Dee Discusses: The X-Files 2.2

Posted: March 25, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, X-Files
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I am never sleeping again.

Just the idea of a flukeworm makes me start writhing, I’m not going to lie. Yuck yuck yuck. I hate water monsters. The idea of being in water and yoinked underneath, especially when the water is dark and you can’t see anything in there, that’s nightmare fuel of the top level. That’s why people use it all the time in movies and TV, and it works. Like I said in the last episode, I’m so glad that they haven’t just reassigned the X-Files immediately. This is a process of getting it back, and I like that Scully and Mulder have to work for it, and we as the audience have to cheer them on. This season has been so exciting. It was difficult not to marathon the rest of the season right away.

The episode starts with nightmare fuel where a crewman on a ship is working the septic areas and gets pulled underwater. I flail a lot watching it. Mulder is assigned the case when the body shows up, but he thinks Skinner is giving him random stupid cases to punish him. He’s probably right about that. He throws a temper tantrum at Skinner in front of other people, so Mulder is as usual very good at making friends. He tells Scully that he might want to transfer away, he doesn’t think he can get anywhere. Scully is all 😦 about it, she doesn’t want her BFF to go. She suggests he transfer to Quantico with her, but Mulder points out they don’t want the two of them to work together. Noooooo. Scully does the autopsy for his crewman and finds a flukeworm in him. She says it’s fairly typical, gross but not unheard of.

fml fml fml

In NJ another worker is attacked, but the guy thinks it was a snake attack. He has a pretty bad bite but he’s let loose. Let’s go to the next horror inducing moment where he keeps spitting up blood and then a FREAKING FLUKEWORM and I was curled up in a little ball. Scully says the bite mark is a much bigger version of the bite a flukeworm can have, and then Mulder gets a call that they’ve found a strange creature. It’s like some flukeworm mutant. It’s humanoid but with a flukeworm face and welcome to my nightmares. Mulder’s pretty psyched they have a mutant creature on their hands because hello X-Files. Skinner admits that it should’ve been an X-File, but he wants the creature brought to them for … questioning? Tests? I don’t think they’re going to ask that thing a lot of questions.

They try to get the flukeman in but he kills the officer with him and hides in a toilet. NO NO NO NO I refuse to think about this because I want to use the bathroom again. Scully thinks the little flukeworm she found is actually a larva, which is not good because it means the damn thing can reproduce and suddenly I imagine a bunch of flukemen and hate my life. Mulder has to destroy the flukeman and lose his chance of proving it exists because it attacks another guy, and Mulder saves him by closing a gate on it. Except we see the body later floating around and the eyes open. This is one time I’d like to believe the file closes pre-last scene. Scully thinks maybe it was radioactive waste, a la Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Suddenly I care about the flukeman more now and think if it said Cowabunga, I’d probably give it some pizza.

Overall great episode. It freaked me out, and that’s pretty easy to do but I think it plays on common fears well. And they do not have the X-Files back, although Skinner did acknowledge that they probably need one. Well get on that, dude.


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