Dee Discusses: The X-Files 2.3

Posted: March 26, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, X-Files
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Seems legit.

This is the third episode in a row I loved, and that’s a damn good start to a new season. They are bringing their A game, huh? There were a few parts of this episode where I think they were over complicating things, but the tension of these people slowly losing their minds was so intense. I did think in the beginning all the answer was in the blood and that the blood was a problem for everyone, so I ended up getting confused about halfway through. It worked in the end. They do horror and suspense so well. And I want to reiterate I am still psyched that the X-Files hasn’t been reopened. Clearly they’re starting to push those cases toward Mulder again, but that doesn’t mean his division has returned. I feel like at this point Skinner’s reason for holding back is almost like a power play, like the higher ups letting it happen would be to admit they were wrong or that they acknowledge these things need to be checked out. Either way, I’m liking this longer story arc.

This little town in Pennsylvania is suddenly being overrun with unexpected mass murders. It never had much crime before, but all of a sudden completely normal people are losing control and murdering others in seemingly unconnected ways. The episode starts out with one man Edward, who we’re supposed to connect with from beginning to end since he’s the one we see slowly devolve over the course of the episode. He gets laid off due to budget concerns, although he’s a good employee. He cuts himself and gets anxious about the blood. He randomly starts seeing words like KILL EVERYONE in a machine and shakes it off. We jump to a guy in an elevator who looks at the floor numbers moving and is claustrophobic. It says “can’t breath” and “kill everyone.” This is where Mulder comes in since four people were killed after that and he does think it’s strange so many people are dying in this small down.

We also see a woman go to a mechanic and she’s all alone at night, clearly nervous to be there with him. Her paranoia sets in with the same disease and it tells her not to trust him and kill him. So she does. He’s found dead the next day and Mulder goes to her house, where she gets nervous and attacks him too. She’s clearly possessed by some kind of fear and mania. Eventually they suss out that awhile ago there was this chemical mist that was banned in the area. All of the people so far have toxin levels that makes them high and  hallucinate in violent ways. I probably should’ve picked up on Edward’s issue being blood and everyone has their own fears at this point, but I just kept focusing on the blood and that the episode was named that, so I figured it was in the blood. Yeah yeah, pay more attention, Dee. Mulder investigates some crops that used to be sprayed with this chemical nearby where they all lived, and voila, he’s sprayed. Ruh roh.

Not too long after that he starts hallucinating too, and he figures out it’s the pesticide and the chemical mist that was supposed to be banned. All to turn a profit, obviously. Yeesh. The city councilman who made it agrees to stop and to test everyone in town so they can stop them from being set off. Edward is  missing and Mulder and Scully go hunting for him. He gets out of a bus earlier than they expected because he’s going to a college where there’s a blood fair going on, because he’s afraid of blood, obviously. So he gets up in a tower and shoots at everyone, although he seems to be a horrible shot since he doesn’t even look down well when he’s pulling the trigger. Mulder is still sort of high but he runs over and talks the guy down, mostly by pointing out if he kills Mulder, there will be blood everywhere. Luckily Edward is taken down before hurting anymore. The episode ends with Mulder looking at his phone after talking to Scully and it says “all done now! Bye Bye!” That’s strange. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. Why was his hallucination helpful instead of hurtful? Did he imagination some of this? Is he psychic and so it did something differently to him? No I’m never letting go of the psychic thing. Either way, it was a neat episode overall. I liked how they handled the phobias and seeing Edward decay over the episode was well done. Strong season so far!


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