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Flashback: August wakes up and his leg has turned to wood. We know that eventually he goes back to Storybrooke to help Emma wake up the town, but for now he’s scared and in pain. He tries to get help at a hospital but no one can see his wooden leg, except for this one guy who tells him there’s a magic healer named the Dragon. August goes to the Dragon who agrees he can help, although he can only cure the symptom and not the actual disease. He gives the Dragon a personal object, the string his father made him with, but he needs ten thousand dollars that he doesn’t have. While moping around he runs into Neal’s fiance Tamara, who says she has incurable cancer and she gave the Dragon a picture of her with her grandmother. She has the money and steps away for a minute, leaving August with the money and he steals it and runs. I thought this was a trick at first, because who the hell leaves a stranger with ten thousand dollars, but I guess it’s not. Huh. He gets the magical bottle but Tamara chases him down and takes it. It turns out she didn’t have cancer and returned to kill the Dragon with what looks to be one powerful taser. August goes back to see him and finds him dead, leading him eventually to going back to Storybrooke.

Storybrooke: Snow is still shaken over having Regina kill Cora, and she can’t seem to shake her ennui about it. While shooting arrows in the forest she comes upon a trailer where August has been hiding. He is now fully wood and he doesn’t want Emma and his father to see him this way. It’s because the only reason he turns into wood is when he’s done bad things, and as we know, he hasn’t led a good life. Snow tells him everyone deserves a second chance, obviously meaning herself, and she tells Gepetto and Emma where August is. Gepetto admits what he did with the wooden tree and let Snow think no one could go with Emma. She smacks him and everyone looks shocked. Ooookay that seems like a light punishment. Whatever. August is already gone because Tamara is in Storybrooke. Neal tells her about the Enchanted Forest but she pretends not to believe him. She thinks he’s just making it up to get rid of him. Which is all a lie since we know she’s well aware of magic. She confronts August and tells him to leave the town and never come back. He still thinks she was a cancer victim and he takes the car, but he sees the picture of her grandmother and realizes she killed the Dragon.

August tries to tell Emma what happened over the phone but Tamara attacks him at the Sheriff station with the same taser. He’s dying and reunites with his father, but he doesn’t manage to tell Emma the truth. Henry points out that he died for a just cause, to try and warn them, so he should get a second chance. The Blue Fairy shows up and agrees, and she manages to turn him back into a real boy again. He doesn’t remember anything about being August, but he has a second chance with his father. Snow tells Charming about what happened with her heart and they agree they won’t give up on keeping her heart from darkening more. Meanwhile Owen/Greg is confronted by Regina and she reveals she knew it was him. She swears his father isn’t there, but she is a lying liar who lies so who knows what really happened. The “her” on his phone is actually Tamara who shows up at his door and they make out. So that marriage is totally doomed.

There’s almost an entire month between this episode and the next. Yikes. Also how bad was that CGI? Yeesh.

“Did you steal this?” “Maaaaaybe.”

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: I just have to get this off my chest first: OUAT quit it with your POC unfortunate implications! It’s getting seriously old. Besides that, I am disappointed that they’re going the evil fiance route with Tamara. I’m sure it makes sense plot wise from here, but it’s such a cliche, and they already have some problems with boring cliches at this point. I am interested in her story, as I’m sure there has to be one. If they’re going to try to humanize Rumpelstiltskin, Cora, and Regina, I’m hoping they’ll do the same here for Tamara eventually. Especially since her partner in crime got one last week and it worked in his favor. I think this episode was a pretty good wrap up to Pinocchio’s character, although it’s frustrating since there’s so much more about him that we won’t get to know. August himself is dead. The person he became, even if that was a weak willed person, is dead. I know they only had Eion for this episode and he probably wouldn’t be able to come back, so they did what they had to do. I think how they managed to tie Snow’s story in with him was a good connection, so I appreciated that. I’m interested in what that taser was made out of, and what Tamara’s plan is for the magic. Jane Espenson said her taser is not a normal one, so there’s more in store. It would have to explain why she apparently defeat the Dragon who seemed magical and strong. He just sort of stood there while she shocked him. He probably thought it was an average taser and wouldn’t hurt him. Plus how do you kill a piece of wood with a taser? It has to be magic. I give this episode a general shrug of my shoulders. It was good but nothing to write home about. And I’ll be honest, I’m sad that August as he was ceased to exist. I found him a fascinating character because of his flaws and I think there was a lot more for his character to do. Damn you, actors with other jobs!

Jachelle: I’m still not really sure what I thought of this episode to be completely honest. It was okay? I did enjoy having August back despite that unfortunate CGI. I thought it was a good wrap up to his story even though I’ll definitely miss him. I’m also intrigued by Tamara’s past and her weird magical taser. But a lot of it felt sort of weird and disjointed. I’m really not enjoying this pitiful Snow. I miss fierce Snow. Listen show, you’ve already ruined Regina for me, and now you’re making me dislike Snow. You are on THIN FREAKING ICE. You’ve been warned.

Favorite Scene

Dee: I’m trying to think. I guess August’s last scene? I’m not sure. I think the rest of his scenes were pretty strong. He’s a good actor, even with that horrific CGI making it difficult to show any emotions, and I liked his conversation with Snow about whether or not he could come back from his mistakes. I like how they stayed true to the original concept of the book Pinocchio, which is that it’s a story about how easily a weak person can be swayed by wickedness. In this case about children who are still in a state of flux, able to be swayed one way or the other, and that it’s a struggle. August struggled his whole life and his weakness caused pain for him and the people who cared about him, and he knew that. Anyway I wouldn’t say one scene stands out, but I do like his story arc.

Jachelle: I liked the flashback scenes with August/Tamara/The Dragon. I’ll get into it more in depth below, but I liked the introduction that yes, there are other people out there in the world who know of and possess magic. It opens up a lot of doors for the show’s future, I think. They already started down that path by introducing Dr Frankenstein and the concept of characters from other worlds. Things keep opening up and getting bigger, and I honestly enjoy that. It adds more mystery to things.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: The Snow hitting Gepetto scene. Because IMO he deserved a damn slap in the face, and them acting like it wasn’t appropriate annoyed me. I know it’s just to show that Snow is changing to the dark, but whatever, she’s shown herself in the past to be fierce when it comes to Emma. What, like she’s never punched anyone before? She wasn’t portrayed as a perfect little angel in the first season, she had a good heart but she was a warrior woman too, who survived in the forest while being hunted by the Queen and stole Charming’s engagement ring. Just earlier this season when she was in the awesome foursome of Mulan, Aurora, and Emma she continued to be fierce and dangerous. Anyway, the point is that Gepetto more than deserved being smacked for letting them think their baby went completely alone to the other world and neither of them could go with her. He was the only one who made genuine sense apologizing for it and that he hurt both Emma and August by doing it, but Snow had to apologize and not let him take responsibility? I don’t get you sometimes, show.

Jachelle: I absolutely agree on this one. Seriously, what the eff? Gepetto lied to her, manipulated the blue fairy, and basically screwed them over. And I totally get that he wanted to save his son, but on the other hand, this is SNOW FREAKING WHITE we’re talking about here. Does anyone at their really believe she would have told Gepetto “No way” he if had come to her and asked her to take Pinnochio with her through the wardrobe? Remember, at the time they all thought pregnant Snow would still be the one going through the wardrobe. And we know enough about Charming and Snow to guess that they probably would have agreed to send Pinnochio through with Snow if someone had bothered to TALK to them instead of just being a lying liar. I’m getting off track here, but my main point is I don’t think her slapping him was an overreaction at all and I thought that was a ridiculous way for them to show her heart “darkening.” Don’t buy it. Snow’s a badass, slapping someone who deserves it does not make her heart black. WHATEVER, SHOW.

Favorite Character

Dee: August, for everything I said above. I’m sad to see him go. I know why they had to do it and this plot was more or less due to the actor and not necessarily what they had planned. I guess I’m glad he got a second chance and will hopefully go the right path this time, but I’ll miss the character we knew.

Jachelle: The Dragon. I got really excited at the prospect of having a character out in the “Real world” who had his own magic. Is it the same as the magic that came through Storybrooke? Are there different sorts of magic from different kinds of worlds? It brought up a lot of really fun questions for me. But then he died. So. Yeah. That sucks. I’m still interested in the concept of different types of magic though, and I’m interested to see if we’ll see the character again through any sort of other flashbacks.

Any thoughts on who Tamara is?

Dee: It’s totally possible she’s a normal human who got sucked into this somehow, but it’s just as possible she is someone we will recognize. She said she’s human and not magical, but that doesn’t cross her off the list as a possible fairy tale character. There have been murmurings that she’s Ursula, which could be interesting. If she’s not from the Enchanted Forest or another story, maybe she’s connected to someone from it. I doubt she’s just a random person though, like Owen/Greg turned out to be.

Jachelle: Nope. No clue. And we always know that when I try to guess these things that I usually guess wrong. But at this point I feel like she’s definitely a character we’ve heard of before, even if she’s not magical. I’m leaning toward the idea that she once WAS magical, but lost her abilities for some reason, and that’s why she’s striving so hard to locate it again. But that’s a hazy guess at best. I guess we’ll see!

  1. The CGI was so bad. Terribly bad, to the point we almost turned off the episode. It is a definite shame to lose August as a character. Thankfully, we made it through. Hoping we get more backstory on The Dragon at some point. Was it Mushu? Hmmmmmm.


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