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Posted: March 22, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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Previously on The Following, Joe Carroll is a serial killer. He was caught by Ryan Hardy. Ryan subsequently started a relationship with Joe’s ex-wife. Joe started to gather a cult of followers who have now put into motion a bunch of drama. Recently Joe was broken out of jail and he’s at large. Claire’s in protective custody and he wants her back. Also there was an awkward love triangle with his followers Emma, Paul, and Jacob. Emma abandoned the two of them to get Joey to his father, and she feels guilty about it, but not too guilty since she slept with Joe last week. Agent Cutie Pie Mike got the snot kicked out of him last week by the followers but he’s alive and sidelined for this episode. Also, the police in general have sucked at their job. This is the first episode where they manage to kick a little butt, so that’s nice.

This episode starts right after the last. Joe’s follower Amanda is the newest one to cause some trouble, and is it weird to say I have a new favorite follower? I liked the woman from before who was batshit, but this one is even more fascinating to watch. Mind you that doesn’t mean I like them or are rooting for them. I find them fascinating as characters and what they manage to accomplish clever. It’s things like this episode that makes the show a little more creative for a horror/crime story. Amanda’s husband cheated on her so she murdered him and his girlfriend. She has an idea to help Joe get his wife back. The idea is to go around killing all the other Claire Matthews’ in the city until they can find the real Claire. This is brilliantly insane. Ryan figures out pretty damn fast what the plan is, and they move to save the other Claires, but unfortunately not quickly enough to save another one. Amanda has a really interesting randomness to her attacks. The first was killed with a harpoon gun, who the hell even does that, and the second is out a window. Her attempt with the third is a nail gun. Yikes.

Before this all starts Joe calls Ryan to wax poetical. His usual thing. Blah blah blah I’m so clever blah blah. It’s a little annoying since he does it so often, but it is completely within character so I can’t complain too much. I just end up rolling my eyes. He’s a little like ‘yeeeeeeeeeah’ when Emma wants to continue their affair and brings up Jacob. Roderick mentions to Emma and Jacob has desperately tried to get in touch with her and everyone else. We flash to Jacob and Paul getting to Jacob’s house and meeting his mother. Paul is septic and bleeding to death from his wound. We see a flashback of when the two first met and when Paul realized Jacob had never killed anyone. He was sweet about it, and I can’t believe I just typed that considering being sweet meant stabbing a woman a dozen times to death. This show does have some strange moments where I find myself empathizing with a character I don’t want to. Oops. Like when Jacob finally gets his first kill by mercy killing Paul before fleeing. It was surprisingly sad. Although Paul said he wanted his death to matter, something Charlie said before, so I now think it’s a signal for the followers they want to be mercy killed. Good to know! At the end of the episode he shows up at the house looking preeeeeeetty pissed at Emma.

Ryan is kicking butt this week despite the new FBI guy trying to control his every move, since he’s on top of the Claire situation. He warns them not to let Claire anywhere near a TV because she’d voluntarily turn herself in to stop the killings. They get on the trail of the last Claire and meet up with Louise and Amanda. Louise mocks Ryan that she doesn’t think he’ll kill her and he shoots her mid sentence. I laughed out loud.  All too many times they hesitate but nope, he’s having none of that shit. I’d like to take a moment to say there was this one guy at the party who saved other Claire’s life by getting between her and Amanda, and he was a complete stranger to her. That was super nice. I know it’s random to focus on that detail, but it made me go ‘aw that poor guy, he was so brave.’ I’m weird shut up. Ryan manages to talk Amanda down from killing Claire by admitting he loves Claire and he’s in torment without her and she should just kill him instead. He confuses Amanda long enough he can take her down. The FBI guy mutters about how creepy it is Ryan loves Claire. I don’t know, that doesn’t seem creepy to me? They seemed to have a real connection and supported each other through the trial. Maybe he should get over it, but I wouldn’t use that word.

This was a good episode! I continue to find the cult itself super interesting. I find that an interesting subject entirely, I’d really like them to do more with Parker and her past with a cult too. It was great to see the FBI actually get a win this time too. Ryan is a great character, I love how they let him have the occasional HILARIOUS comment and/or shooting Louise mid-sentence. It makes him an interesting character because you’re never quite sure where he’s going to go either. He’s as unpredictable as the people he’s hunting. Next week I guess Joe gets very impatient and wants his damn wife already. They tracked her to a certain location so I guess it’s about to go down. There’s only six eps in the season left. Here we go!


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