Deechelle Discusses: Game of Thrones 3.4

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This was an energy packed episode, phew. A lot happened. Let’s get to it.

King’s Landing: Joffrey and Margaery are bonding and she’s showing herself quite adept at controlling him. In a weird way he’s almost blossoming under her influence, and she gets him to agree to see the people again. This time they cheer him on, and he knows it’s because of his new fiance. Cersei knows that too and she’s soooo angry. She has a conversation with Olenna about the plight of women, and she confronts her father about how she is his true heir. She warns him about the Tyrells gaining power, and he points out she shouldn’t have let Joffrey go wild in the first place. Meanwhile Ros informs Varys that Littlefinger might be trying to steal Sansa out of the place. He warns Olenna, who in turn is trying to throw a coup of some sort and get Sansa married to Loras. Margaery shows kindness and friendship to Sansa, and that poor sweet girl desperately takes it.

The Starks: Bran keeps trying to control his dreams, but it’s not working. Arya accuses the Hound of murdering her friend all that time ago, and they decide to kill him by combat. Yikes, who wants to willingly go up against that guy, honestly? We’re making Theon an honorary Stark this week since he talks to the boy who rescued him about his time with them. Let’s not beat around the bush and give the boy a name, it’s Ramsay. Theon tells him about not killing Bran and Rickon after all, and that he knows now Eddard Stark was his real father and he betrayed all of them. He seems to have regrets, but that doesn’t matter since Ramsay has simply brought him back to the torture room and has him tied up.

In Crazy Town: Craster is starving the Night’s Watch people so he and his people are fed, and they go wild and attack him. Craster is murdered along with the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch since he tried to stop them. Sam takes this time to run away with Gilly and her newborn son. Also Jaime is being beaten up and getting sick from his hand stump. They have put his hand around his neck so he doesn’t forget. He tries to fight in the mud with his left hand, but he’s just not impressive a fighter anymore. He seems truly beaten and refuses to eat, until Brienne tells him to grow up already and get it together. He seems to take her advice.

Also Dany is the best ever. She’s spoken the language the whole time, and as soon as she hands over the dragon and gets command of her slaves, she tells the slaves to kill all the slavers. And she orders her dragon to murder the slaver. Muahahahaha. She then sets everyone free and asks them if they’ll willingly fight for her. They all agree. That’s the way to get it done!

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: I feel like eventually I’m going to turn into a broken record of keysmashing. This episode was amazing. I am having serious trouble picking scenes and characters I like the best every week now, because there’s so many good ones to choose from. I think this show has only gotten better, mostly because we’re so involved now with the character development and with where the plot is headed, so the twists and turns are appreciated more. It doesn’t bother me I know what’s coming. There are a few things they’ve changed a big, Theon’s current situation for example is not in the books, although the end result is the same. They’ve had to cut out a few characters since it’s just too big, for example in the books Sansa is engaged to another Tyrell, not Loras. But there’s so many people these are cuts that need to happen. I cheered out loud at the end of this episode. How is it not even halfway through the season? So much as happened!

Jachelle: akjdshfklajsdhflaksjhdflajshdf This episode. THIS EPISODE. AAAAAH. It’s nearly a week later and I’m still just floored by this episode. It gives me so many feelings. Obviously Dany’s big moment at the closing of the episode left me all sorts of flailing. But then you also factor in the revolt at Craster’s camp, everything that happened to Theon, Margaery and her badassness, and I just don’t even know what to do with myself. How was this all in one episode? I think we’ve officially reached the point in the season where I’m going to start suffering heart palpitations while watching. I’m doomed. And I love every second of it.

Favorite Scene

Dee: Why can’t I pick like the entire episode? Okay okay it’s going to be the last scene. I knew that Dany spoke the language. I knew there’s no way in hell she’d give someone her dragon and use slaves for her army. It was still satisfying as hell to see her put that guy in his place. And to see the slaves descend down on their slavers and see him burn into ash. I swear I clapped while watching. Man they only have a few clips of Dany here and there, but whenever they do, it’s fantastic. I would favor Dany absolutely as Queen. Before I loved her, but she was sort of this raw talent. I think she’s becoming a really strong leader in her own right. But this scene was fantastic. I love how Jorah and Barristan were just as surprised. That’s how you do it. Never doubt the Queen of the Dragons man.

Jachelle: Of course it’s the damn last scene.  Obviously I figured something was going to go down, because lol no way would Dany give up one of her dragons. But man on man was it satisfying to watch anyway. Okay, I’m basically just repeating exactly what Dee said above. Sorry. That moment when she frees her slaves and asks them to fight for her. Guys, I’m seriously getting goosebumps just writing about it again. And we get that great image of her dropping the whip and the dragons flying and HELL YES.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: Locke and his people humiliating Jaime. It wasn’t a badly done scene. This is one of those times where it hurt my heart to watch. It was just so awful and humiliating and they’re forcing him to wear his hand around his neck. That whole time when he was trying so hard to fight them with his left hand and they were laughing at him, it made me sad. I love the friendship between him and Brienne and how she tried to save him, but ugh. Difficult to watch.

Jachelle: Sam/Gilly moments aside, I wasn’t a big fan of the scenes with Caster and the Night’s Watchmen this week. I know they had a lot to cram into a single episode this week, but this was the one area that I felt suffered a little. The revolt felt like it happened extremely quickly to me. I would have liked to see a bit more strain on the men before everything happened. To me if felt a bit like “We’re hungry and pissed off” jumping directly into “I’m going to murder you, you SOB.” It was a bit jarring. Also, I hated watching Mormont die. 😦

Favorite Character

Dee: Cersei, and here’s why. The scene with her and Olenna was my second favorite scene. I think it’s so fascinating to look at the women in this show and how they are so different and yet all trying to survive in this male dominated world. People have written essays about feminism in this series, and I think a lot of the darkness that inhabits Cersei comes from her frustration over being a woman. She says here to her father that she should have been his heir, that she had more to give him, and I can see how infuriating it would be to have intelligence and poise and power, and still be secondary to all the men in her life. I loved that on the heels of her conversation with Olenna, and how she sort of admires/hates Olenna and Margaery for being able to find so much strength as women. See the Tyrells are a matriarchy though. They were raised to defer to the women in their house, or at least treat them as equals, unfortunately Cersei does not have that ability. Not to mention there’s Dany rising into power. Cersei is a messed up character who does bad things, but at the same time, it is so fascinating to get into her head. I would be mad too if I was in her place.

Jachelle: You guys are going to get so sick of me talking about Margaery Tyrell by the end of this season. lol. LISTEN. I CAN’T HELP IT THAT I ADORE HER, OKAY? She plays the game so well, but doesn’t come off as entirely shut off and calculating. She’s a complete badass when it comes to moving the chess pieces around as she needs them, but at the same time, I still believe her sincerity in her moments with Sansa. Like Dee mentioned above, she has a great strength and she’s not afraid to use it. I just love that she’s strong, smart, sassy, and powerful while still remaining a very feminine character.

Character Who Should DIAF

Dee: It should be noted the slave owner did in fact die in a fire. L O L. Also Craster, who I hated, is dead. Yay for two evil characters dying this ep. I want to say Ramsay, but we haven’t seen much of him and Theon’s still a little brat so. I’m going with Locke again this week. Way to literally kick a guy when he’s down and taunt him some more.

Jachelle: Theon is still a total brat. And I still believe that most of his feelings toward the end were due to self-pity more than actual sincerity. But that being said, Ramsay, you toally need to DIAF, you little work. That was horrible. And the grin on his face as Theon was being tied up again seriously game me the creeps. Ew.


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