Dee Discusses: Lost Girl 3.8

Posted: March 16, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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This was an interesting episode. I liked a lot about it, although I am frustrated that yet again no Hale is to be seen. He’s mentioned in the episode and Bo says he’s chimed in about the Dawning, but that’s something I’d like to see. I’m just nervous that he’s being written out and/or will be dying. I miss my siren hottie. Kenzi and Dyson were also not a part of this episode, which was unfortunate, but luckily Tamsin and Trick brought plenty of awesome on their own. It’s okay when some of the characters need to take a back seat to focus on the plot instead.

Bo is still preparing for the Dawning which is difficult and she can’t figure out all the steps she needs. One lesson is about this chirping cricket and she needs to be able to sense where it is instead of hearing it. She fails that test, but it comes up later.  I like the wise Fae Stella, who is here to help Bo out and scolds her for failing. She’s also having a little wink wink nudge nudge flirting with Trick, they have cute chemistry. She lets Bo have a day off and Lauren says she won a science award. She wants Bo to go as her date and she’s really excited and nervous. I love when Lauren’s being cute and this is a good one for her, and I love her science nerdiness. Of course you know that there’s no way she’s going to end up being there for Lauren’s dinner, so it’s like a ‘get this story on the road, we know they’re breaking up soon,’ feeling.

She is sidetracked by Tamsin, who tells Bo that they’re all trying to pretty up the Dawning experience when in fact it’s horrible. I’m not sure that’s true. Maybe it was a different experience for them and/or it was a long time ago and it faded from their memory. Tamsin’s a Valkyrie and I expect it was a lot tougher for her.  They almost get attacked in a Dark Fae bar and this random sprite saves them and takes a favor from Bo. He needs her to help him save this Fae who is being held hostage from a mob boss for her tears. When she cries magic happens. Interesting! Bo and Tamsin have to go to this very dangerous location, one that Tamsin wants to avoid, in order to do it. The trick of this episode is that while she’s gone, this ‘game’ has appeared. Bo needs to play it in order to go to her Dawning. She’s not around though so Trick has to play it for her, as her only living relative.

Every choice he makes causes problems for Bo in her quest and/or helps her. This can be funny, like when she gets drunk and fights with Lauren, or bad when she gets poisoned. Anyway with Tamsin’s help she finds the girl and has to face down a Dark Fae. That cricket test finally works in her favor and she realizes the Fae is behind her instead of his illusions in front. They all come back together at Trick’s bar and it turns out the entire mission was intentional to get her to complete the task. The sprite was part of it and he officially invites her to the Dawning. Huzzah Bo! Her private life is a problem though because Lauren missed her event and then this handsome doctor shows up to whisk her away.

Randomly Tamsin kissed Bo when she survived. Is she going to replace Lauren as the female love interest? I’m not sure I like that. For crying out loud I get Bo is awesome and has a succubus charm thing going, but she does not need to have everyone in the show in love with her. I like Tamsin a lot, and I’d rather she stay as a friend. There’s also some weird Wanderer card that keeps showing up for Bo, and it freaks Tamsin out. No idea what this is about, but we’ll find out later. I liked the episode. The plot was interesting, I liked how neatly it tied up at the end, and while I missed the main cast, I think they would’ve just provided distractions here. A good solid episode. Oh and Bo knows about Dyson’s love now. It was only barely touched upon, but it’ll come up later I’m sure.


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