Dee Discusses: Doctor Who 7.9

Posted: April 27, 2013 by Dee in Dee, Doctor Who, General Media, Television
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A note here that on the Wikipedia it stated the Ice Warriors are actually well known villains from the original Who series. Since neither of us have seen much of that, we didn’t know it going in. That being said, the Doctor and Clara think they’re going into Vegas but end up on a Russian submarine during the Cold War. It is starting to sink due to taking on an alien life form that was frozen deep down there. The TARDIS isn’t too fond of being on there either, and it disappears because Plot Device. The Doctor runs into the alien, who is Skaldak, a general from the Ice Warrior race. He’s been frozen for thousands of years, and he’s woken up to find his family dead and he’s convinced his people aren’t coming for him. He puts out a beacon, but there’s no reply. Unfortunately the soldiers on the submarine attack him, thus causing him by his honor to consider them enemies. The Doctor gets him tied up, but he sends in Clara to speak with him since the man in charge of the ship doesn’t trust either of them. Skaldak has gotten out of his armor, a surprise for the Doctor, and he’s moving around the ship.

The problem is that the ship has nuclear devices on it, and Skaldak has now decided to wage war on the world. He keeps showing signs of not being fully evil though, such as sparing Clara and the comical professor. The Doctor faces off with him before the missile codes, and he swears he will kill all of them in the submarine if it stops nuclear war from happening. In the end the Doctor and Clara manage to break through to him, and he is then saved by his people. He has the ability to destroy the Earth, but he chooses not to. The Doctor says the TARDIS popped off because he messed with the settings, and that it’s now on the other side of the world. They need a lift there. This is an extremely simple episode as you can see. Not much to say.

I haven’t been wowed by the last few episodes. I feel like they’ve mostly been ‘ehhhh.’  I feel like I appreciate the two actors and their performances, but I’m not finding much interesting about the plots themselves. I’m not sure why this is. The Cold War episode is based in a time era that is interesting, but I don’t find the submarine or that situation interesting. I did like aspects of the alien character of Skaldak. I enjoy when the show puts the alien characters, who might otherwise be seen as monsters, in a more positive light. I liked that he was a leader and hero of his own people, and his hatred and grief pushed him toward horrible decisions. So that part worked for me. But I have to say looking back on it, it’s kind of hard to remember exact details about the episode. I remember it as ‘right that episode with the submarine and Russians and he was out of his armor.’ It’s not terrible, it just wasn’t overly memorable.

I did like Clara approaching Skaldak on her own while he’s in the armor. It’s pretty damn brave of her, plus the conversation with the two of them is interesting. Finding out that he wasn’t in the armor anymore was genuinely an “ooooooh shit” moment. I think they did a good job at setting up that relationship early on so when he confronts Clara twice more in the episode, they have this background to build on. But what was up with the TARDIS disappearing? I really hate plot devices. Obviously they couldn’t save everyone with the TARDIS, that would spoil the episode, but it ended up irritating me anyway. It’s fine that he had the system respond poorly to hostile environments, I don’t know, it made me roll my eyes. HOW CONVENIENT. Also I really hate overused jokes, and the whole “oh this isn’t Vegas???” thing is irritating. You’re the worst time traveler, Doctor.

Another episode that was decent but not particularly good or interesting. Sorry, show.


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