Dee Discusses: The X-Files 1.24

Posted: March 22, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, X-Files
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This episode was so good. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I complained in the last episode that I wasn’t a fan of how it didn’t seem to build up to the season conclusion, but damn this was a good finale. I expected this to be about aliens, and it was to an extent, but it had a lot more to it than that. Again I would love to give credit to this show that the characters constantly have to deal with consequences. While I wasn’t in fear for either of their lives, knowing they live for the rest of the show and the movies, but that doesn’t mean I lacked concern. They’re being put through the ringer, especially Mulder, and they can’t just run around doing crazy things without getting in trouble for it. I love that. Yes it’s a reflection on shows today that makes me appreciate how consequences are handled on this show. Today people usually end up killing characters orĀ  tossing significant others in the fridge, that’s how you get the tension. Or all of this stuff will happen to characters and by the end of the episode it’s all wrapped up in a neat bow and they don’t go for the logical conclusion of actions leading to not-so-happy reactions. I’m not certain if I am explaining this clearly, but I like that Mulder and Scully have terrible things happening to them because they’re involved in terrible things. But it isn’t gimmicky. It makes sense.

Getting to the actual episode now, Mulder gets a mysterious message in the middle of the night. A high speed chase has ended with the man driving the car diving into the lake and no one can find him. It seems like a normal cop situation, but Deep Throat tells Mulder it’s more than that. The two of them end up there and Scully points out there really isn’t anything supernatural here as far as she can tell, and she doubts Deep Throat. He admitted he lied before, and she thinks he’s just leading Mulder around by the nose. I don’t think she’s necessarily wrong, but she’s not entirely right either. It does frustrate Mulder since they investigate more and nothing really stands out to him as different. He tracks the car to a scientist experimenting on monkeys, who is very cagey about it. Later on the scientist is killed by a man in black who indicates the missing man is a fellow doctor. Mulder argues with Deep Throat and confronts him about his secretive ways, but he just continues to make ambiguous replies and leaves. At least Mulder suspects there is something afoot when he sees the scientist was killed, although they’re treating it like a suicide.

Mulder finds a beaker with something called “Purity Control” and gives it to Scully so she can run tests on it. She gives it to a doctor named Anne at Georgetown who agrees to run tests on it. Mulder is in the doctor’s office when the phone rings and it’s the missing man, Dr. Secare. He’s injured and tries to say his location but falls over. The EMTs are rushing him to the hospital when some kind of poison comes out of him and knocks them all out. He escapes again. The phone Mulder was on was taped, and the guy in black who killed the scientist before is hot on Mulder’s tail. The difference is they seem to actually know what they’re looking for while Mulder is walking around blank. He follows a lead to a warehouse where he sees dozens of humans in tanks being experimented on. This is a gorgeously lit scene. At the same time Anne tells Scully that the bacteria in the beaker is something never seen before in nature and it is baffling to her.

The general gist is explained by Deep Throat when they get there the next day and see all the bodies gone. They took viruses from aliens and were testing them on humans. Secare was the only one who survived so everyone wanted to get their hands on him. Mulder tracks the guy down but he’s taken hostage after being infected by the same alien poison. Wow does he look bad, his face is all swollen and he’s barely alive. Scully has to figure out what to do on her own and manages to sneak into a medical facility to get an alien fetus. Ahhhh! She meets with Deep Throat who argues with her and says Mulder can be exchanged for that. She’s skeptical of him as always, but she probably started to sympathize with him more when he’s shot to death by the kidnappers. They drop Mulder for her and take the fetus. Deep Throat is dead! I assumed he would be dead eventually, but I didn’t realize it would be so soon and in this way. WOW. The X-Files is shut down. Deep Throat tells Scully to “trust no one” before he dies. I knew this was a tag line from the show but it was really cool to hear where it originated from. I clapped my hands in glee.

This was a great season end. It brought in the overall mythology of the show, it was exciting and interesting, and some serious crap went down. Mulder almost died from the alien infection and was captured, Deep Throat was killed, and now they’re going to have to figure out how to get the X-Files back. As soon as this episode was over I couldn’t wait to get to the next season. Bravo to you, show. For fun I put the bloopers of season one below. As a season one round up, I have to say this was a great first season. I know it was a surprise this show did so well at the time, but I can see it so well now. It was well written, well acted, and it was different and interesting and they kept it as exciting as possible. There were a few duds, but yeah, I love it. Can’t wait for more.


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