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Flashback: To when Storybrooke first began! In the 80s, Regina’s curse works and everyone starts having a Groundhog Day experience where she wakes up to things mostly being the same every day. Slight wardrobe changes and phrasing, but more or less everyone relives the same thing every day for twenty-eight years. And Regina is bored as hell with her victory. Unfortunately a father and son,  Kurt and Owen, were camping in the area and are stuck in the town. Regina takes a liking to the boy Owen and wants him to stay, because she’s tired of everyone doing what they must due to the curse and not staying with her because they want to. You will never be satisfied ever, Regina. She tries to kidnap the kid and has Sheriff Graham arrest his father, but Owen flees across the line when she realizes he is scared of her. No idea what happened to his father. Owen comes back with the cops but they say there’s no town there. He cries and Regina’s on the other side watching him, crying too. But no one cares about her tears. You crazy person.

Modern Storybrooke: Regina’s out for Snow’s blood since she tricked her into killing Cora. That still stings. It still makes me (Dee) smile. There’s a spell her mother left her to force a person to love her, by ripping out the heart of the person she hates the most, aka Snow so she can make Henry love her. Because Regina never, ever, ever learns, she fully plans on doing this. They have Gold standing guard over Snow for the time being and she’s mostly catatonic, feeling evil and awful and like she deserves to die. Henry gets angry that they’re considering taking Regina out and yells they’re supposed to be heroes, but that’s not really how the world works. Except that’s how this one works if the evil people can be redeemed and the good people aren’t supposed to make any mistakes. He begs Regina not to do the magic and it is evil, and she gives up for him since he’s right, it wouldn’t be real love. Snow shows up and begs her to take out her heart, which she does, but she sees there’s black in it and believes this is proof Snow’s actions are causing her heart to darken. She figures it’s only a matter of time when this works in her favor and she’ll win Henry over. How, it’s not clear, because Emma’s heart isn’t black and she’s the one who has custody of Henry right now. Whatever. Also the stranger Greg is really Owen and he’s back looking for his father.

We missed you Graham. Not your creepy relationship though.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: As usual I really can’t figure out what they want us to feel toward Regina. She backslid hard into evil in this episode, and I guess by the end of the episode worked it out, but if they thought a flashback to Storybrooke would make me feel something for her it didn’t. Other than deep annoyance. Of course she gets what she wants and is promptly bored. She tries to STEAL A KID and keeps his father hostage, leading him to be treated like a crazy person (not unlike Henry) because his father disappeared in an invisible town. How is this supposed to make me feel anything other than fury at her? Not to mention they had to show her back to forcing Graham to sleeping with her, by the way, which is something that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So she agrees to not wipe Henry’s mind, I’m more disturbed she planned on doing it in the first place, and hasn’t learned a damn thing since now she’ll just bide her time for Snow to go evil. I really can’t anymore. This show has effectively derailed her to the point of no return so they have to decide what they want to do with her and fast. This is past annoying for me. Summary: I loved the IDEA of going back in time to see what it was like before, I found that genuinely interesting, but Snow’s martyrlike I am eeeeeeevil and Regina’s inconsistent portrayals colored the episode too much for me. You’re right, Regina, you don’t learn your lesson, and the writers’ can’t have their cake and eat it too.

Jachelle: There was good and bad to this episode, so I’m falling somewhere in the middle ground this time. There were things I really enjoyed, like getting to see Storybrooke directly after the curse and watching Owen and his father navigate this strange little town. But then there were things I didn’t like such as Snow going to Regina to kill her well, and basically Regina in general. OH SHOW. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? I used to love Regina so much. Now she does nothing but irritate me. Thank God Lana is still a fabulous actress so it’s kept more to a mild annoyance than tear my hair out rage.

Favorite Scene

Dee: Eh. I guess when Regina kept having the Groundhog Day moments, that was pretty funny. I can see how that would have been boring eventually, it might not have been what she expected once the curse hit. And I do love that movie. The rest just annoyed me.

Jachelle: Definitely watching Regina as she had to deal with the same day over and over again and realized her perfect little curse wasn’t going to give her everything she wanted. I just imagined Rumple sitting back somewhere and laughing his ass off at her. Sucker.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: Most of Snow’s stuff. I think this is just a personal problem I’m having with the show right now. It goes between having concepts of black/white, good/evil, and then ambiguous gray zones where evil can be redeemed. I’m not sure how we’re supposed to root for Regina’s redemption but be hard on Snow for what happened with Cora. I get she’s being hard on herself, but I don’t believe she’s never killed before, they led a war against Regina and George. A lot of people on both sides had to have died. Snow is a warrior with a sword and a bow, she seemed pretty fierce and willing to be aggressive to save herself, so for her to switch to this passive I’ll never hurt anyone ever persona isn’t working well for me. I get her killing Cora out of spite is the real problem, but since I live in this world where I’m like whatever screw Cora, it’s hard for me personally to get into this storyline. Hell I wish Snow showed that backbone more often. But like I said, it’s a personal problem. I made myself laugh when Regina took out Snow’s heart with “Snow, she’ll be glad you’re dead for about ten minutes before getting bored and stealing another kid.”

Jachelle: The scene with younger Owen trying to come back to save his dad with the police. The scene irritated me to know end, because there is this poor frantic kid who just lost his mom and has now lost his dad, no one believes him, and there’s Regina sitting there crying. She literally ripped out her own father’s heart to seek revenge that she got bored of after two days, so now she’s just torn this kid’s family apart and she’s sitting there crying and feeling sorry for herself. You cannot convince me that she felt bad about what she’d done. She was crying for herself and no one else. And that just infuriates me. As much as I know it would kill Henry, with each and every episode we see I just want to see Regina get smacked down harder and harder.

Favorite Character

Dee: I guess Rumpelstiltskin? He was the only one making any damn sense in this episode. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is about his story that works as a redemption, because they’re failing so miserably with Regina, but it does work. And I liked his small scenes with Snow.

Jachelle: Owen and his father during the flashbacks. They had a certain charm and life to them and I really enjoyed the relationship they had with each other. It makes me much more interested in Adult Owen’s storyline back in the present.

Do we want more Storybrooke flashbacks?

Dee: Yes and no. If it’s just more of what we saw there I think it would get repetitive, obviously. If there are still stories we can find however, I wouldn’t mind more of it. I really did enjoy seeing how Storybrooke began and how it was structured before Emma showed up. I think it was a good use of the flashbacks and it could be used again if they think of a story that works with it. I am a little confused about why Regina didn’t dress like she was in the 80s though. They made some good 80s references from Kurt and Owen, but Regina’s fashion was way too modern. I think they could’ve had a hilarious little addition by her wearing something typical 80s.

Jachelle: I’m a sucker for the flashbacks, I admit. I particularly love them when they do further the plotline, but I’m also willing to forgive them if they don’t either. I just love that fantasy world that we get there. I’m a sucker for princesses and adventure and magic and I can’t get enough of the backstories of these characters that I love. Because even if it doesn’t necessarily advance the plot, I still feel like I’m learning more about them, and I love that.

  1. [“As usual I really can’t figure out what they want us to feel toward Regina. She backslid hard into evil in this episode, and I guess by the end of the episode worked it out, but if they thought a flashback to Storybrooke would make me feel something for her it didn’t. “]

    Like the other characters, we’re supposed to feel a sense of ambiguity. I get the feeling that you wanted either instant redemption or for Regina to remain stuck as a one-note villain.


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