Deechelle Discusses: Game of Thrones 3.3

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As usual there’s so much going on it needs to be broken up into sections. So here we go.

King’s Landing: Tywin calls his chamber together for a meeting, and they all decide to mess around with each other by picking chair placements. Tyrion is given the position once occupied by Littlefinger, since now he’s been promoted. He is supposed to go charm and wed Lysa, Catelyn’s sister. Everyone laughs at Tyrion for having his position. Tyrion meets with Littlefinger at the whore house and rewards his squire for saving his life by buying him three prostitutes. Later on he tells Bronn that they only are wealthy because they’ve borrowed all of their money, and then Podric comes back saying the whores gave him the money. He was just that good for his first time.

The Starks: Arya and Gendry are now a part of the bandits group who plan to bring her back to her brother. Hot Pie decides to stay behind, and they say goodbye. Robb attends the funeral of his grandfather, Hoster Tully, and everyone snickers at his inept son Edmure. Edmure made a hasty decision to attack without Robb’s word, losing them valuable men. Catelyn talks to her uncle Blackfish about how she missed her father, and now she is certain her sons Bran and Rickon are dead. They aren’t dead as we all know, but wandering around the forest with wargs. Jon is still with the wildlings and they tell him his comrades are probably all dead. They come upon a creepy cemetery of horse heads. We know that the Night’s Watch are alive and headed back to super creepy Craster. Sam sees his daughter-wife Gilly again giving birth, and it’s a boy, and we all know the boys are left out for the Walkers to eat.

Et all: Dany agrees to buy all of the slaves in exchange for one of her dragons. She also buys the translator, and she tells Jorah and Barristan never to question her in public again. Theon is saved by the unnamed man who works for his sister. He’s caught and almost raped himself, but the man saves him again. Stannis is upset that Melisandre is leaving him. She swears she’s not abandoning him, but she sure does seem to be getting out of dodge. Finally Jaime and Brienne are caught and being brought to the Starks. Jaime advises Brienne not to fight when they rape her, but she does anyway. He manages to save her by saying her father is a very wealthy man who will buy back his daughter if she’s untouched. The guy in charge, Locke, lets her go but he’s irritated at Jaime’s confidence. He pretends to release him and consider treating him nicely, but instead he cuts off his hand. Yeowch.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: I was joking on my twitter that I laughed out loud three times in the first fifteen minutes. In a good way. I laughed through most of the scene with Tywin and the advisors. I love this freaking show. It had me laughing and cringing, and it’s just so extremely well done. There’s seriously nothing I can say negatively about how they’ve handled this show so far. There are a few things that make me go O.o from time to time, mostly regarding the unnecessary sex scenes (more on that later), but in general as the book lover it’s so well done. I know most of what’s about to happen, and it’s still exciting to watch. I even appreciate the ways they have changed a few things in order to make the show flow more, outside of a few exceptions (ahemcatelynjonthingahem). This was a great episode with the horrifying end to Jaime’s hand and the bleak situation for Robb Stark’s rebellion. We mentioned that last week was filler in some ways, just to remind us where other people were, but jumped right back into the plot.

Jachelle: This was definitely another pretty solid episode in my opinion. There were a few difficult scenes to watch, Theon’s arc for this episode in particular, but overall it was very good. I am constantly astounded by the pacing of this show. The amount of plot and character growth that they can cram into a single episode never fails to shock me. And think about how much MORE they could fit in if they didn’t waste so much time on boobs. (See Dee’s rant below.) I loved getting to see my darling Hannah Murray again as Gilly. I want her and Gendry to run into each other so fandoms can collide. (The two were both on Skins together.) And I cracked up when I realized that Theon’s rescuer was being played by Iwan Rheon, who I watched as Simon on Misfits. Overall, I very much enjoyed myself while watching, and even though I knew it was coming, DAMN THAT LAST SCENE.

Favorite Scene

Dee: Ugh this is getting hard. The past few episodes have so many good scenes. Okay I’m going with the council meeting for my final answer. That scene where they each have to pick their chairs means so much about their characters, and it’s obvious chess board moving. Littlefinger running for Tywin’s side, Cersei forcing a chair to his right hand, and Tyrion sitting across. Fantastic. I love how these are all people who love playing the game and are good at it. Always thinking, always plotting. It pushed forward the plot too with Littlefinger being assigned to go woo Catelyn’s sister, and Tyrion getting a job as the currency leader. For anyone who missed the smirk on Cersei’s face, this is actually a very big demotion for Tyrion. With his title that is completely below him. Ouch, Tywin.

Jachelle: I’m going to go with Jamie and Brienne’s scenes this week. It is a beautiful thing to see the beginnings of Jamie’s redemption. This week we’re just getting the flickers of what is to come as he finally begins to think about someone other than himself, and does what he can to help Brienne. It makes me so excited to watch how the rest of this is going to progress.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: The Podric and the prostitutes thing. Yes I did smile a bit when he came back with the money and apparently was so good they chose not to take his money. He seems like a good kid. But we really don’t need long shots of naked women every damn episode guys. It’s getting ridiculous. He could’ve just left him with one woman and/or said there were a few and stopped eating up so much screen time. The amount of time wasted on this show with prostitute house scenes would add up to some really good material they probably had to cut. OVER IT SHOW.

Jachelle: Man, these Theon scenes are really starting to get to me. Definitely the scene where he was nearly raped in the woods. Yeesh, that was difficult to watch. I had a pillow ready to bury my face into at any moment. It is really difficult for me to watch anything of that nature.

Favorite Character

Dee: My darling precious Jaime. 😦 Obviously I knew his hand would be coming off this episode, because I’ve read the books and I know where all of this is headed. And it’s very important for him as a character. This will lead to some excellent development, although I don’t want to spoil more than that. Anyway, it’s important to note here that while he’s a smug arrogant ass, he put himself in danger trying to protect Brienne. He’s the reason why she survived unscathed. His conversation with her beforehand about rape and how not to fight was a good one too. It’s clear that despite himself he’s starting to care for her. OTP forever. No one can stop me.

Jachelle: I’m shaking things up this episode, guys! I’m going with good old Ser Brynden Tully, aka the Blackfish! I love his character, and I always will. He’s just this very kind, very strong sort of man. He’s definitely the guy that you want to go to with your troubles. So you can see why Catelyn would turn to him to confide in. And I think he gave her the solid advice that she needed to hear.

Character Who Should DIAF

Dee: Locke you bastard hurting my Jaime. Ahem I mean. I go back and forth here, because honestly I think the fact Jaime tried to manipulate him and got bitchslapped for it was a good thing. I’d probably find his arrogance seriously annoying too. But there’s something about Locke’s cruelty here that bothers me, and there’s a character who has this in the next episode too but I won’t get ahead of myself. So final answer is Locke for taking Jaime’s fighting hand.

Jachelle: Yeah, agreeing with Dee on this one. Locke wins the DIAF award this week. Nothing else really to add!


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