Deechelle Discusses: Once Upon a Time 2.15

Posted: March 11, 2013 by Dee in Dee, Deechelle, General Media, Jach, Once Upon a Time, Recaps, Television

In the flashback: We meet Snow White’s mother Queen Eva. She is good and kind and everyone loves her. Snow White proves to be a bit of a spoiled snot at first, snapping at her nurse Johanna, but her mother gently tells her to cut that out. Eva suddenly gets sick right before Snow’s birthday, and the girl gets desperate. Johanna tells her that she knows a magical force who can help Eva, the Blue Fairy. The Blue Fairy is waiting for her and gives her a dark magic candle. She has to trade her mother’s life for someone else, by whispering the name over the heart. She chooses not to do it because her mother wants her to be good. Eva dies and Snow grieves deeply. It’s showed that Cora was masking herself at some points as Johanna and as the Blue Fairy. She wants to do anything she can to turn Snow’s heart black.

In Storybrooke: Snow doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday because it brings up memories of her dead mother. Johanna sends her the crown, and she didn’t know Johanna was alive in the town. While reuniting, she sees Cora and Regina looking for Rumpelstiltskin’s dagger. She decides to confront Regina with her knowledge and ask her one more time to turn away from her mother, because she can’t love her. Regina refuses and storms out. When Rumpelstiltskin gives them the location of his dagger (more on that later), Snow and Charming go to get it and they’re confronted with Cora and Regina. They have Johanna. Regina holds her heart and Snow gives over the dagger, after realizing Cora killed her mother. Cora then decides to kill Johanna too, because why not. Regina gets the truth from Cora that she did it to give her the throne, and she doesn’t really care much about it. Snow cries over Johanna’s grave and says she’s sick of being the good guy and wants to kill Cora.

In New York: Henry and Baelfire are bonding over pizza and museums, although he’s still mad at Emma for lying. They go back to Bael’s place and Hook appears suddenly to stab him. He got his hook back from knocking Charming out earlier, but it really didn’t matter, because Hook doesn’t really matter. He’s knocked out by Emma again but his hook had poison in it. Rumpelstiltskin is dying. He doesn’t want Henry to come near him because of the prophecy. They have to take Hook’s enchanted ship back to Storybrooke to save his life. They know Cora and Regina want the dagger so they tell Snow where it is … unfortunately we know how that ends up.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: I have some mixed feelings on this one. There were aspects I really loved. I thought Ginnifer did an excellent acting job and the kid who plays her in the show is insanely good. She looks and acts so much like Snow it freaks me out. I always suspected Cora was behind the Queen’s death since it paved the way for Regina, but it was still harsh to watch and to see Snow understand. The problems I have I’ll get to lower on, but I think there’s a few too many contrivances to work. I have to sort of look past them. Hook just happened to know where Rumpelstiltskin was and his ship was just fast enough to get there and then he just got knocked out again. Seriously he has like two moments in this show where he’s anywhere near menacing, and most of the other time he’s just bumbling around getting beaten up by people. What’s the point to him? They needed to force a reason for Rumpy and the rest to get home immediately, so that works, but I still went REALLY when he showed up. Overall I did enjoy this but my problems I’ll get into below.

Jachelle: It wasn’t a bad episode. I really loved the flashbacks this week and thought they played an important role in everything. You can read my thoughts on that below. The Storybrook stuff was interesting to watch. I did like Snow’s confrontation with Regina a lot, and I think both Lana and Ginnifer played the scene wonderfully. I also really enjoyed Snow’s relationship with Johanna, and the fact that she doesn’t like celebrating her birthday. The New York stuff definitely left me feeling a little cold. As Dee said, it did feel VERY contrived. And was I the only one annoyed by Henry asking Gold if he should call him Grandpa? I mean, come on. I get that the kid is young and he desperately wants a happy family but OH MY GOD. HENRY. This is the dude who was about two seconds away from killing your mother and grandmother very recently. And before that he basically tortured and antagonized every person in town for 28 years. AND YOU WANT TO CALL HIM GRANDPA? No. Just no. Still, I did like the episode. Clearly it was one of those episodes where they were moving all the pieces into play for a much bigger episode, which I’m assuming we’ll see next week.

Favorite Scene

Dee: The confrontation with Snow and Regina. While yet again I have to scream at Snow for giving people constant chances, I thought this scene was really well written and acted. They leveled with each other, the cards were on the table, and this is when I like snow being overly forgiving and sweet. Because she talks sense too. She points out Regina’s efforts to be good were pointless, that Regina is not “good” and shouldn’t give herself that credit, and she can’t trust her mother. But she was very empathic the whole time and I appreciated the effort. Even if I wanted to shake her and go ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’m not sure what Regina’s game is yet, to be honest, but I think Lana played that scene well.

Jachelle: I really enjoyed the flashback scenes with Snow and her mother. I loved that we got that first scene of Snow being all adorable and cute in her dress for the party and we just assume that she’s sweet little Snow like always. Then they go to get the crown and BAM. BRATTY SNOW. I loved it! Because, yeah, she’s Snow White and she’s got a good heart, but kids can totally be little shits when they want to be. It made me happy to see that from her, and to watch her mother show her why that isn’t the way she should be acting. I also loved the moment when Eva told Snow that the ball wasn’t about the people celebrating her, it was about her showing them that she was worthy to be their ruler some day. I’m kind of fascinated by the mindset of young children in these positions of power. I like how I can see how these instances played into how Snow behaves as an adult. It was a lovely bit of backstory.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: I’m still jumping on the ‘anything Regina does with Cora’ wagon. I’m hitching myself to that until I find out if she’s working against her privately or not. For crying out loud she took Johanna’s heart and would’ve killed her if she needed to. She snarked at Snow after her only other mother figure died. She is delusional enough to think maybe she’s the good guy. She found out the truth about her mother and listened to her lies about Henry some more. They really, really, really need to find a way to even this out if they want me to believe in her redemption ever again. I don’t think her turning on her mother at the end is going to do it enough. I still maintain this better be a cover and if it is, I will fully embrace her lovely road to redemption. But if not, BLAH SHOW.

Jachelle: The whole Hook plotline in this episode left me kind of annoyed. It’s not secret that I don’t enjoy his character at all. I think he’s a ridiculous and irritating and still the worst pirate ever. Yeah, sure he’s pretty and all, but I was wanting so much more from his character. OH WELL. He showed up to give Team New York a reason to get their asses back to Storybrooke and then got knocked out again. (He’s starting to rival Rupert Giles in number of knockouts, amirite?) But at least his appearance seemed to pretty much solidify our theory that Bael is also Peter Pan. Or at least spent some time in Neverland.

Favorite Character

Dee: I can’t say that I really have one this episode. I think Ginnifer did a good job fleshing out Snow in this, so I’d say maybe her. It was her story and I did feel a lot for her. Can I give mad props for young Snow? That actress, damn. She does overact a little bit but she hits it so well I just want to hug her. It was great to see her go from a snot to a sweetheart, and I was sold on her part of the story.

Jachelle: I agree with Dee. There really weren’t any stand-out characters in this episode. I liked the introduction of Johanna, even though she was clearly a device to try and push Snow over the edge. But I thought her reunion with Snow in Storybrooke was really sweet, and I love that actress from her role on Downton Abbey, so I guess I’m going with Johanna.

Is it wrong for Snow to kill Cora?

Dee: No! Listen, I understand this show is firm on the principles of good vs. evil and good only does good and evil only does evil. I know Cora claims she wants to turn Snow’s heart back. If the show is trying to make me think that Snow killing Cora will turn her heart black, I’m just not buying it. This is a woman who has killed her mother, her nurse, hundreds of others, plans on murdering her and her family, and if that isn’t self defense at this point I don’t know what is. It’s not like Cora is defenseless here. Of course I also think that Regina should’ve been executed long ago and none of this would’ve happened. So basically I’m not made for this world, hahah. I couldn’t help but go YES when Snow said “maybe I’m the one who needs to change.” Or at least they need to loosen up the rules.

Jachelle: We all know that Dee is a little lot more hardcore than I am. She would shoot me and leave my ass to die if zombies attacked tomorrow. I’m definitely the more gentle side to our little duo. So you know that when I am getting on board the “Snow needs to kill that biotch” train, that things are hitting ridiculous levels. Cora has killed hundreds of people, and wouldn’t bat an eye at killing hundreds more. There’s no hope of redeeming her. Killing her would do nothing but make the world a better place and save everyone a lot of grief. I guess they’re trying to walk the line that taking a life will change Snow, but I mean really? We’ve seen the flashbacks, Fairytale Land can be a pretty brutal place. I have we’ve already seen her kill trolls and ogres and take out guards in the war. I really don’t see how killing someone who has either killed or tried to kill half her family is going to fundamentally change who she is as a person. And it’s certainly not going to turn her heart black. Bitch, please.



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