Deechelle Discusses: Once Upon a Time 2.16

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In fairytale land: We see young Cora, played by Rose McGowan, and she is the miller’s daughter. She is proud though and she doesn’t like to bow to the nobles. The King humbles her time and time again, forcing her to bow and apologize, and then catches her when she sneaks into the royal ball. He’s looking for a wife for his son, and she boldly says she can turn straw into gold. He tells her she can do that or die. While trapped in the tower, Rumpelstiltskin appears and says he can help her spin it. In return she has to give him her first born, which she’s fine with, but she wants him to teach her magic. She wins the day, but she finds her success less satisfying. In the mean time she and Rumpelstiltskin have fallen in love. She agrees to run away with him and change the deal to their baby together. When she goes to kill the King, he reminds her that power and money is what matters and having a heart is a weakness. She rejects Rumpelstiltskin and pulled out her own heart to protect her from weakness.

In Storybrooke: Rumpelstiltskin and the others are back thanks to Hook’s ship and they get to his shop. He teaches Emma how to use her white magic and surround them with a protection spell. Rumpelstiltskin shows Snow he still has the candle, and if she uses it over Cora’s heart and whispers her name, she can poison it. Then all she has to do is put it back in her body and she dies before she steals his powers. Everyone knows she cannot get the power of the Dark One or they’re all dead. When Cora and Regina come fighting, Snow runs out the back and goes for Regina’s vaults. They are tossed aside easily enough, and Emma threatens Regina to get Cora to drop the dagger. She’s like lol have you met me I don’t care yo.

They’re holed up in the back of Rumpelstiltskin’s shop, and he’s fading away. He asks to talk to Belle one more time and emotionally says goodbye to her and then to Baelfire. Meanwhile Snow has found the heart, and she decides to whisper the poison over it. The worst part is she gives it to Regina and tells her that Cora will never love her without her heart. So she has manipulated Regina into putting the poisoned heart into her mother’s body, just before she can kill Rumpelstiltskin. Cora dies, Snow gets there too late, and we’ve got another blood feud on our hands.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: This was a great episode, probably my favorite of the season. I think it’s because they managed to surprise me. I knew Cora was going to die, although it’s annoying they promo’ed this episode as “one of their own will die.” She’s not one of their own, she’s a villain, guys. Nice try. I like that they didn’t excuse any of Cora’s behavior; she was ambitious and vicious long before she got her magic. She’s done horrible things since. She and Rumpelstiltskin brought out the worst in each other. But I still went OUCH when it was Regina who did it. And I’d like to give Barbara Hershey credit for that look of actual joy and laughter on her face when she saw Regina and felt her heart again. That was so well done. Performances all around were strong, I was into the episode from beginning to end, and I guess we’ll see where it goes from here. I like the furthering of Emma’s magic here too, because I feel like she could some day waver into the dark/light magic area herself.

Jachelle: Muy excelente! I thought this was a really great episode start to finish. I was pretty amped up about the episode because Dee kept instant messaging me while she was watching it and going OH MY GOD ASKDFHJAKSJHDF. So I was totally waiting on my couch for the show to start. I wasn’t sure if I should expect good or bad because you never know with Dee’s keysmashing, but I definitely enjoyed the ride. I loved the backstory with Rumple and Cora and oh my god Rose Mcgowan you are gorgeous. I was genuinely surprised to find out that Cora and Rumple loved each other and he was the reason she removed her heart. That was a fun twist on things. I have to sigh a bit at where we’ll be heading after this, though. HERE WE GO AGAIN.

Favorite Scene

Dee: I’ll be honest there are a lot of scenes I loved in this episode. I know which one Jachelle is going to choose, and I’d agree with that, the best scene was probably Rumpelstiltskin’s last words to Belle and his son. He is just such an amazing actor and he does a fantastic job in this, showing that even as the Dark One he was still so vulnerable when it came to love. Cora burned him big time. So yes, I think that’s my favorite scene too, but I really want to give props to almost all of Rose McGowan’s scenes with Rumpelstiltskin, and the last scene with Cora. I liked him asking her about their relationship at the end, and like I said, the look on her face was excellent. Good episode all around.

Jachelle: <- CAPTAIN OF THE RUMBELLE SHIP. Of course you all know which scene was my favorite. From the second he said he needed to call Belle I sat frozen on my couch because god forbid I miss a second of that conversation. It sucker punched me right in the feels. In the future if anyone questions why I love these two, I will direct them right to this conversation. It’s everything I love about Belle and everything I love about her relationship with Rumplestiltskin all nicely packaged into one truly beautiful bit of acting by Robert Carlyle. And to follow that up with that moment between Rumple and Bael? Oh man. My little heart just couldn’t take it.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: I’m trying to think of one. Maybe when Cora mentioned being the Dark One and Regina looked surprised and was like oh right you’re evil how did I forget that. Seriously honey. At this point how are you still surprised. I think I was a little disappointed that none of them even slightly gave Regina and Cora a fight outside of Emma’s magic, and by that I mean they just stood no chance. I think the two of them together were too overpowered. I would’ve liked to see a little more of a fight. Otherwise yeah, I just thought this was solid.

Jachelle: I’m going to go with Regina and Snow talking in the vaults. First Regina storms in acting all indignant YOU HAVE NO RIGHT BLAH BLAH BLAH. Um. Regina? You killed her father, put a curse on her, tried to kill her multiple times, and then cursed an entire land because of your emotional baggage. You have zero right to get uppity at Snow. Then she followed that up with her “my mother loves me and did all this for me” tirade, which just made me roll my eyes. It sucks because I really used to love Regina. At first she was so deliciously evil, then she started working her way toward redemption…and now? She’s kind of like a bratty teenager. I don’t know. I’m not liking it.

Favorite Character

Dee: Rumpelstiltskin is forever and always my favorite character in this show. I loved seeing more of him in the flashbacks like I said above, his longing for love even while evil. Him thinking it was the end and saying goodbye to his loved ones. It looked like even Emma’s heart softened for him during his confession. He was facing his death with Cora and asked a question from the heart. I don’t know, for whatever reason this character just works for me. It might be the actor or how well written he is, but I got a little sappy over him this episode. So sue me.

Jachelle: Young Cora was fascinating for me to watch. I thought Rose did a really amazing job of capturing her. I loved her sassiness (and also her dresses).  We know this show can have a tendency to force things sometimes, but I thought they did a nice job this week of presenting Cora’s original no-nonsense, power hungry attitude and then showed it’s natural progression through the events of the flashback. Add that in with her final conversation with Rumple in Storybrook and Cora was definitely my favorite this week. I mean, she’s still a sociopath and I’m glad she’s gone, but I had fun watching her this week.

How’s Regina’s Redemption Looking?

Dee: Not very good. Contrary to public belief, I don’t have a heart of steel. I did feel something for both of them in this episode, but not enough for me to forget all of the horrible awful things they’ve done. Regina killed her own father. She cursed all of them. She’s tortured and murdered her way through everything. She date raped Graham a lot oh and then she killed him too. That’s nothing compared to the huge list of things Cora did. So while it was completely awful that Snow used her that way, I can’t really say she didn’t deserve it. It really just felt like a big whack of karma coming around. Plus she was really in league with her mother all this time, something that drove me crazy, meaning she was literally planning on murdering all of them this episode once her mother got the Dark One’s power. And taking Henry. If the next episode she decides to suck it up and move on, I’ll try it out, but as of right now I’m sick of her wavering redemption storyline.

Jachelle: Ugh. I was so on board Regina’s redemption train. I REALLY WAS. And now? Well, ugh. If they have her go all crazy wrath you ruined my life on Snow again, I’m going to close my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears. Yes, it does kind of suck that Snow resorted to manipulating Regina in the way that she did. But I do not want to watch a bunch more episodes of Regina taking zero responsibility for anything she and her mother did and trying to kill Snow again. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, LET’S MOVE ON. I’m fully expecting the rest of the season to consist of Regina going after Snow, then Henry getting through to her in the finale, and her trying to be good for him again. And if I’m right, then I’m going to be grumpy as hell. You do not give me redemption possibilities and character growth, then yank it all away from me, and then try to hand it back to me again after you’ve stomped all over it. But who knows- maybe I’m way off base and they really will do something new and different with her. And if that’s the case, then I’m definitely interested to see what it is. But until we find out which direction the writers are going, I’m remaining skeptical.

  1. Regina’s bad actions STILL do not excuse what Snow White did.


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