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Posted: April 13, 2013 by Jachelle in General Media, Jach, Top 10
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Hello, Internet.

I have a confession to make. I, Jachelle Overstreet, am a shipper. I try and I try to play it cool, but my ships get me every time. For those of you who aren’t hip to our crazy internet lingo, here’s an extremely accurate description of shipping.


The act of pairing any two characters together. Lonely people do this to try to suppress their own loneliness. It usually leads to making terrible fan art.

While I have never created any terrible fan art, I have devoted many hours to looking at terrible fan art. I’m not sure which is actually worse. At any rate, there are so many couples out there among my fandoms that I just can’t seem to get enough of. For you, lovely reader, I have composed a list of my top ten ships. Jump below the cut to behold the OTPs in all their glory.


Love & Adventure

Peter Pan has always been one of my favorite stories, and as far back as I can remember, I always wanted Peter and Wendy to get together. It was shipping before I even knew what shipping was. Watching the movies, reading the book, I always wanted them to fly off into the sunset together. I love their adventures and the way Wendy teaches Peter about the world. But alas, my little darlings never can get it together. Sigh.


Suit & Mrs Suit

Next up we have a couple that not only got together, but has stayed that way happily for well over ten years. Peter and Elizabeth Burke from the USA series White Collar. I’m fairly new to the WC fandom. Dee introduced me to it just over a year ago and I immediately fell in love with the series. One of the many reasons I enjoy it so much is this couple right here. Peter and El have one of the most amazing marriages I have ever seen portrayed on television. They are perfect for each other. I can’t even begin to describe their relationship in a way that doesn’t sound cheesy. They just mean everything to one another. They understand each other. And even when they struggle, their relationship still has this amazing strength to it. Together they are fun and sweet and I wish the media could portray more strong relationships like theirs rather than drama of the week, on-again off-again couples.

Just look at all this adorable.



Seriously, I want to know if there is someone out there who watched Gilmore Girls and didn’t fall in love with Luke & Lorelai? Do those people exist? I shipped Luke and Lorelai from day freaking one, people. I think a lot of us did. She was so bouncy and witty and he was this surly grump in flannel and a backwards cap. Their chemistry was crazy and Lorelai brought out this amazing side to him. I will ship them forever.


Once & Future Love

Let me start this off by saying that I have a lot of issues with Merlin. The last two seasons in particular bothered me a lot. HOWEVER, before everything went to hell, there was these two perfect creatures. Merlin is actually one of those shows where I pretty much ship everyone with everyone. I ship Arthur/Gwen, I ship Merlin/Arthur, I ship Merlin/Gwen, I ship Merlin/Gwen/Arthur, I ship Morgana/Gwen, I ship Gwen/Lancelot, I ship Morgana/Merlin, and I definitely ship Me/Gwaine. But of all the couples I adore on the show, Gwen and Arthur have always been my favorite. Full on nerd confession right now, the text alert on my phone is Arthur saying Guinevere’s name. There’s something about the way Bradley James says her name that just makes me want to swoon. Seriously. There were a lot of times throughout the series when Arthur didn’t really deserve Gwen, but when things were right for them? Oh man. My heart.



To anyone out there who listened to the Leverage podcast that Dee and I hosted, this one comes as no surprise. The show may have been cancelled last year, but my love for these two will go on forever. A geeky super-hacker and the hot socially awkward thief. What’s not to like? Seriously though, these two are the definition of a slow burn. It took them four seasons to get together, but once they did- it was perfect. There have been so many times when I will ship a couple on a tv series, and then when they finally get together nothing works out and I end up hating everything. Leverage made these two continue to work perfectly even after they got together. Take note, everyone else ever.


Love & Snark

Here’s another fandom I’m relatively new to. The BBC’s Robin Hood has been over for years now, but with a little help from Netflix I was able to get pulled into the world of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest along with Robin of Locksley and the lovely Lady Marian. The first moment we see these two on screen together, she’s threatening to shoot him with her bow.  And I wasted no time in putting on my shipper hat. Robin and Marian have very different views on the way to get things done, which causes them more than their fair share of trouble. But in between their fighting and bickering, they are desperately in love with each other. The way they snark at each other is unendingly adorable. I can never get enough of these two.


Witchy Women

This was a ship I went in never intending to like. I didn’t start watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer until the series was already on its final season. I’d seen episodes here and there and heard things online, so I knew that Willow and Tara got together. Then once I started watching the show, I started shipping Willow and Oz hardcore. Can you blame me? They were adorable. So knowing how much I loved them, and how heartbroken I was by the end of their relationship, I expected to full on hate Willow and Tara. Which just goes to show how incredibly wrong I can be. These two gorgeous women made me fall in love right along with them. It was an absolutely lovely processes to watch play out on my screen. To this day Tara remains one of my favorite characters of all time. I would have fallen in love with her too, Willow. But of course, this is a Joss Whedon show, so they never did get their happy ending. But I’ll forever love their relationship anyway.


The werewolf & the metamorphmagus.

When I first started reading the Harry Potter novels, I was a die-hard Ron & Hermione shipper. Seriously. I had icons, I was on message boards, I even wrote fanfic. Yep. I admit it. I wrote R/Hr fanfic. DON’T YOU JUDGE ME. But as I grew older along with the series, a different couple captured my heart. Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. Remus was old and battle weary from two wars. He struggled with his self-worth due to being a werewolf. And then here comes young Nymphadora Tonks with her bubble-gum pink hair and her playful personality and somehow the two of them found comfort with each other in the middle of a terrible war. I still love Ron and Hermione, always will. But Tonks and Lupin with all of their struggles and wonderful triumphs win my HP OTP award.


who cares if they're cousins?

who cares if they’re cousins?

If you’re not familiar with them, Percy and Annabeth hail from the Greek Mythology inspired young adult series by Rick Riordan- Percy Jackson & the Olympians as well as the second series, The Heroes of Olympus. They’re demi-gods, the half-blood children of the Greek Gods. The stories pick up when they’re twelve years old and follow them along a series of quests and adventures as they grow older. Percabeth grow a lot over the years. They start out butting heads constantly, then grow into best friends, and eventually fall in love. They are completely crazy about each other in the best possible way. They work together as an incredible team and they always have each others backs. In the most recent novel they reunited after months apart and Annabeth kisses Percy before judo-flipping him over her shoulder and onto the ground where she threatens to kick his butt for leaving. That’s my kind of ship. 😉


The ship that’s spelled LoVe.

The ship that was never meant to be. Logan and Veronica are the star-crossed lovers of the tragically canceled Veronica Mars. It’s been said many times over by the show’s creator that Veronica and Logan were never supposed to happen. But the insane chemistry between Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring pretty much left them no choice. These two had a horribly rocky road to travel. There were break-ups galore and constant arguments. They seemed to constantly be hurting each other, but despite all that they were epic. My fellow Marshmallows know what I mean. Logan and Veronica were charming and witty, and when things were good with them I was the world’s happiest fangirl. They tore my heart out more than once and I always came back for more. So here’s to more LoVe and heartache in the upcoming Veronica Mars movie! Aw yeah.

And there you have it. Jach’s top ten OTPs. Ship on, my friends.

  1. Data laughing says:

    Love Percy and Annabeth. Also hated them sometimes. It was obvious that they were stupid for each other since Titan’s Curse (maybe even Sea of Monsters), but Riordan just kept drawing it out until I was practically yelling at the book that they just needed to admit how they felt and get this over with. It was obvious that nothing was really going to go anywhere with Rachel, so the fact that the books kept trying to pretend that it was was super annoying. Since they got together, though, they are amazing. Their final scene in Mark of Athena is beautiful and heart-breaking. Loved it so much.

    Luke and Lorelei are an easy ship. I mean, who else was there that was anywhere near as good for her? Max? Christopher? No chance. The real question of Gilmore Girls is who do you put Rory with, because there wasn’t a single guy she dated during the series that I thought was good enough for her.

    I also loved Willow/Oz and never quite got into Willow/Tara for most of their run. Tara always seemed like an awkward character to me because she didn’t really do much other than be Willow’s girlfriend, and she was a little bit self-righteous when Willow started doing things she didn’t approve of. I thought Willow’s reaction to losing her, though, was amazingly written, terrific stuff for her character, which made the whole relationship worthwhile for me in retrospect.

    And for Harry Potter, while I love Tonks and Remus and Tonks make an adorable couple (and then incredibly sad because of their deaths), my OTP has to be Harry/Ginny, ever since book 2 I was like, “Get it through your thick skull, Harry, awesome redhead who is crazy about you!” And he got there eventually.


    • Jachelle says:

      WOO. Hey! Sorry for the delay in response on this one. I thought I had already. You know, I didn’t mind so much that it took Percy and Annabeth a little while to get together or even that they threw Rachel in to mix things up. You have to remember that at the time, they were still pretty young. I mean, demigod heroes or not, they’re still ridiculous teenagers when it comes to relationships. And I thought it was completely plausible that stupid fifteen-year old boy brain Percy could have his attention captured by Rachel’s charisma. I think them finally getting together needed to be tied into the climax of the book, particularly with Percy turning down his chance to become a God. That being said, I loved everything with them finally together in Mark of Athena. From the second they were reunited to the end of the book, I was utterly in love with them. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of their relationship in the next book.

      As far as who I put Rory with, I seem to be in the minority in liking her with Dean. I really disliked both Jess and Logan’s characters in general. And while I think Rory learned things from both of her relationships with them, I always loved the sort of sweet nature of the relationship she had with Dean.

      I did love Willow/Oz a lot, they were super adorable. But I identify a lot with Tara as a character, so something about their relationship called to me. Tara didn’t separate herself as an individual member of the Scoobies so much because she wasn’t as outspoken as the rest of the gang’s SOs, she wasn’t like Anya or Cordy in that sense. But I do think she definitely brought something to the table. Her relationship with Dawn is a big one to me. And also the friendship she began to form with Buffy, where Buffy actually began confiding in her. So I think she did have a point beyond just being there for Willow, it was just a little more subdued. And I never took any self-righteousness from her. I think it was more about her seeing the dark road Willow was heading down and wanting to stop her before she lost the woman that she’d fallen in love with. Of course, that was before the memory issue. That was flat out disgusting, and Tara absolutely deserved to be furious about that. And while I don’t necessarily like that Tara had to die to give Willow that extra growth, I can still appreciate it.

      It actually took me until about book 6 to get on board the Harry/Ginny train. Her character didn’t really pop for me until Order of the Phoenix, when she loosened up and began to joke around. When she became more lively as a character, that’s when I started considering that “Okay, maybe I could ship this.” Then by Half-Blood Prince I had warmed up enough to the idea to actually call myself a shipper.


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