Dee Discusses: The Following 1.8

Posted: March 16, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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Okay I’ll admit it, I probably was wrong about Mike. Haha yes this episode makes it pretty clear he’s probably not one of the group … although I remain suspicious. It’s not about the character or the actor, I just am used to TV enough to know that one of the main characters has to at one point be in the group. He seemed the most obvious as someone the audience cares about. But no, while Joe is a horrible person, he wouldn’t dispose of his people, and I’m pretty sure he knows who most of them are. Especially a big get like a FBI agent. So sorry Mike. Your reputation is maintained, and you only had to be beaten and stabbed. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this episode and I’ll get into why later.

Joe’s free and of course the FBI are freaking out because THEY SHOULD BE. They should’ve been paying a helluva lot more attention before now too. There’s a new guy who seems to want to call everyone by their first names and be really polite, but he also thinks Ryan is a loose cannon. Which he is. A really reckless one, although at the same time everyone knows that Joe wants Ryan alive so you’d think they would use him as bait and/or utilize him more frequently. He’s good at his job, or maybe he just seems better than everyone else who sucks at their job. Law enforcement is not being projected as very successful in this show, are they? Hm. Mike tries to help Joe and he gets sent home for it, which leads him to be captured.

Tied in with that we go to Crazy Town. Joey is terrified when his father is watching him sleep and says he hopes in time they can bond. Joe’s an interesting character. I guess I’m used to psychopaths and sociopaths just killing willy nilly, which he does do with his victims, but he has a really creepy realism to the connections he does have. I believe him when he says he loves Claire, he just has a super creepy version of it. Anyway Emma and him bond and we finally meet Roderick, which freaks me out because it’s Wes from Common Law. He’s so handsome. And now crazy. I’m going to call him Wes from now on. Joe sends Roderick after the FBI in order to find out Claire’s whereabouts. Obviously Mike is the one they go after.

It seems strange they’d single the kid out at first, why would he know where Claire is? But it’s cool you figure out later he did work with witness protection so he does know where Claire is. And Roderick knows this, because he’s a sheriff himself and has some other connections. They play this creepy game where they beat Mike to death slowly and let him fight Charlie, but he stands firm. Ryan’s figured out he was taken and they are all going through actual detective work to track Mike down. He arrives just in time to save him, although he was stabbed in his gut by Charlie first. Ryan kills an impressive amount of them first. Only Roderick, Charlie, and ummm blond woman survive. Louise, right, her name is Louise. Mike swears to Ryan he didn’t tell where Claire was. Awww.

Noooo Wes, where’s Travis?

When they get back to Joe Charlie apologizes for failing and gives his life up. He wants Joe to kill him and for his death to matter. I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Are they going to use his body for something later? It’s a really weird scene where they have this strange sympathetic but beautiful music and he hugs Charlie before he kills him. I have no idea what to think about this. Are we supposed to be moved? I’m guessing not. Are we supposed to be like what is wrong with you people? Well yes. Roderick shows some frustration with losing his power now to Joe, and he strangles Louise … and then lets her go only for them to have sex. Okay. Also Emma seduces Joe while he’s covered in Charlie’s blood. This show, guys.

So yeah overall I think it was good, it’s interesting to see the steps the cult are taking, and I am interested in this Roderick. Apparently he was responsible for two of Joe’s accused murders. And Joe trained him. It’s a normal trope that the student surpasses the teacher eventually. My guess is that’s coming into play later. I’m just continuously baffled with how bad law enforcement is here. I wish they were just a tiny bit more competent. How are they going to find Claire? Hm. I’m definitely still fascinated by this show, but it feels a little directionless right now. Next week I guess Paul and Jacob are looking for Emma and still alive. Hmmm.


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