Dee Discusses: The X-Files 2.4

Posted: April 13, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, X-Files
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Am I evil? Am I good? Probably the first.

I hate when I take breaks from this show because then I get back to it and just binge a handful of episodes. This season has been consistently good so far, I remember loving episodes 1-3, so here we go on four, which is titled “Sleepless.” It starts out with a man in his apartment who gets caught in a terrible fire. He calls the police and the fire department arrives, but they find no fire. Despite that, the man is dead, and his death is consistent with fire. Mulder anonymously gets his 911 tape where he panics about the fire, and then he sees the report itself. Definitely X-Files material, even if the division is still shut down. Mulder meets a fresh young agent named Alex Krycek who is on the case, and he seems to be an eager fan of Mulder. He’s like yeeeeeah no thanks kid and keeps trying to get Scully in on it instead. Since I am genre savvy, I know that Krycek is either canon fodder, he’ll die tragically at some point, or he’s evil. I can’t tell at this point which one he is. He survives the episode, so he’s not 100% red shirt.

Mulder gets Scully to do the autopsy, and Krycek confronts him, knowing he was purposely keeping information secret. Mulder finally gives in and they go to see Scully together. She says that while the body wasn’t burned, his body thought it was being burned. Nice. While this is happening we flash over to a Vietnam vet who looks pretty horrible and out of no where comes this big guy, called Preacher or Cole. He starts talking all ominously to the guy about their past and he starts seeing hallucinations of dead Vietnamese people. He dies from multiple bullet wounds … except he has no bullets in him. There’s a pattern, right? Mulder and Krycek figure out who the guy is and that he has only one other person from his army group, and that’s this guy Cole. He’s supposed to be in a mental ward. He’s been discharged, although the doctor doesn’t remember doing it.

Mulder meets his new version of Deep Throat, who just calls himself X. He’s now going to help him, although he’s wary because of what happened to Deep Throat. The guy who was burned was a doctor and did sleep deprivation studies. Cole hasn’t actually slept in a few decades. Mulder believes the next conclusion is he’s somehow killing people in his sleep, since it isn’t really sleep. Or he’s telekinetic because of the program that made him stop sleeping? I’m probably missing the exact explanation. The thing is he can torture other people in their dreams. He says they are guilty for the things they did, meaning murdering women and children in Vietnam. They find another person in the squad who says he hasn’t slept in a long time and explains the bad things they did. There is one more person from the team Cole could be going after.

They confront Cole and Mulder thinks he killed the doctor, but that was all in his mind. Cole actually has him and they need to track him down. It’s pretty cool that Cole has this weird illusion telepathic thing going. It’s like Freddy Krueger-esque. Vigilante style. Cole wants to die after everything, he was just trying to clean up their stuff first, and he makes Krycek think he has a gun so the agent shoots him down. Someone’s stolen all of Mulder’s files on the subject, and it seems obvious who since Krycek meets with the Smoking Man. I can’t tell yet what his goal is in all of this. Is he evil? Is he a huge part of the conspiracy? Does he have motivations that could make him good and bad? I suspect this is mysterious for good reason!

So Krycek is working for him, but I can’t tell if they’re evil or just suspicious. It sort of reminds me of when Deep Throat told someone he was keeping Mulder close on purpose. And he wasn’t evil. Anyway Krycek says Scully is a problem. This does not bode well. Very fond of this episode and season so far. I think Krycek is acting far too innocent to be innocent. So I’m going with evilish for right now.


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