Dee Discusses: Doctor Who 7.10

Posted: April 27, 2013 by Dee in Dee, Doctor Who, General Media, Recaps, Television
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The Doctor is still trying to understand the puzzle that is Clara, so he brings her to 1974 since he knows there’s a psychic there. He’s hoping that Emma will have an answer, or at least notice that something is different about Clara. As far as he can tell there’s nothing different about her. Emma is working with Alec Palmer and studying the ghost of an old mansion. They keep seeing the ghost, a woman screaming, but haven’t figured out much about the details. The Doctor’s confident at first, but he starts getting a little creeped out, and then he pieces it together. The ghost is actually a woman trapped in a pocket universe. The Doctor takes the TARDIS through time to try and catch pictures of the woman in different areas. Meanwhile Clara starts to think about how old he is and how little she might seem in the grand scheme of things, which is something every companion goes through eventually. She talks to Emma about her feelings for Alec, and Emma cautions Clara about the Doctor. She senses something about him, but nothing out of the ordinary in Clara.

The Doctor manages to get into the pocket universe to save time traveler Hila, where time moves differently, but she’s being hunted by some kind of monster. Emma is holding open the portal using her gifts, but it gets too much for her. Clara gets the TARDIS working so she can save the Doctor, and they do manage to get Hila out successfully. Huzzah! Soon after though the Doctor realizes that not only is Hila Emma and Alec’s descendent, but that the monster wasn’t trying to hurt them after all. It was trying to get back into their world too, because its mate has been trapped there and they were separated. It’s a double love story that works out in the end.

I liked this episode a lot more than the last few. I think it’s because I automatically like ghost stories more, and that it introduces the whole ‘monsters aren’t the monsters you think they are’ idea again. Plus it did continue the plot of the Doctor trying to figure out what was the deal with Clara. So overall it had very good continuity, and it was a well written and wrapped up story. I liked the guest stars too, and I was interested in their story. This probably was my favorite episode with Clara so far, and I’m starting to dig her character more now. I like how often she questions him, she’s a lot sharper with the Doctor than some of the others. I think I said she reminded me of a middle between Amy and Rory, because Rory always questioned the Doctor.  That continues now. She doesn’t take his crap very much, which I appreciate.

I really liked when the Doctor realizes the monster was only searching for its mate. I love when the show tells people not to take things at face value. The monster seemed scary, but appearances are deceiving. It made me smile, and I was glad to see that the Doctor can figure this out and connect to it. I was happier about the monster than for the two of them finding their great great great granddaughter. I don’t know why I found the monster thing sweet, but rolled my eyes that Hila was their relative. I don’t know, it felt like an unnecessary cheesy addition to the overall story. Doctor Who always goes one step too far, sometimes. Like I was fine with both love stories, I thought it was a sweet idea, but there was no real reason she needed to be related to them. I really liked the guest stars this episode, they were both decent, and particularly Emma worked for me.

The show only has four episodes left this season, and I hope more answers about Clara are coming soon. I’m fine with a whole season arc … but this hopefully isn’t a two season arc! I hear Matt Smith might be almost done, so a new Doctor could be coming up.


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