Dee Discusses: The Following 1.11

Posted: April 4, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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Previously on The Following: Claire voluntarily went with the cult to get a chance to see Joey. Ryan was heartbroken because they said they loved each other right before. Emma left boyfriend Jacob and other boyfriend Paul to die. Jacob had to mercy kill Paul, so he’s sort of checked out now and becoming as creepy a guy as everyone else. Roderick, Joe’s second in command, started showing signs of not liking how power was shifting with the group. The FBI sucks at their job a lot. Oh and we just found out that Ryan’s ex Molly is one of the cult. Unsurprising. We were introed to a new follower Vince who is only important to this episode. I usually like the one-off followers we meet and their own brand of crazy, but this one fell a little flat. Plus the episode highlighted a few of the weaknesses in the show, including the FBI’s ineptitude, Ryan’s instability, and a sort of ‘where are we going with this?’ feeling. But on with the episode.

Ryan’s depressed about Claire so of course he spiraled back into alcoholism. Not that he ever really stopped, he just goes hardcore into it. Joe calls to taunt him some more but he’s hungover so not great conversation material. Parker insists that Ryan pull it together and come help her, because they tracked the cult website to a S&M club she wants to check out. This is one of those times where I want to scream at the TV because do not let Ryan go on a mission when you know he’s being a drunken ass. Nothing but bad things will come from this. Seriously at this point it’s ridiculous he hasn’t been permanently removed from it, but I understand as the lead character they need to have some reason to keep him around. All the same, he should not be taking lead on anything. His behavior is generally erratic and he doesn’t have everyone’s best interests at heart. This becomes very, very clear when they meet the head of the S&M club Haley.

Haley agrees to wear a wire when she finds out the site her boyfriend Vince is using turns people into serial killers. The FBI are learning about the process the cultists go through in order to come out the other side as one of ‘them.’ It’s creepy and violent, obviously. Vince shows up to get items from Haley and she says the safe word is red, a warning that she’s in trouble. Of course when she actually uses it, Ryan ignores it completely and insists Parker does too. Vince is trying to force her in the car and away from there, but Ryan wants to follow them to see if it’ll take them to the cultists. Haley keeps saying the word, terrified, but they let her be taken. Vince brings them instead to a warehouse and finds her wire. Ryan and Parker go in only when that happens. I don’t disagree that using her to follow Vince was a bad idea, if they clued her into the plan. She agreed to help by wearing a wire and they promised her safety. This is different from when they tried to save the lawyer or the Claires. Ryan was willfully putting this woman in trouble without her consent to get what he wanted out of it. They should both be freaking fired. They’re lucky she lives through it.

But she does live through it and is understandably mad. Where is the guy in charge of all of this? He should be all over them for this. They do get attacked by some people in the basement when they realize those are cultists, but manage to kill all of them. Vince gets away. YOU FAIL RYAN. I’m starting to dislike him because of this crap. So back in Joe land, he’s trying to charm Claire back over to his side. She’s terrified and furious and Jacob tries to calm her down. He makes it clear to her he can hurt her if he needs to, and if she wants her son she has to make Joe happy. SO UNBELIEVABLY CREEPY I CAN’T EVEN. It made me shudder. She dresses up and somewhat plays nice. She begs to see Joey and he says that’s his only card to play so no such luck. At the end of the episode he agrees to let her see Joey, because he believes she’ll truly love him one day. I don’t know what to make of this guy sometimes, but I can’t deny that he’s a very interesting character. Purefoy is also a charming actor so that helps.

Also Roderick is getting restless and he’s pushing Joe to start taking some action. He gets temperamental and fights with Vince and then punches some random guy just to get it out of his system. Joe and Roderick will be having a showdown soon, that’s pretty clear. Also Joe meets with Molly, Ryan’s ex, who we flashback to see her agree to seduce Ryan. She’s an Angel of Death, preying on the terminal patients she works with. She says she’ll do what Joe asks only if he lets her be the one to kill Ryan at the end. She shows up to give Ryan sympathy and affection, but we know what she’s really thinking. I feel like the show is treading water a bit, which is funny because Roderick is arguing that’s exactly what they’re doing so Joe can play family. It’s true. I want to see what their plan is. Where’s Mike by the way? And I still can’t believe anyone is giving Ryan any authority because he’s off the damn rails.


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