Dee Discusses: Lost Girl 3.9

Posted: March 23, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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Hmmmm. I can’t say that I was entirely pleased with the episode. I think I’ve seen too many times the whole “face your own self” as rites of passage, so this episode was a little predictable. Especially the second Dyson showed up and offered himself as Hand. I mean come on. Freaking obvious. There are a few aspects I really liked of this episode though. Let’s get into the recap. It’s time for Bo to finally do her Dawning. Stella offers her a bunch of humans to feed off of, she needs to be at her best for the event, but it’s Bo so she refused to kill anyone. She also refused to take sides, so she has to go into the experience unarmed. Except Dyson shows up and declares himself her weapon of choice. She doesn’t want to accept it, but Lauren insists; despite her issues with Bo/Dyson, she wants her girlfriend to be safe at any costs. Trick has a sweet moment with Bo when he draws their family symbol on her forehead.

Bo and Dyson are greeted with this guy who lives in the Dawning area, he’s called the Caretaker. He explains to her the challenge ends when she has the key in hand. The place they’re in plays tricks with them, but that hasn’t happened yet. Dyson and Bo try to chase this Fae, and he admits he loves her. I like that they follow this up with sort of amused but awkward banter, rather than make it as dramatic as they could have. He also says he respects her relationship with Lauren, and to see him in a hundred years. You know they haven’t really addressed the aging process yet. Has Bo really thought about the fact she’s going to outlive Kenzi and Lauren that easily? Hmmm! That’s a good question, I don’t think that she has dwelled on it.

Anyway they’re still in “The Dal” area and Bo tackles a Fae, disappearing from view. Dyson and the caretaker talk and he says they can imagine anything in there, including some parallel world where Bo and Dyson are married and expecting a child. She’s also police partners with Lauren, and Kenzi is a witness, and Trick is their boss. There’s a blend of true and not true statements thrown around here. Tamsin’s the creepy neighbor next door. That felt like they just wanted her to show up. WHAT ABOUT HALE? No I will never freaking give up on that. Meanwhile back in normal land Kenzi confesses to Trick she’s scared of what will happen to her without Bo. He reassures her he will claim her. This makes me feel a little better since he dismissed her easily a few episodes back when he said she wasn’t one of them.

In the end, they realize that Dyson has to die so that Bo can leave. Otherwise they’ll stay there forever. Dyson can’t leave. Bo does kill him, but she defies the rules and draws a symbol of her family crest on the ground. This is after she has a vision of her father, although his face is never seen, and Aoife stealing her from her crib. Oooo interesting. So Bo proves yet again she doesn’t like rules and boundaries and gets Dyson home, but he’s still dead. She goes dark Phoenix on everyone and mentions her father, and steals all their Chi to bring Dyson back to life. Whoaaaaaaa. I guess she can control it now better than before, but I’d side eye the hell out of her, people.

So Dyson’s alive, Bo survived the Dawning, and now they have a mystery to solve about her father. Also we need to find out what Tamsin’s whole fear of Bo is about. I think her father is probably linked to the Valkyries, maybe? Trick looked at an image of a guy fighting a dragon or something. I think he suspects who Bo’s real father is now. There were a few things I liked in this episode. I always love Trick bonding with Bo and Kenzi, it goes straight to my heart. The actual parts of the Dal were boring and expected, so I zoned out a little, and I knew Dyson was there to die and wouldn’t die for good so that ended up not mattering much. I don’t know, I guess I wanted something more unique or different or … I’m not sure. It was good, it just wasn’t great. WHERE IS HALE? The end.


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