Dee Discusses: Lost Girl 3.12

Posted: April 9, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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WELL FINALLY. Hey Lost Girl, newsflash, if you had this type of quality and energy in the rest of the season, it would’ve been really fantastic. It’s like everyone was sleepwalking through the plots until here. The acting was better, the plot was driven, and it felt exciting again. I knew they still had this in them, but where were they the past few months? Sigh! Still, this was a great episode. So many things are coming to a head all at once, and I’m looking forward to the finale. Previously on Lost Girl, Lauren was tired of all the BS and abandoned her position with the Ash and her ex (“on a break”) to do superior science work with some creepy guy Isaac. Hale was working toward being the new Ash and trying to bring peace between the Light and the Dark. He’s been irritatingly absent the whole season. Tamsin was instructed to bring Bo to The Wanderer, and she tried not to but gave up and collected items to store for a magic thing. She’s been a miserable drunk since. Dyson and Tamsin found a mass Fae grave. Bo survived the Dawning but is curious about the identity of her father.

It’s the day of Hale’s raise into the role of Ash, officially. He is having a celebration and even invited the Morrigan, which was a terrible idea and really facepalm Hale, but he’s taking this whole peace between the sides seriously. Kenzi’s pissed at him for being cold to all of them before, but she’s helping out around the bar. Bo is frantic that Lauren has gone missing and Dyson agrees to help her out when he has the time. Bo also asks Hale if he knows what happened to her, but all he does is explain she wanted to leave but he told her no. Meanwhile Lauren is working on some important science test which is a success, and she claims that it’s a step toward curing heart disease. She’s delighted although a little confused about how easily it worked. They put the vials in a secret location, but it’s stolen. The vials are then used to drug Dyson. Bo finds two humans trying to drag Dyson out and starts to fight them, but Kenzi gets in the middle. The bartender drinks the other potion, killing himself, before apologizing and saying they had his wife. Bo sees Lauren’s name on the vial.

Earlier in the episode Tamsin shows up when Bo is in the tub and calls her perfect and flirts with her a bunch. She also walks into the bath. It’s a really weird scene. This is sort of shilling, oh Bo you’re so perfect blah blah, but it didn’t bother me because it seems like it’s clearly from Tamsin’s point of view. Bo doesn’t think she’s perfect and we as the audience know she has plenty of flaws. It’s just a sign of Tamsin’s erratic behavior, and when Bo goes to Lauren’s apartment to see if she can track her, Tamsin’s there too, drunk and belligerent. She agrees to help track her down though once she gets the full story. After the attack on Dyson, the Morrigan builds up all the elders and they vote Hale out of the Ash position. They also vote that all humans in the Fae world are to be arrested and executed as criminals. I’m a little confused here because it seems like the Fae shouldn’t be so immediately woohoo about it. The Dark Fae, sure, but what about all of Hale’s support? I know they said people didn’t like him much, but they were planning on supporting him as Ash, so this seemed like a weird spin all of a sudden. Also if no one wants the peace but Hale, how have they gotten this far in the process? I guess the loud minority is doing this.

Kenzi spends the episode getting approached by this weird guy. I thought at first he was a figment of her imagination, because no one else interacted with him. I still think he’s a weird character, I’m not sure what to make of him. He tells her what the vial that Tamsin has for Bo’s capture is. He requests a kiss from her first, and I guess that’s the last thing Tamsin needed anyway for the spell against Bo. Bo’s found the pictures and the vial, so she knows something’s up. Trick tells Kenzi to get the hell out of there, and she’s getting mad because the dude keeps saying she could be a Fae if she wanted and no one likes/respects her as a human pet. Then Hale shows up and tells her to gtfo. He confesses he has feelings for her and always has, and he was scared to tell her. And he’s scared now she’ll be hurt. The Morrigan catches them though and he is forced to arrest Kenzi. He kisses her, using that as a chance to slip something in her pocket. So she’s captured for now.

Bo and Tamsin track down Dyson, who is being forced to kill other Fae by the human compound. Lauren realizes they’re experimenting on Fae and she is horrified. Tamsin is shot protecting Bo and she’s bleeding from the gut at the end of the episode. Meanwhile Lauren finds Dyson and the other Fae trapped below and asks if Bo is there because she saw a Succubus blood. It’s Aoife’s though. Woo Aoife’s back! Also creepy Isaac is creepy some more at Lauren, I guess they’re trying to get Fae blood to turn into them. That’s what the guy said to Kenzi too, is he in on it? But he was also helping Tamsin. Very confused here. In a good way! I’m curious. Also Trick was kidnapped when he tried to flee. So the finale is this week. We’ll have to wrap up the human kidnapping stuff, find out what they’re going to do about Kenzi, and see if Tamsin lives or dies. I’m nervous for her and for Hale. Or maybe Lauren’s going to end up dying because they all know she betrayed the Fae so she can’t stick around, no way. I’d really rather Tamsin and Hale stay around. If Hale dies I will tableflip everything ever. I want him to get back to full time cast member, it was wonderful having him back and bro’ing it up with Dyson.

Sunday/Monday can’t get here soon enough. ALSO. HALE/KENZI OTP FOREVER.

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