Dee Discusses: The X-Files 1.22

Posted: March 19, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, X-Files
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Not sure if bad actress … or good one.

I think I benefited from not seeing this episode at the time it aired, because I looked up some info on Wiki and they said it was really similar to other shows at the time. Then again, this episode was really similar to some themes we’d already seen in season 1. And yes I’m writing this having already seen the next episode, which is going to get a much harsher reaction considering how close it is to this one. But I did see this first and I didn’t dislike it. Creepy kids are like the #1 way to make me anxious, so I was already shivering when that blank eyed kid showed up. I can see why this episode was considered a shaky one though. And this is one of those where I wanted to throw something at Scully again for just always refusing to believe things. I think the problem is that some episodes they do let her believe things, or witness something like GLOWING FREAKING SPIDERS WHO COCOONED HER. After that you’d REALLY THINK she’d be a bit more open minded. I always give Scully some credit by saying her questioning Mulder is because his theory might not be correct, he doesn’t always get it right from the start, and I sort of wish one episode it turns out to be a really simple answer. Which would be hilarious, let’s be honest.

Annnnnnyway, a creepy little girl Michelle is found by smart cop Sharon Lazard, who sees her wandering around by herself so she brings her in to be questioned. She leaves her with another cop, and then a few minutes later that cop is flung out of the window and killed. And the kid’s just chilling. She says there was another person in the room and describes a guy with a creepy mustache. They match the drawing up to a former detective Charlie who was killed nine years ago by a gang. This one’s obvious from here, so I’ll admit, it’s pretty boring in some places. Mulder decides that the girl is reincarnated Charlie and/or possessed by him, and he’s having her take retribution on the people who had him killed. There’s this huge conspiracy with the cops and the mafia/gang, and Charlie was unjustly murdered. This leads them to Charlie’s widow, who has since married his former partner and you just know that’s going to end badly. C’mon. Obvious or obvious, amirite?

This reminds me a little of the ghost episode before who was protecting that girl he cared about. I don’t remember the name of the episode, but this one reminds me of it, especially the stand off with the girl as Charlie and his former partner. They realize that he was drowned in his own fishtank. That sucks. When they were recording the girl during a hypnosis therapy session, the screen flashed (it’d done that before) and showed a little fishtank souvenir. That was the last thing he saw before he died. That’s pretty sad actually. All’s well that ends well. They’ve caught his partner who goes to jail, and his closure is found, apparently leaving the little girl and letting her have a normal life now. This is a pretty fast recap honestly because … not much happened. I wouldn’t say it’s a horrible episode, it’s more of a dull one. I ended up shrugging about it. I’m not sure I’ll remember it a season from now, unfortunately. I’m a little disappointed this is coming so soon to the finale too. I kind of expected better leading up to it?


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