay, so this is ridiculous because he had about thirty seconds of screen time this week, but I don’t even care. Guys, I just really love Neal now. His whole personality has opened up and that scene where Emma opened the door and he’s got Henry slung over his shoulder just charmed the pants off me. When he made the joke about giving him Bourbon and being a lightweight, I cracked up. I am adoring his interactions with Henry and how much he’s invested himself in trying to be a good father. He’s lovely. So there you have it, all thirty seconds he was on the screen this week, Neal was my favorite character.

What do we need wrapped up?

Dee: UM EVERYTHING. Okay well  I guess we need Baelfire’s backstory, I think the finale might be doing that. They need to do something with the beanstalk, my guess is it has to be cut down otherwise they’d all leave the normal world. Or maybe they’re going to do that, who knows. I never thought the spell would be broken so fast in season one, so they could very well go over to fairy tale land for a season permanently. I think that would be cool. Hopefully they figure out what the hell they want to do with Regina. Tamara’s evil plan will be revealed and done with. I guess we’ll see.

Jachelle: Yep. Everything. The magic beans, Bael, whatever is going to happen with Henry being Rumple’s downfall, Tamara’s plan. They’ve got a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time to do it. IT’S GO TIME, SHOW.


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