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Previously on Game of Thrones: too much happened. Read our other recaps for the last season. Last episode however Margaery Tyrell is proving herself a BAMF by playing the game of thrones very, very well. Cersei hates her. Tyrion is demoted and his father is awful to him. He warns Tyrion not to let any whore in his bed or he’ll kill her. Littlefinger was being creepy around Sansa and promised to take her away. Robb’s still mad at his mother for letting Jaime Lannister go, and he’s with the warrior woman Brienne. It’s important to remember for this episode that Theon, once bestie to Robb, betrayed them and burned Winterfell. He wanted to kill little Bran and Rickon, but they escaped with a wildling woman Osha and the dumb giant Hodor.

In King’s Landing: The Tyrells cement themselves as the best family ever by Margaery’s grandmother sassing everyone all over the place. She has Sansa come and meet with her, and gets Sansa to admit that Joffrey’s a monster. Or admit enough they can gleam the rest. They don’t seem that concerned with him however, since Margaery knows exactly how to play him. He seems genuinely enamored with her now, because she likes to kill things too. Or something. Creepy. Tyrion is afraid that Shae will get caught in his rooms and she tells him she’s concerned about Littlefinger and Sansa. She gets jealous when they talk about Ros and then he says Sansa is pretty. He manages to reassure her, and they have sex despite the whole ‘my father will seriously kill you.’

Baby Starks: Bran keeps having his strange dreams, and we learn he’s something called a warg. He can possess animals and see through their eyes. He’s told this by new mysterious friend Jojen, who appears in his dreams and then meets up with them in real life. His sister Maeta is there too, and they both seem very competent. So now they’re on board the save the Starks crowd. Who knows where they’re headed though. Arya is still on the run with Gendry and Hot Pie. Gendry is like ‘wtf Arya you should’ve had that guy go murder Joffrey’ which is hilariously meta and apt to say. She’s just glad they’re free, but they’re soon taken by a villainous group. For whatever reason they just let the kids come hang out for awhile and give them food, trying to get some news from them. They almost are home free, but they’ve captured the Hound, who immediately recognizes Arya. Yikes.

Older Starks: Robb finds out that Winterfell is burned, but they don’t know if his brothers are dead. Catelyn’s obviously devastated. She’s making something that apparently helps protect the souls of injured children, and her new daughter-in-law asks about it. She says she made them twice before, one for when Bran was injured, and the other when “one of her children” took ill. It was Jon, and she had wished for him to die, and promised the gods she’d treat him right if he lived. Then he did and she was like lol whoops no. So she thinks they’re cursed. Pretty sure everything that’s happening to them right now is a product of Ned and the other parts of the world, Catelyn. Speaking of Jon, he’s still with the people beyond the wall. Things are going okay. The King says he got everyone to work together because if they don’t, they’re all going to die. Probably from the zombies. They also have a warg with them.

Others: Jaime and Brienne are still walking around being fantastic, with Jaime making fun of her and her ignoring him. Someone walks right on by them, and Jaime is insistent he recognized the kingslayer. She’s like I’m not killing someone because they might know who you are. So you know where that’s going. He ends up breaking free, and they have a sword fight. It’s very well shot. Before she can properly beat his smug face in, strangers come up led by that same guy. They’ll be taking him to Robb, apparently. Oh and Theon is getting tortured a lot. Feels like someone’s been reading what we think of him and he’s paying for it.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: It was good! A friend commented to me that it felt like some filler, like not much happened, but that made sense to me. Just like the last episode, they had to catch up on all the characters we didn’t see before. This gave us a chance to see the rest of the Starks and Jaime and Brienne. That’s the problem with having a lot of characters and plots going on. You have to keep up with all of them and give some screen time so we know where we’re at. I was glad to see the others! I agree not a huge amount of plot was pushed forward, but I get why. So overall I’d call it a solid episode. Plus it focused on my favorite characters (Jaime and Brienne) who I was missing a lot. So I’m a little biased. Seriously I would watch a show with the two of them being snarky and awesome. And Tyrion can join too and that spin off would be fantastic.

Jachelle: I enjoyed the episode too! I also had a friend complain that not enough action was happening. But I thought everything that happened this week was fairly necessary information. Look guys, a lot goes down on this show. There are a lot of characters and all of them have pretty complex storylines. I’d have been upset if we didn’t check back in to find out what they were doing before jumping into action. Let’s be real here. There are characters on this show who enrage me and make me scream at the television until I’ve turned an unattractive shade of purple, but no one is really boring. I’m interested in all the characters and I’m going to be a lot more invested in the crazy action sequences if I know what the characters have been up to. These characters are a breath of fresh airĀ  amid some of the garbage on TV right now. I could watch them doing anything and still be happy.

Favorite Scene

Dee: Sansa meeting the Queen of Thorns finally! Okay that only makes sense to people who know the book, but she is Margaery’s grandmother Olenna. She is brilliant, formidable, and hilarious. She did not fail to meet my expectations here. The scene where Sansa finally blurts out all the awful truths about Joffrey to people who listen to her is one of my favorites from the book. She’s been holding it inside so long and just tortured and pushed around, and she’s with two strong and confident women who are silently supporting her. Hugs forever to Sansa, and I love how the Tyrell’s are like no big, we can handle this BS just fine. I love that family. If I was a part of any family, I’d want it to be that one. They seem to be able to balance the intelligence and ruthlessness of the Lannisters with the goodness and forthright nature of the Starks. House of Flowers ftw.

Jachelle: Picking the same scene as Dee this week. Sorry I’m not sorry! This scene was just fantastic. You know I already love Margaery and getting to meet Olenna was THE BEST. God, I love sassy women. This show was seriously in need of some sass. SO THANK YOU, OLENNA. I really hope her character sticks around. And Sansa breaks my heart. My precious little baby. I was so happy she was finally able to tell SOMEONE everything she’d been keeping inside.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: The entire “confession” of Catelyn about Jon. Only people who have read the books understands why this is annoying as hell, so I’m not sure I can properly express it. I think HBO just saw that they couldn’t fully get into the intricacies of why Catelyn had a problem with the existence of Jon in her home. It would require too much about legacy, legitimacy, and a whole scattering of background they don’t have time for. It’s all in the books and it makes a lot more sense there. The thing is, they felt like having her show those feelings – without being able to properly explain why – would make her an unlikable character. And there are parts of her that are unlikable, it’s part of the character, so this feels like a version of Hollywoodizing her. They already annoyed me by changing Robb’s whole marriage story to make it more Hollywood, awww tragic romance (nope not at all it was about honor). Blech. The real story is so much more complicated. There are some changes people do from text to TV that I completely agree with. I understand why it would be difficult to explain the Catelyn/Jon thing. That doesn’t mean I have to like it. But for the record, no way in hell would she or anyone else legitimize a bastard in this society. It would cause a real problem with the lords sworn to them and the hereditary laws.

Jachelle: The torture scenes with Theon. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to punch him in the face and will HATE HIM FOREVER, but torture scenes just gross me out in general. Ick. No mas.

Favorite Character

Dee: It’s a tie with Jaime and Brienne, but I feel like since they’re a duo they can count as one. I’ll lean more toward Brienne who can kick the hell out of the best warrior in the land (that’s what he’s known as) without really seeming to break a sweat at all. Now I acknowledge that Jaime is exhausted and has his hands cuffed, but he was such an arrogant tosser it was gratifying to see him get his ass handed to him. And she doesn’t even seem to care, lol. I love her. I also love that she stood her ground on not killing that guy … even if it was the worst idea. Jaime was right, but I still appreciate Brienne’s sincerity. Basically I want them to be around always. A whole show of Brienne and Jaime please.

Jachelle: Throwing this one back out to my homegirl Olenna Tyrell. I already talked about her earlier, but she’s so awesome is bears repeating. She is witty, and strong, and completely no-nonsense. She’s sharp as a tack and funny to boot. She and Margaery make such a kickass team. I love the Tyrells. I love their Matriarchal house. I love their sass. I think if anyone can survive King’s Landing, it’ll be those two fierce ladies.

Character Who Should DIAF

Dee: Hmmm no one in particular, but it seems like Theon may indeed end up dying in a fire. But his captors don’t seem to be interested in letting him die that easily.

Jachelle: Yuuuup. Theon, you’re getting slowly tortured and it’s gross to watch, but you should still DIAF. xoxo Gossip Jach.


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