Dee Discusses: The Vampire Diaries 4.16

Posted: March 15, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, The Vampire Diaries
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Someone hand over a bottle of vodka. I’m going to need this to get through the episode. So my stupid DVR makes it impossible these days for recording to happen correctly. For example it decided it hated my recordings last night, and I had to watch it live or it wouldn’t record. I thought about just letting it happen. But I wanted to see what soulless Elena seemed like. End result: ehhh pretty much like Katherine only less interesting. More on that later. But I wish I had a drink to get through this one. Previously on TVD, they tried to get a cure and Katherine stole it. Jeremy’s dead. Damon used his sire bond to make Elena turn off her morality chip or whatever they call it. Tyler ran away because Klaus is going to murder him. The show still wants us to think Klaroline is a possibility despite the fact her boyfriend is gone since he’ll be brutally murdered by the other guy. I’m too tired to get hateful so soon. But it’s there. Under the surface. There was this werewolf Hayley who likes Tyler, and apparently she was working with Katherine. She’s only relevant because she and Klaus are going off to another show, and I am so happy about that my heart could burst.

I really don’t want to talk about Klaus this episode. So I’ll just say this. He’s looking for Katherine. He finds Hayley. Instead of torturing her for information he seduces her instead. She makes fun of his paintings, which did make me laugh, but has sex with him anyway. It’s kind of weird she did that when she spent all that time breaking his hybrids of their sire bond and openly hated him, but this makes sense on TVD. I don’t care because they have sex and talk about New Orleans which is just indicating the Originals show. Good. Shoo. Both of you off to crazy land far away from the show, maybe I’ll feel better about it. So that’s it for the two of them this episode yay. Elena has no morality now. She feels nothing. She speaks in a general monotone. She doesn’t get why she can’t just kill everyone and do what she wants, and I’m like lol Damon this is the perfect Elena for you,  you’re so alike. Which becomes relevant later. Damon tells her to not eat anyone when she goes back to school. She’s rejoining the cheerleaders.

Really she just rejoined so she could feed on the other school cheerleaders, since the mayor but vervain in the water. Damon’s sire bond no longer works because she doesn’t love him anymore. Nice. She points out he might as well like her better now.  This brings up the question of how they’d get her to turn the switch back on. I guess it would have to be her choice this time? WOW an actual choice being made and not forced or manipulated? That would be rare for this show. She shows one flash of emotion when she sees Stefan and Caroline dancing at an impromptu party she starts. But she brushes that soon after. She attacks the Sheriff and then beats the snot out of Caroline. If you want to know how she’s better than an older vampire, the answer is she still remembers Alaric’s training. She almost stakes Caroline. I love me some Caroline, but I will admit, that was pretty intense. The only part I didn’t like about that confrontation was bringing up Klaus, but whatever, I’ll let it go. Elena’s kind of like Katherine only more empty inside, since Katherine’s heartless but she still has some emotions.

Rebekah and Damon hang out this time looking for Katherine. To find the cure obviously. They track down a vampire that Klaus bit to save Hayley. They think he’ll know where Katherine is. Damon recognizes the guy as Will and takes out his heart. Well that’s a nice way to greet old friends, but that’s Damon for you. He takes Elena with him to New York. I guess to find Katherine some more. Damon’s been pretty consistent for wanting Elena’s love, the real version of it, so he won’t be satisfied with soulless Elena. No matter how much she’s more like him this way. Caroline knows for sure Tyler’s never coming back after he sends a letter through Matt. He also signs the deed of his house to Matt, so he has the Lockwood home now. There’s this weird moment where he tells Rebekah she doesn’t want to be human and ordinary because it sucks. She looks like she hasn’t thought about this before. You’re a thousand years old. Why do they still make you act like you’re 17? Sigh. There might be other things but I don’t care. Oh yeah the blood, someone’s stealing all the blood, it’s probably Silas/Bonnie. Who cares this show is dumb. More vodka.


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