Dee Discusses: Lost Girl 3.13

Posted: April 27, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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Now this is what I’m talking about. What a fantastic finale. After such a ‘meh’ middle, I was really starting to worry about Lost Girl and how I was feeling toward it. I was so enthusiastic going in, but they really tested my loyalty. And then they pulled out all the stops in the last few episodes. I loved it! And it makes me very excited for next season. If only they brought this to the rest of the season, right? Anyway. Last episode, Dyson was kidnapped by these humans who are attempting to turn themselves into Fae. The main honcho being the man who took Lauren away, Isaac. Dyson saw that Aoife was being held captive. Bo and Tamsin went to try and save him, and Tamsin was shot in the process. The Morrigan used the human attack as an excuse to discredit Hale so he couldn’t be Ash, and then turn against all humans. Kenzi was arrested, although Hale kissed her and snuck something into her pocket.

So here we go. Right up front Bo decides she can’t get in there alone, and Tamsin is dying, so she takes her to get some help. She’s told that Tamsin is at the end of this life cycle for a Valkyrie. Tamsin agrees to go out with a bang though and get some extra magic to make her stronger. She asks her Druid friend for it, the same one who was helping her trap Bo for the Wanderer. Meanwhile Kenzi is supposed to be killed by the Morrigan’s henchman, Bruce, but Hale slipped into her pocket a special charm that was supposed to keep anyone from harming her. So Bruce becomes her BFF instead and agrees to take her to the same Druid. She wants to find a way to be Fae herself. Hale was the one who took Trick, so he’s safe, and he has the Morrigan handled by sending Vex after her.

The main storyline focused on the action of course. Lauren agrees to do a surgery using Dyson to help Isaac. Aoife told Isaac that Dyson is the strongest Fae, even though she knows her own daughter is really the one he wants. Bo is captured intentionally with Tamsin, and Lauren says she wants to get rid of Dyson, and she’ll do it if they let Bo go afterward. The surgery is successful and Dyson lives, but she really gave Isaac Cabbit Fae genes, muahaha. So Dyson hunts him down and that’s that. Aoife gets hurt trying to save Bo, and she’s left with some of the other refuges … who she eats to survive. When she went down I was like wtf Aoife, you’re a boss, why are you acting so weak … oh there we go.

Tamsin attacks Bo when she realizes her Druid potion didn’t work and they have a good hand to hand fight, but Bo tells her they can work this out together. Tamsin breaks down, but she doesn’t want to hurt Bo, so she agrees to try. She gets Dyson out, and as they’re driving, she sees the Wanderer ahead. She drives right into him, sending them both into a bad car crash. Meanwhile Bo goes back to the pub and hears “The Wanderer” song on repeat. He shakes the place to scare her, and then she’s transported by this strange black smoke. It’s a pretty fantastic ending, and I can easily say I will never hear The Wanderer in the same way. I think Tamsin confirmed that the Wanderer is Bo’s father. Excited to see what happens next season.

So that was a great end to a weak season. The Lauren relationship I think was realistically too weak to survive, but I’m not sure they put as much fire into it as they needed. It’s pretty clear they intended Dyson as end game no matter what. Tamsin was a FANTASTIC addition to the cast. I really hope she continues from here, because I loved every bit of her character and she added new life. I’m glad Hale survived the season and hope they find a way to get him back where he belongs. I’m interested to see where Kenzi’s going and if this Druid can give her powers; I thought she already had them with that damn arm, but I guess not. Disappointed with where that went. But overall I’m satisfied where we ended up and looking forward to next season.


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