Dee Discusses: Lost Girl 3.11

Posted: April 4, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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Okay so this episode just continued my feeling of disconnect from the show. The thing is, I really liked this episode. I thought it was fun and I love the one-off eps where they have a story of the week. I was enjoying myself, but it was something of a fluff episode. Which would’ve been fine if it was placed earlier, but there’s only two episodes left of the season. I figure the next two will be about Bo’s father, who I suspect is the Wanderer, and apparently we’ll find out what’s going on with Hale. Both things I’m very interested in. It’s just unfortunate this was a good episode following a kind of ‘ehhhh’ plot. While last week I thought was too weak for a side story, this worked, but I can’t help shake my dissatisfaction in how this season has turned out. I still love you, Lost Girl, but you’ve disappointed me a little. I’m still in it for the next two episodes. Dazzle me and all will be forgiven! By the way I want it said now I suspect that the doctor who wooed Lauren away might be the Wanderer himself. He’s only spoken to her so no one else has seen him, and he was very insistent that she come with him. Will she end up another captured/killed love interest? More on that later.

Bo’s depressed due to being on a break with Lauren (cue Ross Geller: WE WERE ON A BREAK). A young babysitter, Lisa, has a very creepy dream about her boss being killed. He hasn’t come back yet, and she goes to Bo and Kenzi for help. She swears weird things are happening in their little suburban community, so the two of them go undercover as sisters looking for a new place to live. They’re suspicious when they see a creepy neighbor and the bubbly real estate agent runs off for an emergency. They hear her screaming and burst in, but they’re just having a book club. They’re sitting around gossiping about the town, and there’s been several deaths/disappearances. Bo is almost positive it’s the creepy neighbor Sam. They find out that Lisa is actually a Fae herself, who is dead but can be controlled by a magical pendant to kill people. One of the three women is killed after she starts questioning the other two, and Bo yoinks Lisa out of there. She confronts Sam, but he has nothing to do with it, it’s the other two women. They had a coven of witches and invite Bo to be one of them. She turns them against each other and takes the pendant so they’re both done. She mercy kills Lisa since her time is running out and she’s tired and sad. She tells Kenzi the truth about her vision of her father.

On to the B story…or C story? Hard to tell. The twin sister of the woman they all thought Bo killed shows up to talk to Dyson. He calls in Tamsin, who is looking awful and drunk, and they figure out it wasn’t Bo after all. There’s another Fae who kills similarly to Succubi but have six fingers. There’s a huge Fae graveyard of sorts where they track the original body to. I’m sure this is going to come up again, maybe it’s connected to the Wanderer? In the other B/C story, Lauren is talking to the science guy Isaac. He insists she run away with him to do good work elsewhere, but she isn’t so sure about that. She meets with Hale who firmly tells her she can’t go. She says she’s free from the Ash and that they’re friends, why can’t he let her go. Hale says a few times that she’s not safe outside of his protection and flat out she still belongs to him. THEY KEEP HALE AWAY FOR ALL THIS TIME AND THEN TURN HIM INTO THIS? DAMN YOU SHOW. I’m sure there’s something going on there. Isaac says his lawyers figured out Lauren isn’t who she said she is, but he’ll get rid of her old identity if she’ll come away with him. She does, and doesn’t seem to be leaving notes for anyone. So that’s definitely not a break anymore.

If Isaac does turn out to be Bo’s father or tied to him in some way, I really hope they don’t end up killing Lauren, because that’s such an old trope by now. The beloved of the main character has an expiration date. I get that they probably are done with Lauren’s overall arc, but that doesn’t mean she needs to die. I loved the idea of her just walking into the sunset and going back to her old passions. She used to work in war zones and save people, and it’s been clear that she was stuck there because of the Ash. She has dreams and aspirations, and I think the idea of her walking away and following that would be a lovely end to her chapter. Of course since the cliche always happens eventually, it’s a lot more likely she’ll get off’ed to give Bo angst. I’m still crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen, since both Kenzi and Bo have had relationships on the show where it broke up reasonably well and no one had to die. I wonder if Tamsin will outlive the season too. I’m not sure about that. I really like her character so I would be heartbroken if she died. I don’t know if she’s signed on for next season. I don’t want her to replace Hale, but I’m worried about him too, since he has barely been in this season. I guess we’ll see how it goes. I’m still a little disillusioned about all of this, but I don’t want to give up. There’s plenty to like about the show, but it could be so much better.


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